Chapter 21 – There’s Always Somewhere Else For Me!

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“General Lu, is this for real?”

“Are you kidding me?! They banned the account? Screw them!”

“*Chuckle* The shopkeeper is merely bullying its customers. StarryLive has always been such tyrants.”

“What should we do now? We’ve just established the Star Circle not long ago. Are we going to disband now? I feel like crying!”

“They are too overbearing! To ban his account just because he did not signing the contract, it’s really too much!”

“Let us all think of ways to solve this issue…”

After Lu Chen had told Lu Army Family QQ group about his predicament of getting banned as he was unwilling to sign the contract, the small chat group had instantly exploded.

All the fans that were online surfaced. Everyone felt indignant at the injustice Lu Chen faced. Some of them even criticized StarryLive as rude and unreasonable tyrants. Others were, instead, regretful for Lu Chen’s ban and expressed that they would never leave the group no matter what happens.

ProphetEmperorLiBai: “Everyone, stop! Those that support General Lu, head to the forums to protest! As long as we manage to cause enough of a commotion, StarryLive’s higher-ups will notice! We must let them understand that even a small anchor isn’t a target they could trample on as they wish!”

Although Li Bai appeared late, the whole group seemed to have found their purpose once he spoke up. They immediately agreed to his suggestion and prepared to spam the forum together.

Lu Chen replied, “thank you for everyone’s support. However, I doubt that I will remain at StarryLive anymore. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the trouble of fighting the higher-ups. At most, I’ll just have to switch over to another platform.” He was grateful for everyone’s support and did not want to use these passionate and sincere fans to fight for his own rights and benefits.

ProphetEmperorLiBai replied, “General Lu, this is not merely your problem, but also ours! Even if you were to leave, we must cause a huge commotion before leaving and not let others bully us!”

“Well said!”

“Emperor Li sure is powerful, I support both you and General Lu!”

“Fkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.” 1

“Let’s stop talking, I have already started spamming, everybody keep up the tempo!”

“Great! We should place our Lu Family Army flag atop Star Circle!”

Even if he had experienced three different lives in his dream world, Lu Chen was still a hot blooded youngster. Looking at the impassioned group, he couldn’t help but get influenced by them.

“Then let’s screw them together! I have recorded the conversation with Super Administrator 002 and shared it to the group. You can attach it as evidence while everyone is posting!”

He had been guarded while conversing with Super Administrator 002 and intentionally used a screen recording software to save the chat between them.

“Good! It’s better with evidence!”

“I have downloaded it and am now loaded with ammunition. March towards Star Circle!”

“I see it. Screw that Super Administrator 002! Looking at his ID, he should be a small boss!”

“Who cares if he’s a big boss or a small boss, let’s talk after we screw them up!”

“Brothers, I shall advance ahead first!”

“Kill! Kill Kill!…”

Although there weren’t many members of this newly established fan group, everyone was extremely united and appeared to have more fighting strength in contrast. However, what made them helpless was that their opponent was too formidable and unreasonable.

Logging onto the website, they quickly realized the newly established Star Circle no longer existed.

Therefore they decided to switch over to the public section to protest. However, as soon as the posts had been uploaded, it was immediately deleted. The efficiency of the board moderators made them stupefied. Not only were their posts deleted, their IDs were also restricted from posting and even got banned, not even leaving them a chance to defend themselves!

If one were to describe this battle, it would definitely be a battle with a large power disparity. It was as if the Lu Family Army were cockroaches attempting to obstruct the advancement of a vehicle only to be instantly crushed into slag. Everyone was enraged by the actions but they had no other means of contending against them.

“What the heck! Even our Star Circle has been disbanded!”

“555~ The post I just uploaded has been deleted and my account is banned.” 2

“Me too. There are administrators in the board watching attentively. I assume they have set up a keyword search so that they are notified after we uploaded the post.”

“All the old posts have also been deleted… They sure have fast and ruthless hands!”

“*Chuckle* Everyone is the same…”

ProphetEmperorLiBai replied, “I have also been restricted. They are simply not allowing us a chance to speak up.”

Even this nouveau riche was helpless and could only angrily curse while facing a formidable official website. “Fuck! If I spend another cent in that place, I will change my surname to theirs!”3

“Everyone stop, let’s think of other methods,” Lu Chen replied.

Although he didn’t want to pour cold water on his fans, he didn’t want to see them keep smashing their heads until they bled even less. An arm can never win against a thigh. Even if they weren’t happy with how they were treated, what could they do about it?

