Chapter 26: The Battle on the Forums

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Beihai University Forums, Free World. 1

When night descended, the popularity of the forum gradually flourished.

Especially those single dogs 2in college who don’t play games or study in the library. Instead, they liked to mingle around in different discussion forums frequently. They donned sockpuppets3 and picked at different issues. Trivial questions, like whether to add sugar or soy sauce to tofu, caused them to smash each other with bricks until their dog brains flew out.

In Jianghu of the forums, the heavens were big, the earth was big, but the mouth was the biggest!

[I found a handsome guy tonight at a Houhai bar with an amazing song!]

This post in Free World was awarded a trophy, pinned at the top by the forum moderator, and received a moderator’s recommendation. This had inevitably attracted the attention of numerous forum members. The number of views and replies on the post rose sharply.

“Holy crap, the forum moderator sold his morals and promoted others?”

“Look at the post clearly and don’t be rude. That guy’s actually handsome and the song’s great. Don’t associate everything with promoting!”

“Supporting the opinion of the one above the one above the one above. It’s a pity the clip’s too short.”

“Do you guy know what this song is called? I’m unable to find a full version online. Begging for a download link.”

“There’s no need to ask more, it should be an original song. It’s amazing!”

“It sounds really good. His skills are great!”

“It’s quite average. The style is too old-fashioned. If this was released in the past, he might have been popular. Now…? Haha.”

“Ha your head! If you have the ability, write one yourself! You’re just jealous!”

“That’s right! I also feel that this song’s great, just that it’s too short!”

“Accordingly to Source Wolf’s analysis, this segment of the video should have been taken at Houhai’s bar. Evaluation complete.

“Which bar in Houhai? I want to go and take a look.”

“The old driver above, bring me along…”

The comments on the post recommended by the forum moderator was split into two distinct trends. Some said that the song was great. They expressed that they replayed it several times and was regretful it wasn’t the complete version.

However, there were also some people that felt that this wasn’t anything to be amazed at. It was an ordinary song and they even suspected the post of being premeditated promotion.

A certain person had disdainfully expressed that he had seen such promotional methods too many times. First, they would purposely reveal some clips to arouse interest. After hooking everyone’s interest, they would progressively release the entire content. This was similar to how people fished. People who had sufficient IQ would never fall for it.

His opinion received a considerable amount of agreement from others.

Those who frequented Beihai University Forums were usually university students and their enthusiasm for showing off was extremely high. Their attitude was one that believed the entire world belongs to them. They strengthened their fighting strength out of contempt when dealing with authority.

Some people loved to take the opposite route. They have to do the opposite of what had been agreed on, or else it wouldn’t fully display their personalities.

These people were often referred as “poisonous snakes” on the forums as they were like poisonous snakes that liked to spit venom and refuse to let go after biting on!

The ID of this person was Horizon Passerby. He was obviously an authentic poisonous snake. He had some fame and some fans within the [Free World] discussion board.

Unfortunately, not long after Horizon Passerby had replied to the post, it was seen by Little Mi who came online just a moment ago. Little Mi was Minnie Baby who had originally uploaded the post.

Since she felt somewhat unwell during the night, she did not follow her Big Sister and Second Sister from the dormitory to take a stroll outside. She felt bored lying on the bed, so she opened her notebook and surfed the net.

As a result, once Little Mi had entered Beihai University Forums, she was shocked by the huge amount of system notification.

She discovered that the post she uploaded last night had been recommended by the forum moderator, and was pinned at the top of [Free World] discussion board. There were more than 30,000 likes and more than 1,000 replies!

Even if there was a recommendation sticky, this amount of popularity can be considered astonishing, causing Little Mi to be shocked yet happy. She had happily browsed through the replies until she saw Horizon Passerby’s reply.

Little Mi felt so angry that she was about to explode.

She didn’t mind if others said it was just an ordinary song since there were too many guys who were jealous on the forum. She didn’t even take it seriously when others had asked if it was a premeditated promotion.

How could people that traverse the Jianghu not suffer some knife wounds?

Little Mi was also considered someone experienced with the forum.

However, this Horizon Passerby’s post was too malicious. He had pretended to use an industry analysis to spout his venom and accuse Minnie Baby as a professional promoter. His mocking and ridicule words were infuriating, and had received many people’s support.

