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Liu Yao Volume 1 Chapter 18

We still need editors, if you’re interested, please contact us. Thanks! Here’s Chapter 18. Hope you enjoy it.   Translator: Nanming Editor: Ars Proofreader: Olivia

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 26

Definitely not late or anything… Ice and snow for someone that lives in the South (United States) has me feeling really woozy and tired. We will be making some changes to the schedule in the near future but I’ll be sure to let you guys know. Chapter 26 Translator: DRZero Editor: DSS Proofreader: Kage/Olivia

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 6

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update again… I swear I’m not doing this on purpose… My brother went back to college today and I was distracted because of it. This chapter was just finished and no proofreading was done just yet. However, we will update the chapter as soon as it is done. On

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