Chapter 29 – Invitation

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“Huh?” What’s the matter with you guys? “

At this time, the door to the backstage area was pushed open, and Chen Jianhao walked in.

The boss of Forget Worries Bar was very surprised when he saw the situation in the room. He didn’t understand what happened and didn’t know why Sister Na was holding Lu Chen while crying!


Sister Na let go of Lu Chen, her face filled with smiles and tears of joy. She asked Chen Jianhao, “Little Lu wrote a song for me. Will you take a look at it?”

Chen Jianhao was surprised but took the paper that Sister Na gave him and looked at the printed music score seriously.

He looked for a full 5 minutes. His expression constantly changing between dignified, moved, admiration, and neutral.

After he finished looking, Chen Jianhao became silent.

“Boss, what do you think?”

Sister Na asked anxiously, eager for praise and afraid of criticism. It was as if she was a pupil waiting for her teacher’s questions, not the singer that had been part of the singing industry for over twenty years and traversed the Jianghu.

“Good song!”

Chen Jianhao replied in a deep voice, “It is truly a good song. I just can’t believe that this song was composed by Little Lu. It’s very suitable for you!”

Chen Jianhao was originally an industry insider. Since his accomplishments in music theory exceeded Sister Na, he was able to examine the content of the song on a higher level.

Therefore, he really found it hard to believe that this song was from Lu Chen.

Sister Na wiped the tears from her face, smiled and said, “Yeah, I cried when the first time I sang it.”

The people there, including Chen Jianhao, were all younger than Sister Na. However, Sister Na was not embarrassed at all.

In her heart, there was only excitement and she felt very touched.

“This song must be done well!”

Chen Jianhao stopped thinking about the question with Lu Chen and shook the music score in his hand, “It is enough to be the title song of an album. As long as the post production is done well, there is potential for it to become very popular.”

Album? Title song?

Li Hong and Ye Zhenyang were dumbstruck and couldn’t believe their ears.

They finally realized that the reason Sister Na was so emotional was because Lu Chen wrote her a good song. As for exactly how good the song was, Chen Jianhao already gave his answer!

Regardless of who the singer is, unless they didn’t have the slightest bit of ambition, they regard releasing an album as their most important goal even though releasing albums nowadays didn’t create a lot of profit.

An album represents that singer’s talents and identity!

Sister Na bitterly laughed and said, “I don’t dare to think about an album. I will be satisfied and not have any regrets if I can just release a single.”

If a singer wanted to release an album nowadays, most of them would be eating a loss. With the exception of those profitable superstars and idols, the ordinary singers don’t dare to have such extravagant hopes.

In comparison, the difficulty of releasing only a single is much simpler and is very popular within the industry.

Chen Jianhao didn’t oppose it and said, “A single is also good. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I still have some relationships that I can use.”

Sister Na gratefully thanked him, “Thank you, Boss!”

Chen Jianhao always appreciated her and looked after her. In addition, Chen Jianhao’s network was very wide. With his help, releasing a single was easy.

Chen Jianhao smiled and said, “The person you should thank is Little Lu. The song that he wrote is really… great!”

Sister Na nodded her head, “Of course!”

She thought for a moment, fished out her phone, and did some things on the screen.

After a moment, Lu Chen’s phone in his pocket beeped to inform him that he received a text message.

Lu Chen paused for a moment and hurriedly pulled out his phone. He discovered that it was a message from Yi Fu Bao 1 notifying him of a change in his bank account. There was just a deposit of 30,000 RMB by someone.

This 30,000 was undoubtedly from Sister Na!

Yi Fu Bao’s money transfer process was very convenient.

With only the other party’s phone number, they can transfer money instantaneously.

Lu Chen was shocked and said, “Sister Na, 30,000 is too much!”

The reason he gifted the song to Sister Na was partially to repay her for her care in the past and partially because this song suited her really well.

As for how much the composition process actually costed, Lu Chen didn’t even consider it.

Sister Na’s thought process was entirely different. She said, “Little Lu, 30,000 for your song is too little. Even if we added another 0, it would still be worth it. It’s just that I only have that much money now. In the future, I’ll make up the rest to you!”

