Chapter 27 – Not a Dream!

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Whale TV, Lu Fei live broadcasting room.

It had already been 2 hours since the beginning of Lu Chen’s debut show. He performed a total of 9 songs including his original works You Who Sat Next to Me and Cinderella.

8:30 PM, more than 15,000 viewers, 9:00PM more than 20,000 viewers, 9:30 PM, more than 30,000 viewers!

10:00 PM, there were 49,742 viewers, almost at the 50,000 checkpoint.

However, the Fish Fans count increased from slightly more than 500 when the broadcast began to more than 45,000. It increased by 90 times!

Such data was undoubtedly scary, especially when it was a new anchor with no reputation. It was simply a miracle because Lu Chen’s data was completely real, without the slightest amount of padding.

His gifts had already exceeded 10,000 and Li Bai contributed 5 Aircraft Carriers to that. This “Lu Family Army Chief of Staff” used these gifts as super-tools to pull in no small amount of viewers. There was no way they could’ve gotten this result with just the the new anchor recommendation on the homepage alone.

Pulling viewers in was one thing but having the ability to retain viewers was another thing. Lu Chen’s most powerful aspect was the strangely high ratio of viewers and followers. More than 80% of the viewers that watch the broadcasting room chose to remain and became a fan.

Lu Chen still wasn’t aware of how formidable his stats were. However, the curtain of text on his screen and the crazy gifting of Fish Balls made him feel very excited and satisfied.

“Thank you to everybody for the Fish Balls. There are too many of you so I can only thank all of you at once.”

Lu Chen said, “Today was my first broadcast on Whale TV. I really didn’t think there would be so many people that like my singing. Thank you very much for your support and love!”

There was a new wave of Fish Balls on the screen. Even though each of them were only 100 Fish Balls, many little things add up.

“Go Boss Lu Fei! We support you!

“The anchor is formidable. The people of Jiangnan congratulates you for the successful debut broadcast!”

“The people of Xiangbei sends their congratulations!”

“The people of Shengjing sends their congratulations!”

“The people of Chaoshan sends their congratulations!”

“The people of Formosa sends their congratulations!”

“Dang! There are even people from Formosa on Boss Lu Fei’s live stream.”

“He he, I’m from Hong Kong. I also sent my congratulations to the anchor.”

Passing through from Central Asia…”

Classmate Call Me Li Bai “hmph”ed twice and didn’t waste his time on nonsense and directly gifted another Aircraft Carrier!

Lu Fei broadcasting room’s gifts had already reached 11,000!

The contract that Lu Chen signed with Whale TV gave him 65% of the donations. Compared to the 50% before he signed, the cut was 15% more.

Don’t underestimate this 15% increase. The tax that anchors must pay was set at 20%. Therefore, Whale TV only received 15% of the donations themselves. Although the platform had other benefits, the bulk of the income belonged to the anchor.

With the 11000 in gifts, if Lu Chen needed to, he could instantly withdraw 7000 RMB. In addition, this was only the amount of income he made in the 2 hours.

He finally realized why modern internet broadcasts were so hot. Popular anchors could easily earn millions of dollars in signing fees alone. There were still many more people scrambling to join them — this piece of cake was simply too big

StarryLive’s arrogant attitude wasn’t without reason.

Lu Chen put down the guitar he was holding and picked up the bottle of water on the desk. He opened the bottle and drank a couple mouthfuls to wet his throat. He also took opportunity of the time to take a quick break.

He had to perform on the live broadcast continuously for such a long period of time. This inevitably made him a little tired. However, his spirit was still as high as ever.

If he could regularly earn this type of income, paying the debt back at home wouldn’t be a problem. So what if he had to work a little harder?

“Thank you Li Bai for the Aircraft Carrier!”

Lu Chen put down the bottle of water and picked up his guitar again. He faced the high definition camera with a heartfelt smile on his face.

“This next song…”


His stubborn biological clock woke Lu Chen up punctually in the morning.

The sunlight couldn’t shine into the basement room making it pitch black. It is impossible to distinguish if it was daytime or nighttime. He opened his eyes but couldn’t see anything. He followed his memories to open the little lamp by his bed.


