Chapter 30 – Heating Up

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“Perhaps I’m waiting for you,”

“Perhaps I’m waiting for you,”


The repeating coda1 of the song faded away with the sound of the guitar and the performance of Cinderella ended.

The almost full bar was silent for a moment. Then, the applause began to sound from every seat. Even though it wasn’t enough to shake the roof, the applause was still persistent and enthusiastic!

Lu Chen once again gave another performance of this emotional song. Lu Chen’s fingering and singing skills were already impeccable; the real improvement was in the emotions in his voice. His emotions became more real and profound, and resonated with those of the audience.

He fully deserved the praise and applause!

“What do you guys think?”

There were six people sitting in the Forget Worries Bar’s reserved VIP section including Chen Jianhao.

He smiled and asked, “Boss Chang, is my little brat capable of entering your eyes?”

Even though his tone was very modest, regardless of how they listened, there was a hint of complacency and pride.

Of course, Chen Jianhao wasn’t that sort of superficial person. The person that he joked with was a 40-year-old middle aged man.

It was Chang Wei, the boss of Blue Lotus Bar.

Chang Wei looked very skinny. However, it wasn’t the type of skinny that was extremely delicate, but, rather, the type that was lean and strong.

His hair was cut short, his eyes were bright, and his appearance was very tasteful. Apart from the small red sandalwood bracelet on his left wrist, there were no other pieces of jewellry.

In the Houhai industry, Chang Wei was undoubtedly the top figure. His network was very deep and had connections with people from all trades. Even after a dozen years, Blue Lotus Bar was still shining bright as the industry’s number one.

The thing that others admired the most about Chang Wei was his foresight. He didn’t hesitate to make a huge investment to buy the rights to the land in Houhai when it was very expensive.  Now, the land was almost ten times the price!

Over the past dozen of years, there were a considerable amount of famous singers from Blue Lotus Bar and there were some that already became famous internationally.

Chang Wei’s support couldn’t be ignored. However, he didn’t bring it up repeatedly.

Chang Wei and Chen Jianhao had already known each other for a decade. The relationship between the two was sufficient that a bit of joking was harmless. As for the latter’s joke, Chang Wei still considered it seriously and nodded his head and said, “not bad.”

Chen Jianhao knew that the two words, “not bad”, from Chang Wei was already a very high evaluation. There was a famous singer that went to Blue Lotus Bar to perform and similarly gained everybody’s applause. However, Chang Wei’s evaluation was only a “it’s ok”.

As for his shrewd face that couldn’t help but light up — he was actually happy this time.

“It really is not bad!”

The middle aged lady that sat to the left of Chang Wei also expressed her approval, “Both songs have their unique characteristics. I haven’t heard a nostalgic folk song in a while. It really makes people sentimental.”

This lady was also around 40 years old. Her cheeks and body had a hint of baby fat and her fair skin was well maintained. Only the wrinkles by her eyes betrayed her real age. Her charm and temperament were both very good.

“Since Brother Chang and Sister Chen both said not bad, it definitely can’t be wrong!”

One of the other gentlemen squinted as he smiled and teasingly said, “Director Su, you’re so familiar with Boss Chenhao. Hurry and sign a contract with his little brat and make his heart ache!”

The person he was teasing was precisely Su Qingmei.

Only, he didn’t know that Su Qingmei had ate a loss when she asked Lu Chen two days ago and was rejected. By bringing it up now, he poked at her sore spots and it was practically a slap to her face!

Su Qingmei harrumphed and said, “Brother Chenhao’s little brat is very arrogant. We’re not capable of inviting him.”

This smiling gentleman was Chang Wei’s friend and was also somebody that was part of the industry. If she made a comment without considering his background, she might as well not mingle with them anymore.

Therefore, Su Qingmei can only endure. However, her resentment was very deep.

The people sitting there weren’t stupid. As soon as they heard Su Qingmei’s complaints, they understood.

The squinting gentleman immediately realized the mistake in his words. He hurriedly tried to make up for it and said in astonishment, “Really? He even looks down on Light Rain Media?”

Even though part of the purpose was to make up for his mistake, he genuinely felt surprise.

Even though Light Rain Media was only a up-and-coming newcomer in the industry and had just established themselves in the capital, both their background and strength could be considered very strong. They attracted many outstanding people and was just prepared to display their abilities.

