Perfect Superstar Chapter 25

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Enjoy the chapter! Fun one for you guys to enjoy.

If you guys have any questions, please refer to the FAQ prior to asking in the comments. Also, if you’re interested in joining the Discord, many of us will be there to help answer questions.

Chapter 25 

Translator: DRZero
Editor: DSS
Proofreader: Canary

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  1. Nope · Jan 11, 2018

    By the 'FAQ' bit i suppose you're referring to my comment on chapter 6 and if not, then just ignore the rest of the comment.

    Well, first of all, i'm not able to locate this 'FAQ' you speak of. It's not in the menu options, nor did anything pop up when i searched for it using that search feature. I tried all reasonable combinations with F.A.Q. and Frequently Asked Questions et cetera.
    And i'm not going to join discord just for this sole reason. I already have enough accounts and passwords to worry about.

    Or, if you were referring to the Privacy policy and Terms of Service as the FAQ, which they are not, those explicitly say everything in them applies to the user, not the 'company' or the website and its owners.

    None of those answer my questions if you went through the proper licensing procedures with the author.
    Because fan works are not defend able under law, at all.

    And, under the terms of service, i'm not allowed to say this, because it "May create a risk of emotional distress,"
    But if you don't address those issues now, you'll have to do them sooner than you think.

    But don't mind me. I'm just some guy on the interwebs, concerned for the translators of a novel that i like.

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    • Nope · Jan 16, 2018

      Yeah...take some rest I'd recommend.
      And stop translating it if it's eating away on your mind so much as you show in this post.
      Take a rest till, let's say 20th February.
      Qidian will not, pardon my crude language, give a single flying Fk and will take all your hard word directly without reaching out to you, like the piracy sites but worse.
      So I think it's better you stop already than be mercilessly thrown away by the readers who won't care that qidian took the novel.
      The readers just care who pumps out more chapters faster. They will jump to qi as soon as it happens. And it will harm you.
      It's better if you just stop now. You've repayed to the community what it deserved.
      Choose some other novel from some other site. Like SFACG, contact the author because it's easy to do that on that site,
      I don't want to see people be hurt, especially when their intentions are so pure like you.

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    • DarkShadowScorch · Translator · Jan 16, 2018

      Ended up deleting my comment. Going to talk to my team and figure it out. Felt kinda triggered last week but hopefully it will be better in the next couple of weeks.

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