Chapter 20 – This Place Doesn’t Have Room for Me

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[System Prompt: Lu Fei’s live broadcast will be closed temporarily due to violation of regulations. If there are any questions, please consult the administrator.]

Even disregarding Lu Chen, any person with normal intelligence that saw these shocking system alerts would be naive to think that the broadcast was closed because of regulation violations.

He was obviously banned by 002 because he didn’t sign the contract!

What was domineering?

This was domineering!

Lu Chen felt his blood rush to his head, but resisted the urge to break the mouse in his hand. Even though he was angry, breaking things in anger was poor behavior.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Chen calmed himself down.

StarryLive was the clear leader among the domestic live broadcast platforms. Whether it was the number of users or its influence, StarryLive was superior to the others, even when compared to the older platforms. In the entertainment and show industry, its strength was second to none.

Naturally, StarryLive had the right to make unreasonable decisions. Banning an anchor was a simple matter for them.

Want to make money here? Then you must follow the rules!

The system alerts laid it out clearly for Lu Chen — either he signs the contract or he won’t be broadcasting at all!

It was that simple!

Lu Chen didn’t even have a choice. If he didn’t bow his head, his progress as an anchor on StarryLive would be completely lost and he would lose an important source of income.

Should he bow his head and obediently sign the harsh contract?

Lu Chen opened a computer software, selected the screen record function, and prepared to record the administrator’s words.

A dialogue window pops back up, the user ID is still Super Administrator 002!

Super Administrator 002: “What do you need my help with?”

Even though it was through the internet, Lu Chen could feel the other side’s pleased attitude at that moment.

His heart sank and he asked: “I wanted to ask why my broadcast room was banned.”

Super Administrator 002: “Because you violated the regulations.”

Lu Chen: “Was it the provision that said that if I didn’t sign an unreasonable contract, I would be banned?”

Super Administrator 002: “You can understand it like that, this is how our company operates.”

Super Administrator 002: “You think over it clearly, it’s not too late to regret your decision.”

Lu Chen: “My thoughts are very clear now.”

Super Administrator 002: “En, you talk.”

Lu Chen: “**** your mother!”

Super Administrator 002: “What?”

Lu Chen: “I said **** your mother! **** your mother! **** your mother!”

After saying the important part three times, Lu Chen directly closed the dialogue box.

He didn’t give the other party a chance to respond. He just let the other side simmer in anger.
Lu Chen spoke out his feelings which caused the depressed air in his heart to disappear. It felt like he had broken through his meridians and cleansed his bone marrow. The whole body felt relaxed.

It wasn’t a big deal, if StarryLive didn’t work out, there were still Sky Live, Whale TV, or Star Dream Fate. There would always be another platform for him to display his talent.

Even though there’s no place for me here, there will always be somewhere else for me.

Even if all the online platforms were the same piece of ***, Lu Chen didn’t believe that he couldn’t make money with the songs in his memory. Why does he have to endure unfair treatment?

Lu Chen thoughts were very clear, he knew that he was a new person without any background. The initial stage would be very difficult and he would encounter many obstacles and challenges.

The fact that he was young, coupled with the huge treasure trove he possessed caused him to be fearless and acted as a matchless, sharp bayonet capable of piercing through all obstacles blocking his way.

With a firm belief in his own abilities, Lu Chen left StarryLive with no regrets. He completely ignored the system prompts and dialogue boxes and logged out. He then got onto QQ.

He reckoned that Super Administrator 002 classmate was seething with anger.

As he was logging onto QQ, Lu Chen became lost in thought

At the same time, 2,000 kilometers away from Beijing, Deep Sea City.

Deep Sea City is one of the biggest cities in the county with a population of more than 15 million. After the reformation, it became the economic vanguard of the country. For decades, innumerable innovative companies and technological groups have been born there. Therefore, it had been dubbed the Silicon Valley of the East.

StarryLive was part of the Star Media Company. The company’s headquarters was in the CBD 1 of Deep Sea, on the 68th floor of the 75 stories Fortune Building.

Two years ago, when the new Star Media Company just started, the company had only 10 employees. The StarryLive platform, in the presence of many live broadcast platform giants, struggled to survive and almost went bankrupt several times.

However, after receiving capital injection from the reputed domestic media group, ChenHong Entertainment, StarryLive ushered in a golden era. Star Media Company, with its abundant capital and resources, beat out its competitors Sky Live and Whale TV. They cut corners and poached several anchors, not leaving its competitors a chance to resist

By now, StarryLive was already one of the hegemons of the online broadcasting industry, with an unshakeable position.

