Perfect Superstar Chapter 4

Hey guys!

Did everybody miss us~? We bring exciting new changes in both our team and release schedule! Well maybe not so much for our release schedule…  New chapter will be in a later post.

We have officially ended our hiatus with the release of Chapter 4. We will be doing a double release today for all you eager fans. There will be more surprises in the days to come. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our fans from all over the world!

The Perfect Team has transformed into Blob6 but it may not even be our final form.  Welcome our newest member of the team and co-editor of the team, Xiao Tian Bao (XTB)! She will be helping edit some of the translations in conjunction with me so my proofreaders will finally have something to do!  As the sole editor prior to this, I had some difficulties balancing chapters and editing but with new additions to our team, we should have a much easier time. Once again, please join me in giving XTB a warm welcome!

Our new release schedule will be Wednesday and Saturday at 6:00 PM UTC +8. We anticipate 2 chapters a week for the foreseeable future but, in the future, if there are sufficient chapters in the stockpile or if enough of you stoke my ego on Discord, Shameless Plug Here, bonus releases here and there may occur.

I would like to thank everyone for understanding my problems with scheduling throughout the finals season and college applications. I’ll make sure to keep you guys notified of any good news! I hope everyone enjoys these chapters and will continue to support the novel. Happy holidays from the Blob6 team!


Without further ado, here’s Chapter 4!

Translator: DSS,
Editor: DSS
Proofreader: Kage

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