Chapter 31 – Youth Sure is Nice

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Lu Chen was very familiar with Beihai City Forum.

Beihai City Forum was the first ranked BBS 1 among the college students in the country. Both its reputation and popularity were very high. When he attended Jianghai University, he created an account on the Beihai City Forum and used it extensively.

Even though its been a while since he last used it, Lu Chen felt familiar and well-informed when the forum was mentioned.

This caused him to have a favorable impression towards the ladies in front of him.

“I’m glad you guys could come and listen to me perform…”

He gestured towards Server Zhang that was lurking not too far away. He smiled and said, “I’ll invite you guys to drink a Blue Hawaiian cocktail. Thank you and take care!

The Blue Hawaiian cocktail was a minty cocktail that had low alcohol content. It was very suitable to give to females and drinking it wouldn’t make them drunk.

The girls laughed, some were excited and others were shy. They were brimming with youthful happiness.

A girl in a white skirt asked, “Your name is Lu Chen right? They said you were still in college. Is that true?”

“5 Blue Hawaiian cocktails, please! Put it on my tab!”

Lu Chen glared at Little Zhang that just walked over. It must’ve been Little Zhang that sold him out.

He nodded and calmly answered, “Yes, I attend Jianghai University. I will be graduating in half a month. I should be considered your senior right?”

Little Zhang was frightened by Lu Chen’s glare and promptly ran over to the bar counter to ask for the drinks.

The girls looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Hello senior!”

One of the girls that wore a yellow skirt asked, “I’ve been to Jianghai University before. I have a few friends in the art department there; perhaps you guys know each other. Will you give me your QQ number, Senior?”

This girl in a yellow dress was very pretty and had many suitors in college. However, she usually was rather aloof in front of other guys and never took the initiative to ask for the contact details of other guys.

However, she truly loved Lu Chen’s songs, You Who Sat Next to Me and Cinderella. Most importantly, Lu Chen was handsome and straightforward.  Furthermore, since he was a senior from Jianghai University, she naturally had a better impression of him.

“No problem!”

Lu Chen straightforwardly agreed and told her what his QQ number was.

One after the other, the girls all pulled out their phones and promptly got onto their own QQ accounts to add Lu Chen as a friend.

Consequently, Lu Chen found out these girls were all from Beijing Normal University 2. The girl in the white skirt was Zuo Xintian and the girl in the yellow skirt was Ye Zitong. Both of them were sophomores in Beijing Normal University Chinese Department.

Zuo Xintian, much like her name, was a very cute and sweet girl.3 As for Ye Zitong, her appearance and figure was the most outstanding among the five of them.

Zuo Xintian asked, “Senior Lu Chen, is there a complete video or audio of your song? This place doesn’t allow recording and I wanted to bring it with me to share it with more people.”

She looked at Lu Chen expectantly.

Lu Chen said, “This is simple. Do you guys know Whale TV?”

“Whale TV?”

Zuo Xintian’s eyes lit up and promptly answered, “Of course I know. I’m even a bronze member there!”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Then you can just search for the anchor Lu Fei. ‘Lu’ as in Lu Di (dry land). ‘Fei’ as in Fei Xiang (soar). You can directly access my broadcasting room and there will be a link to the complete videos of the two songs. You are also welcome to watch me live.”

He casually promoted himself to get a couple fans in passing.

“It turns out that you are also a web anchor!”

The girls were pleasantly surprised and they expressed, one after the other, that they would take a look and cheer him on.

At this time, Little Zhang brought over the cocktails over, so Lu Chen said goodbye to the group of girls.

As soon as he left, four of the girls looked at Ye Zitong in unison, as if it was planned.

“You guys… what are you guys doing?”

The looks that they gave Ye Zitong caused her to have a guilty conscience. She lifted the cocktail glass and bit the straw with an innocent expression.

The girl sitting across from her grinned and said, “Spit it out. Did our ice goddess fall for this Senior Lu Chen? Answer truthfully or face our punishment!”

“What nonsense are you guys saying!”

Ye Zitong immediately became bashful, her charming face an intoxicating red. She said angrily, “What ice goddess? When did I fall for Senior Lu Chen? I only liked his songs a bit. It’s you guys that have thoughts of love!”

