Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.3-4

Truthfully, I recently came back from a trip and planned this and the previous chapter’s releases around that. I was actually reading a bunch during that time. Too bad it was for another story I’m translating. Don’t worry though. Herscherik (both the boy and the story) still has my love. Anyways, I’m back and going

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Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.3-3

We get a peek into the darker side of the kingdom as well as two lovely ladies….who are only mentioned in passing. Kind of wanted to see them in the story. I’ve read your comments and I too, want to hug our little prince. Chapter 3: Pocket watch, Count, and Puppet III Translator: Caelum Editor:

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Herscherik Vol.1 Ch.3-2

Part 2 of this 6-part chapter! And who is this? Why it’s nighcache, our new editor!! She has graciously accepted to edit these long chapters for us, so thank her for all her work! As I mentioned before, since I got my hands on an editor, I can bump up the releases from 14 days

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