The golden yellow light shone onto Lu Chen’s face and caused him to involuntarily shut his eyes, knit his brow, and turn his head away. He massaged his head; he felt that his brain was still dizzy. The hangover from the wine still wasn’t completely eliminated.

Lu Chen didn’t immediately get up. He laid on his bed and stared at the gray concrete board at the head of the bed.

It was as if he was still in a dream.

Last night, Lu Chen’s debut broadcast on Whale TV was live for a total of 3 hours. At the end of the broadcast, Lu Fei Broadcasting Room’s follower count passed the 50,000 goal. The maximum live viewer count exceeded 60,000.

Even though this was nothing in comparison to the millions of viewers that the most popular anchors on Whale TV, as a new anchor, Lu Chen has already successful to an insane degree.

The song You Who Sat Next to Me and Cinderella allowed him to obtain the reputation of a composer singer on Whale TV right from the start and obtain many benefits from it..

The 12,000 in gifts was sufficient for Lu Chen to beat 90% of his peers at Whale TV and, better yet, it only took him one broadcasting session to obtain this insane result.

Gold will always shine. Regardless of the setbacks and failures, it is impossible to be buried!

Lu Chen suddenly turned his body, reaching for his phone under the pillow.

He impatiently opened the text message and read the recently received text message.

This message was a push notification from the bank to inform Lu Chen’s account received 7,800 RMB.

This was the amount Lu Chen earned after the conclusion of his broadcast last night with his 65% split of the 12,000 Fish Balls donated.

If it was before, the amount was the equivalent to the amount Lu Chen would painstakingly make in an entire month.

Therefore, he was still had a sense of disbelief. The simplicity of how he made the equivalent of his previous month’s wages made him a little worried that it was all a dream and it would all disappear when he woke up.

Thankfully, it was a dream!

Lu Chen couldn’t help but wave his phone around in excitement. However, his murky mind still wasn’t caught up to his new mood and a sudden burst of pain caused him to let out a sound of pain.

Right after last night’s broadcast ended, Lu Feiyu, his neighbor, ran over. He noisily shouted for Lu Chen to treat him to a meal and congratulated him on the good beginning to his broadcast career on Whale TV.

Lu Chen couldn’t refuse and went to a nearby restaurant with Li Feiyu. The two of them drank no less than an entire box of beers themselves.

This brat!

Lu Chen bitterly smiled and shook his head. He got out of the bed, put on his clothes, then went to restroom.

After washing up, he left his house to exercise.

When he returned to his room, it was already 9:00 AM. Lu Chen changed out of his wet exercise clothes and once again began a busy day. He ordered for takeout for lunch and then it was already the afternoon.

He went out at 4:00 PM to seal the contract. After signing it, he immediately used the express delivery to send it to Deep Sea City.

At 5:00 PM, he ate a sumptuous buffet meal to reward himself. It wasn’t until 6:30PM when he finally headed to the bar.

At 7:10 PM, Lu Chen arrived early at Forget Worries Bar.

The bar usually opened around 5:00PM. However, since it wasn’t the weekend, there weren’t any customers inside at this time. It was very quiet — not even the waiter’s figure could be seen.

The bartender, David, was mixing a cocktail behind the counter. When he saw Lu Chen open the door, he immediately waved his hand in greeting and said, “Lu, come taste my newly made cocktail. I think you will definitely fall in love with it!”

Lu Chen walked over, smiled and said, “I think I will only fall in love with a beautiful lady…”

Since it was still early, he sat down at the counter.

The sparkling clear cocktail glass was filled with a dark red alcohol that reflected the counter’s dazzling lights.

David was exulted and said, “I gave it the name Burning!” 1


Lu Chen used a suspicious gaze to size up the cocktail that David offered and said, “I don’t think there’s much of a difference between it and the Bloody Mary. Only the color is slightly more vivid.”

David immediately had an insulted expression. However, it was a pity that the expression was slightly too fake.

It was at this time when a hand suddenly reached over from beside Lu Chen and took that cup of Burning!

  1. The name Burning was in English. I will denote other instances like this in italics as well.”
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