Zuo Xintian countered, “First you like the song, then you’ll like the guy.”

“I’ve been to Jianghai University before. I have a few friends in the art department there; perhaps you guys know each other!” The girl opposite her repeated in a sweet voice, “Will you give me a QQ number, Senior?”

She repeated Ye Zitong’s earlier words and even added a dragged out “en” sound.

Zuo Xintian and the others laughed together.

The girls forgot that they were at a bar, not their own dormitory. Their laughter inadvertently attracted the peculiar gazes from the customers around them.

Sensing the peculiar atmosphere, the girls all went quiet and sat up straight.

This allowed Ye Zitong to finally escape the calamity of the interrogation.

She originally really only liked Lu Chen’s two songs. However, when her friends made those jokes, her heart actually began to throb for some unknown reason.

Perhaps there really are sprouts of affection?

Ye Zitong’s charming face once again became intoxicatingly red. She hurriedly lifted the cocktail glass and drank a large mouthful of the Blue Hawaiian cocktail to cover up thoughts that she believed to be absurd.

On the stage, who is singing this touching love song?


It was already 10:50 PM when Lu Chen returned to his basement room.

He didn’t miss the appointed broadcast time and logged onto Whale TV.

His second broadcast after signing the contract begins at 11:00 PM!

This time period was past the prime time for online broadcasts. However, it wasn’t a problem since Lu Chen already talked to Chen Jianhao about it. Starting from tomorrow, his performance time at the bar would be after 10:30 PM.

This way, in the future, his broadcasts on Whale TV were set for 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Exactly 3 hours!

Even though it was very hard work, in this short period of time, Lu Chen didn’t plan to give up on any of his jobs. Whale TV allowed him to earn a lot of money and gain popularity. On the other hand, Forget Worries Bar would help him expand his network in the industry and provide him other opportunities.

Time flowed like water. Lu Chen returned to the previously orderly lifestyle he led.

He woke up at 6:00 AM punctually and washed up. Then, he went out to exercise until he became exhausted before dragging his tired body back home. After lunch, he would stay in his room and organize the contents of his memories.

He ate at a buffet for dinners. The buffet wasn’t exactly cheap. However, it was very suitable for Lu Chen’s steadily increasing appetite and, as such, was the most economical and cost-effective option. Also, he was able to afford it now.

Once it was 7:00 PM, his work began!

Whether it was in Whale TV or the web anchor industry in general, Lu Chen was a newcomer in every way.

However, his performance in his broadcasting room was completely unlike that of a newcomer.

Lu Chen could express the emotions of a ballad with his clear voice, perform a rock song with a hint of hoarseness, or tell jokes that nobody had heard before. These, coupled with his lively and comedic expressions, made the Fish Fans overjoyed.

Xu Bo, Mo Ran, Fang Mingyi, singer, actor, freelance writer — three lifetimes of experience from the world in his dreams combined together and were expressed through Lu Chen’s broadcasts, creating a unique charm different from others.

He didn’t exploit his body, deceive the viewers, play to the gallery, use profanity, or use third-rate jokes. In the allotted 3 hours, Lu Chen treated the audience and fans with respect and dedication from beginning to end.

Attitude decides everything!

Some people watched Lu Chen’s broadcast and left without much interest. However, more and more people watched the broadcast and became Lu Fei Broadcast Room’s Fish Fan and waited in front of their computers until the broadcast began.

This was because everybody loved Lu Chen’s performances, loved his jokes, and loved interacting with him even more.

Lu Chen’s popularity on Whale TV unceasingly increased. Most importantly, his Fish Fan count, after breaking through the 50,000 checkpoint, was like a hot knife cutting through butter as it surpassed 70,000 then 100,000!

The statistics were scalding hot! The daily average viewer count was over 3,000 with a record of 150,000 concurrent live viewers.

Even though the extent of his growth was stymied after he was no longer on the new anchor recommendations, Lu Chen’s goal was already aimed at the ranks of the genuinely popular anchors at Whale TV — he can replace them!

Youth sure is nice, self-motivating to fight against the current!

  1. Bulletin Board System
  2. Yes, this actually exists. No, you didn’t read it wrong. Google it for more details
  3. 馨甜 (Xin Tian) means literally sweet and fragrant. Lost in translation :/
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