Perfect Superstar Chapter 18

Hey guys!

DSS here with the latest chapter of Perfect Superstar! Thank you for the support you guys have shone thus far and we hope that we are living up to your expectations! Look forward to a surprise Thursday~

One thing to note is that we have changed the translation of “Forget Grass Bar” to “Forget Your Worries Bar” since we felt that it was more appropriate. If there are any suggestions from readers, I would be more than happy to discuss or consider other options. We will be going back and changing this in earlier sections as well.

Several of you guys have raised concerns about the old chapters, Chapters 1-9,  and when they will be re-translated. We have an FAQ on the Perfect Superstar Table of Contents page discussing that for future reference. We will be beginning the process of re-translating the old chapters next week since so many of you have asked, but, please keep in mind that it will affect the translation progress of the new chapters. That being said, there is not a tremendous amount to re-translate so it should be a fairly quick process and we hope to expedite that process as much as possible. Let me know if there are any other concerns that I have not addressed in the comments and I will be more than happy to help!

And, without much further ado, I present to you Chapter 18!


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