New corporations like this were said to have infinite prospects. Recently, because Light Rain Media and Blue Lotus Bar planned to jointly host the music festival, many people were racking their brains and trying to get an opportunity to show themselves off.

Others madly scrabbled for this opportunity yet Lu Chen, unexpectedly, refused Su Qingmei’s request. It was really unimaginable!

His evaluation of Lu Chen instantly dropped — his singing wasn’t bad, his looks were handsome, but his brains won’t do!

Chen Jianhao was a bit awkward and coughed a bit before saying, “Little Lu’s character is a little undisciplined. He didn’t want to be restricted by a contract. Young people’s thinking differs a bit from our, old people’s, thinking.”

Chang Wei glanced at Su Qingmei and calmly said, “as long as the song is fine. Let’s count him as one of the performers then.”

Nobody objected, not even Su Qingmei. It was only a small thing after all.


“Brother Lu!”

Lu Chen just finished performing and didn’t even enter the backstage area before a server stopped him.

Lu Chen paused for a moment, then smiled and said, “Brother Zhang, what’s up?”

There were no servers at the Forget Worries Bar that Lu Chen didn’t recognize since he was one of them originally. However, he couldn’t be considered familiar with this server surnamed Zhang. There was no friendship between them; they were only colleagues.

The attitude he had towards Lu Chen in the past wasn’t this cordial to the point that it contained a hint of flattery.

“I don’t dare to be the elder brother…” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “Brother Lu, you are a contracted singer now. Just call me Little Zhang.”

Even if it was contracted singers, there was still no reason for him to act this deferential. However, it was because of the event with Lu Chen’s colleague Little Gao. It could be said that it was because of Lu Chen that he was fired by the boss and couldn’t even stay in Houhai!

Lu Chen helplessly said, “Brother Zhang, if you have something to say, just say it directly. There is no need to be so courteous.”

Brother Zhang embarrassedly laughed, pointed towards the back, and said, “The customers at table 27 want to talk to you for a bit. They are all college girls and a couple of them are very pretty!”

He winked and made an expression as if it would be a pity if Lu Chen passed the opportunity up.

Lu Chen laughed involuntarily, “Ok, I’ll head over after I put up my guitar. Thanks.”

Lu Chen was very clear that it was because the server had gotten a tip from them that he went to find Lu Chen and addressed Lu Chen so politely.

However, this didn’t really bother him. Helping others was better than getting scolded behind his back. He had been a server for a long time and knew that the job was very hard and tiring. Earning a bit of money wasn’t easy.

Brother Zhang was overwhelmed by Lu Chen’s actions and said, “Great! I’ll go tell the customers, thank you Brother Lu!”

He eagerly ran away while Lu Chen put his guitar away backstage and proceeded to table 27.

Brother Zhang didn’t lie to him — there were indeed 5 ladies at table 27. It was evident that they were college students that came from the nearby city universities to play. Among them, there were two that could be considered beauties.


Lu Chen smiled and greeted them, “Welcome to Forget Worries Bar!”

Since the five of them were squeezed onto 4 seats, he didn’t plan to barge in and prepared to just say a few words and leave.

The five of them were very shy and nervously glanced at each other. Finally, one of them bravely stood up and said, “Hello, we saw your video on the forums and decided to come to listen to the song. You sang very well…”

“Forum?” Lu Chen was surprised, “What forum?”

“Bei Hai City Forum!”

This young lady excitedly said, “You’re already popular in there. The post with the video of you has over a hundred thousand clicks in the [Free World] sub-forum. It was a pity that there was only a short segment in the video so we came over tonight to see it live.”

The words that she exchanged with Lu Chen built up the others’ courage. They chattered loudly.

“I heard that there were people that came last night. It was a pity that they didn’t see you. They even thought that the location was wrong!”

“Our luck isn’t bad. We got to see the real person.”

“Hehe, listening to it live is the most satisfying. The sound quality on the video was too bad.”

“Handsome, will you perform more?”

So it was like this!

Lu Chen nodded his head. He didn’t know that someone took a video of his performance and posted it on the forum.

That brat didn’t know Forget Worries Bar’s rules? They should be spanked!


At the same time, in female dormitory number 415.

Little Mi that was sitting in front of her desk and flipping through her notebook suddenly couldn’t help but sneeze loudly.

She rubbed her nose, and rubbed her numb buttocks.

There was a bit of a mysterious feeling.

  1. The coda is the concluding passage of a piece or movement
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