She was very clear about the true value of this song. The popular songs from her generation, the 80s and 90s, were still popular today. Many singers relied on a classic that became widely popular to generate revenue and live off. A price of hundreds of thousands of dollars would still be considered too little for those songs

Of course, the real cost when buying songs doesn’t take that into the calculation. Whether a song can be popular or not has to include many other factors. Especially nowadays, in the era of the internet, to become famous, many promotions and behind the scenes manipulations are required.

Even so, Sister Na still felt that giving 30,000 is treating Lu Chen unfairly!

Lu Chen couldn’t help but scratch his head and said, “If Sister Na puts it like this, it would make me very embarrassed!”


Ye Zhenyang and the others were all scolding Lu Chen in their hearts but were also envious.

Composing a single song was 30,000 RMB. If he wrote a dozen songs, wouldn’t he have made hundreds of thousands of dollars? When did Lu Chen become this capable? Let’s not talk about composing his own songs, he can even compose songs for others!

Among the three people, Li Hong’s mood was the most complex. She also envied Lu Chen but was also jealous that Sister Na got a good song and hated how she didn’t have that kind of luck.

Li Hong also wanted to buy a song from Lu Chen. However, the price of 30 thousand was too high. It was enough to request a song from a famous composer and, furthermore, she really didn’t have that much money!

The wage of a bar singer wasn’t bad. However, the cost of living in Beijing was simply too high. Not much savings remained after deducting rent, daily expenses, clothing, makeup, and beauty products.

Therefore, she can only watch quietly with envy and jealousy.

In fact, Li Hong really thought too much. Even if she could pay 30,000 RMB, Lu Chen still wouldn’t sell a song to her.

The two of them didn’t have that type of friendship!

“Ok, everyone get ready to perform…”

Chen Jianhao clapped his hands and said, “Little Lu, come here. I want to say a couple words to you.”

Lu Chen walked over and the two of them went to the corner of the room to have their private conversation.

Chen Jianhao got straight to the point and said, “Just now, Blue Lotus Bar’s boss Chang Wei came. There are some other people from the industry. They may invite you to attend this Saturday night’s music festival.

Lu Chen was amazed, “invite me?”

Blue Lotus Bar is one of Houhai’s biggest and strongest bars. The bar opened very early. Boss Chang Wei was renowned as someone that is very bold.

Lu Chen had visited Blue Lotus Bar in the past to expand his horizons. Their parking lot was bigger than Forget Worries Bar’s by several times and was frequently used for music festivals. These music festivals attracted thousands of customers and music fans to visit.

Blue Lotus Bar’s music festival had a tradition of inviting other singers in the industry. Of course, the recipients of the invitations were all strong artists. If someone that lacked ability went onto the stage, they would be booed off the stage.

Singers that were invited to perform were very happy to participate because, other than the pay, the crucial point is that there would be many agents from media companies that visited. There was the possibility of signing a contract and starting on the path of becoming a celebrity!

Of course Lu Chen knew about Blue Lotus Bar’s music festival. Only, he didn’t expect Chang Wei to personally come and invite him.

Chen Jianhao said, “Right. However, it depends on your performance. You couldn’t come last night because you had some things. Tonight, you can’t let me lose my reputation!”

Even though Chen Jianhao said it in a joking tone, Lu Chen could see Chen Jianhao’s serious attitude.

Lu Chen nodded his head, Suddenly, he thought of something, “Boss, does this have something to do with that Su Qingmei?”

He currently was only a small singer at a bar. Despite the fact that he composed two good songs, Chang Wei didn’t have a reason to attach so much significance. Undoubtedly, there was another reason.

Lu Chen thought of Su Qingmei that he just met at the bar counter and decided to ask.

“Cough, cough!”

Chen Jianhao coughed strongly and said, “This time, Blue Lotus Bar’s music festival is organized by Light Rain Media. Light Rain Media’s boss and Chang Wei’s relationship is very good, so….”

It really was!

Lu Chen suddenly realized the truth. However, he didn’t understand why Su Qingmei was so fixated on him. Were there evil intentions?

Chen Jianhao patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t worry about it too much. As long as you perform well, this is a great opportunity. As for the other things, just follow your own heart and nobody else will be able to force you to do something.”

A smile appeared on Lu Chen’s face and said, “I understand, thank you Boss.”

The new him doesn’t need to care that much!

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