How could Little Mi bear with this?

Although Little Mi seemed well-behaved and obedient, she was, by no means, the type of girl who silently suffer grievances. She had immediately posted a new post on [Free World].

[Calling Horizon Passerby: I’m not a professional promoter. Do you dare to reveal your identity?]

The lengthy title, furious emotions, and the content that aggressively called someone out instantly attracted a great amount of attention.

In this post, Little Mi had done a simple introduction about the origin of the pinned video and answered a few questions that everyone was concerned about. She also attached a meal card with her photo and student ID cropped out.

She was a meticulous person, and had left a note that she wrote her Forum ID on beside the meal card to prove her identity!

At the end of the post, Little Mi had questioned Horizon Passerby Visitor: I can guarantee that I’m not a professional promoter. Do you dare to prove your own identity? If you don’t have the guts, please shut your stinking mouth!

Barely half a minute after her post was posted, there were over a hundred replies.

“Wow, it’s a female student from Jingshi University!”

“Horizon Passerby is only a dreg. Junior sister don’t be angry, being angry will harm your body.”

“I have long felt that he’s an eyesore. You’ve scolded well, junior sister!”

“Requesting for junior sister’s photos!  Based off the ID, she should be a beauty!”

“You could even see that she’s a beauty through such a thick mosaic? This little brother here admires you and concedes defeat.”

“Stupid! Take off your glasses and look.”

“I support junior sister, and step on the poisonous snake named Horizon Passerby!”

You Who Sat Next to Me? The song’s name is pretty good. Hoping for a complete version!”

“I don’t think there is a complete version.”

The reply comments all one-sidedly supported her. Although Little Mi had edited her personal photo and student ID, the logo of Jingshi University could be clearly seen, thus sufficiently proving her identity.

Jingshi University was renowned for having many females, especially pretty girls. Female students from Jingshi University naturally had a high level of authority in Beihai University Forums. To crush a single dog like Horizon Passerby Visitor was an easy task.

Wangyu, the forum moderator for [Free World] coordinated well with Little Mi by pinning her post on top.

He listened to a good song on accident, and recommended Little Mi’s video post because he felt touched. Naturally, he felt disgusted with Horizon Passerby and this poisonous snake’s unreasonable yet somewhat justified disturbance.

It was only that, as a forum moderator, he was somewhat restricted and could not personally meddle and fight with the other party.

Now that the owner had stood out, regardless if she was a Jingshi junior sister or not, Wangyu vigorously supported her battle.

After the post was stickied, the replies exploded for Horizon Passerby to be hoisted and beaten up!

Horizon Passerby, who had a reputation as a poisonous snake and renowned fighting prowess in the forum, did not reveal his face regardless if he lived or died.

Horizon Passerby wasn’t a simpleton, and clearly knew who he could step on and who he couldn’t provoke. It was easy for him to spout venom all over Minnie Baby, but the consequences of indulging in this temporary bliss was very serious.

One must know that Bei Hai Universities Forum had gathered a huge amount of single dogs and they were all beasts who were unable to be restrained when meeting a junior sister, especially a pretty one. How would they let an opportunity to curry favor with her pass just like that?

They would trace down Horizon Passerby’s IP address and scoop out his name, age and address.

Just thinking about it made him terrified!

Since he didn’t want to die in an unsightly manner, Horizon Passerby Visitor could only be an ostrich. He was simply unable to match the enormous amount of single dogs!

He was a single dog himself, and people in the same situation understood each other.

With Horizon Passerby Visitor acting dead, the masses soon loss their motivation to continue scolding and changed their questions back to the original video post, to enquire more detailed information.

Regardless of the fact whether they really liked the song or not, to chat with a Jingshi University junior sister and getting close to her was a good thing.

How can they relieve the sorrow of a lonely night? Only by chatting on forums!

Little Mi, who had completely won against the poisonous snake, patiently answered their questions. Other than telling them that the song was called You Who Sat Next to Me, she also revealed the location she heard of this song, along with the feelings and fondness she had for this song.

Inadvertently, You Who Sat Next to Me quietly fermented in the most suitable soil environment, and sprouted green buds!

  1. Free World is a forum name. Chapter 17 briefly mentioned it.
  2. Internet slang to refer to single people
  3. Sockpuppet is a false online identity, typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views.
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