The enthusiastic atmosphere within the group became gloomy in an instant and many of them heaved deep sighs. What other methods could they think of now that it has reached such a stage.

“Forget it, we can migrate to other websites. I will always support Lu Family Army!” another person proclaimed. “I have faith in General Lu’s abilities. Lu Family Army will never concede!”

“Yes! We will never admit defeat!”

“Just like what General Lu said, screw StarryLive!”

“Haha, let’s screw them together!”

Looking at the chat messages on his screen, Lu Chen couldn’t help but feel touched.

Just then, an user with the ID “Coral Fish” replied in the group. “General Lu, I’m an administrator for Whale TV and I would like to invite you to be our anchor. What do you think about it?”

After which, the group chat instantly exploded.

“What, Whale TV administrator? Are you being serious?”

“Stop joking around!”

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that even Whale TV knew about General Lu!”

“If that’s true, going over to Whale TV sounds alright!”

“I didn’t think that there’s a 007 lurker within our group!” 4

“Everyone, quiet down, let’s listen to what General Lu says!”


Instead of speaking, Coral Fish sent a screenshot, showing the administration area of Whale TV.

This screenshot sufficiently proved her identity.

ProphetEmperorLiBai private messaged Lu Chen, “General Lu, do you want to head over to Whale TV to give it a shot?”

Lu Chen had been dealing with matters related to live broadcasting websites recently. Therefore, he naturally knew what Whale TV was. Whale TV was one of the earliest broadcasting platform established within the country and went on a gaming broadcast route. The majority of the broadcasts were about the three hottest game CKG, Heroic City and Star Lord.

However, the well-known Whale TV received intense competition from Sky Live and StarryLive and many of their popular anchors were poached. This caused their popularity to decline and their current popularity is incomparable to what it was in the past.

Even so, a skinny camel was still larger than a horse. Whale TV was still a household name on the internet.

Obviously, Whale TV would not be willing to admit defeat. On one hand, they increased their investment to open up new fields. On the other hand, they paid attention to its competitors. Therefore, an administrator appearing within Lu Family Army was not that strange.

New anchors with abilities that has yet to be contracted was exactly their recruitment targets!

While water is destined to flow down, humans are destined to walk towards greater heights. Would joining of Whale TV be the correct choice? ProphetEmperorLiBai elso expressed his own concerns.

After thinking it over, Lu Chen directly replied in the group chat, “it’s not a problem to go to Whale TV. However, I will not agree to the contract if the conditions are too strict!”

This was his bottom line that he maintained. He did not want a repeat of what happened with StarryLive.

Coral Fish replied, “General Lu, I have seen what happened with StarryLive. Our Whale TV is not as harsh as them, however, there’s a limit to my authority. Therefore, regarding the conditions of the contract, do you mind letting me discuss the specifics with my Operations Manager before replying to you?”

Lastly she added a smiling emoji, “another thing that I can guarantee is that all members of Lu Family Army will receive the same corresponding rank in Whale TV!” 

The member accounts of live broadcasting platforms were fundamentally the same. Other than normal members, they were mainly separated into five ranks: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Iron and Bronze. Within each rank, there were 9 grades in each rank: I, II, III, IV, …  IX.

One has to rely on accumulating points to advance ranks and the most important source of points was naturally money. For example, since ProphetEmperorLiBai has the rank of Gold II within StarryLive, he spent at least 20,000 RMB on the platform and can be regarded as a minor nouveau riche.

Under normal situations, when you transferred to other broadcasting platforms, you would need to re-accumulate points. However some broadcasting platforms would promise the same rank in order to rope in customers.

Since they were a Gold rank member in Starry Live, then they would at least be a Gold rank after coming over! A high level member can enjoy several preferential rights and was usually chased by anchors instead.

However these methods were only employed by small scale broadcasting platforms, while big scale platforms would disdain to do so. Since Coral Fish actually took the initiative to suggest it, Whale TV’s currently situation was clearly not that.

However, it was precisely due to that proposal that showed Lu Chen their sincerity and the fact that they did not have any thoughts about playing tricks to deceive them.

Lu Chen then typed a single word in his keyboard: “Ok!”

He had already decided. As long as Whale TV’s contract was not too harsh, he would start from scratch there!

  1. It is just a sentence of swearing
  2. 555 is the sound of crying
  3. If you didn’t understand the phrase, it’s basically a Chinese insult
  4. James Bond = 007
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