Rich and powerful, Chen Hong Entertainment, after obtaining control of the company, directly purchased a whole floor of the Fortune Building and made the entire floor Star Media’s office location. This caused a sensation in the industry and showcased their ambitions.


In Star Media’s operations management office area, there was suddenly an exclamation of shock.

Anybody that frequently used a computer could distinguish someone slamming the mouse on the table. Many people have had the experience before.

Fight a boss for equipment drops, smash the mouse!

Software crash causing a document to be lost, smash the mouse!

Spent half a day to download a ultra-high-definition love action movie, opens it and discovers that it was the Calabash Brothers 2, smash the mouse!

Log onto the live stream of your home to check on the baby, but saw your neighbor old Wang instead…

Smash the mouse!

Behind an office desk, a pale-faced man cautiously poked his head out and asked, “Boss, what’s the matter?”

The person he asked was a 40-year-old man. The middle-aged man was thin-faced with small eyes and a hawk nose. His expression was just like someone that discovered just discovered the neighbor old Wang. The mouse in his hand had already died.

The middle-aged man was Zhao Deping, manager of Star Media Operations Management Department. Since Star Media was an open office, the manager didn’t have an independent office, and employees were all sitting in the same area.

As the manager of the Operations Management Department, Zhao Deping not only had to deal with the relevant affairs of the department, he would often use his identity as a Super Administrator on StarryLive and do some things there.

His ID was indeed Super Administrator 002!

As for 001, that was the Boss’s ID and would not normally appear.

Zhao Deping snappily replied to the pale-faced man’s questioning, “I gave a small anchor some face and he rejected it. I helped him sign on but he dared to ask for amendments. I let him sober up a bit and he dared to curse me!”


The pale-faced man was suddenly indignant, shouting, “New anchors nowadays are so rude. What is his ID? Let me ban him, let’s see if he is still crazy or not.

Zhao Deping waved his hand and said, “The ID is Lu Fei, he has already been banned by me. I sent his information to everyone. If you find him on another account streaming, ban him immediately!”

His face was murderous and spoke through gritted teeth.

Just now, he was really pissed. Which small anchor that got the StarryLive signing qualifications wasn’t happy, and tried their best to please the Super Administrator with a respectful attitude.

Reckless anchors like this Lu Fei should be banned all the way to the end!

The pale-faced man crisply replied, “Yes!”

“Lu Fei?”

As this time, a bespectacled man at the neighboring desk poked his head out.

“Is it the Lu Fei that can sing and has original songs? I think I saw his video in Star Circle.”

The bespectacled man actually wanted to add that Lu Fei’s song as it was very good, and there was potential money to be made from him.

However, Zhao Deping’s face was extremely ugly to behold. Even with his limited EQ, he could tell that Zhao Deping wasn’t happy so he didn’t finish what he wanted to say.

“What’s so awesome about an original song?”

Zhao Deping scoffed and disdainfully said, “on our platform, there are hundreds and thousands of singers. They can all have original songs. What we need are real talents, not these new people that don’t know how high the heavens are.”

The pale-faced man nodded his head and flattered, “the manager is right.”

Zhao Deping was very pleased. He looked towards the bespectacled man and said, “Little Li, even though you are an old employee, there are things that you should learn from Little Wang. Don’t spend all day staring at your computer.”

The bespectacled man was speechless while the pale faced man was secretly placed, his face showed a respectful and humble expression.

“Alright, I’m leaving first.”

Zhao Deping stood up and said, “Little Wang, you come and give Lu Fei’s information to everybody then delete all the content related to him off the forums.”

The pale-faced man quickly ran over, “Yes manager! I swear I will complete this task!”

Zhao Deping patted his butt and quickly left. The pale-faced man sat at the desk and quickly got to work.

The bespectacled man secretly sighed and sat back down.

Before the investment from ChenHong Entertainment, Star Media, while small, was very considerate of its anchors. The Super Administrators and anchors were friends and willing to support each other and newcomers to the platform.

Now that the company was bigger and richer, these things no longer existed.

Before the pale-faced man deleted the relevant information from the forum, he used the administrator permission to copy and create a backup of the Lu Family Army Star Circle and uploaded the data to his own cloud network.

Lu Fei’s <<You Who Sat Next to Me>> and <<Cinderella>> were both songs he liked to listen to.

The songs made him feel touched so it was worth it to keep these good songs.

  1. CBD is Central Business District, the commercial and business centre of a city
  2. popular Chinese animation TV series
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