No Regrets

No Regrets

Despite my Smile, Despite the grin,
I couldn’t seem to let others in.
this Heart of Glass was cracked before,
so filled with scars that cried “No more!”

When I reached out a pleading hand,
old vows crumbled to shifting sand,
Met with silence when questioned “Why?”
In time I thought, “Why even try?”

So sealed away a shattered heart,
in walls of steel, I hid every part.
Until the armor that I wear
I found was more than I could bear

the world would see a shining Knight
yet it hid a man filled with Fright.
But then one day, I met a friend
Even if I didn’t know it then.

Though brash and loud, and sometimes Strange,
bit by bit, I felt something change.
and as I watched you, day by day
I found myself wanting to stay

The armor I’d wore for so long
The walls I’d built and thought so strong
You stripped them away piece by piece
did what I couldn’t and brought me peace.

So even if I’m still afraid
and scars still scream “You’ll be betrayed!”
I’ll not regret that you’re my Friend.
So you’re stuck with me to the end

Though sometimes I’m by old scars pained
Greater is what from you I’ve gained.
So even if I trip and fall
No Regrets, it was worth it all.

Words of a Puppy: I think sometimes, we don’t appreciate the friends we make and bonds we forge with out own hands. So don’t take your friends for granted.


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  1. chrissy987 · Editor · Mar 18, 2018

    what an illustrative poem! Speaks volumes and what a prose *clap clap clap*

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  2. Ernie · Jan 14, 2018

    Thanks for the awesome poem

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  3. Hawk · Dec 27, 2017


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