Chapter 15 – Lively Broadcast Room

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Lu Chen sang another two songs once he returned on stage.

He did not sing <<You Who Sat Next to Me>> nor <<Cinderella> but instead opted for another two love songs that he was good at and gained many claps and donations. Shortly after, he went down the stage and conversed with several regulars table.

“Xiao Lu, the two songs you sang initially is superb!”

An old customer sigh in admiration. “It is also well written with talent!. If I were to open a record company, I would sign you on!”

Customers sitting at the same table laughingly said. “Nowadays good original works are scarce! Listening to those young idols, boy groups or girl groups and they’re all singing Western, Japanese and Korean songs… it seems as if the styles had come from the same mold…

“I know right! Outstanding music still originates from the eighties and nineties.

“Haha, It’s better to say it’s nostalgic, else others would say you are out of date!”

“Well, you can’t put it this way, after all, everyone’s taste is different…”

Most of the time Lu Chen was listening while occasionally adding a few sentences. The atmosphere in Forget Grass bar has always been pretty good, and the relationship between the singers and customers are harmonious. Everyone sat together to chat as if old friends without any pressure.

Realizing it’ll be 10 o’clock soon, Lu Chen stood up and left while the customers did not urge him to stay.

Forget Grass bar usually operates during the night, and the golden timeslot was from 11 PM to 2 AM. However, these timeslots are typically reserved for contracted singers while Lu Chen no longer needed to work as a server. Thus he was not required to stay.

At the financial department in the bar, he received his performance fees.

Resident singers salary and donations are paid the day itself. Tonight Lu Chen has sung a total of 5 songs, 1 song pays about 30 yuan while 5 songs would be 150 yuan. The more significant pay came from the donations, having entitled 70% of it earned him 2150 yuan.

The amount of money Lu Chen earned tonight was 2300 yuan.

If he has this sort of income every day, it won’t be a dream of having a monthly earning of 10 thousand, but this was apparently impossible.

The customer base of Forget Grass bar does not include wealthy second generations, and the donations were all rationally given. The reason why Lu Chen could earn 2000+ tonight, the main bulk of it was due to his extreme change in singing style coupled with the fresh experience and deeply touching of his two original works.

However, impulses tend not to last. Therefore, under typical situations, his monthly earnings would at most be 10000 plus. If he wanted to earn more, he would have to visit other bars to perform.

Purely based on income, as long as bar singers have a standard venue, it can be considered pretty good. At least there won’t be a problem with staying in the capital where every inch of land is as if gold.

Whereas the problem of being in this line was that rarely people would be able to stay here for long. Many people came for their dreams of fame and popularity, but when their dreams are dashed, they could only return or to completely sink.

Lu Chen has his dreams too. Furthermore, his goals are enormous.

After leaving the bar and depositing the money in the ATM along the road, he ran towards the nearest metro line.

When he returned to his rented basement, it was 11 PM.

His traveling speed can be considered fast as there weren’t many people on the metro at night. Otherwise, during the day, the subway would be packed with people like sardines and wouldn’t be able to return smoothly and unhindered.

Li Feiyu wasn’t at home on the last day of the weekends as it was his usual regular happy hour.

Therefore Lu Chen only had himself to rely on for tonight’s first live broadcast.

The microphone and camera head had been switched over previously. He then turned on his computer and logged into the internet, while entering his username and password on StarryLive’s home page and was quickly redirected to Lu Fei’s live broadcast room.

Although Lu Chen’s computer was an old model, it wasn’t a problem to run the live broadcast platform, and the screen immediately displayed a clear image of him.

“Hello! Hello!”

Lu Chen spoke towards the microphone to test whether the equipment was working fine.

What made him surprised was that five to six captions immediately emerged on the screen.

“River River, I am Yellow River!”

“I hear you! Boss, you are finally online. We have waited for ages!”

“Send flowers to celebrate!”

“Wifey, hurry up and look at a handsome guy!”


Lu Chen then realized the statistic counter on the top of the live broadcast indicates 427. Which means that there are currently 400+ people looking at his broadcast that caused the comment section to be flooded.

Although he had previously posted an announcement to notify his first live broadcast to be set at 11 p.m., he did not expect so many viewers would be here to cheer him on, and he felt excited along with a little bit of touch.

“I’m sorry…”

Lu Chen promptly replied. “I had just finished work and did not estimate the time well, causing all of you to wait. I’m sorry!”

Just when his voice sounded, the comments suddenly increased.

“The anchor has to work during weekend nights? Which company is so inhumane!”

“That’s right! We should all call the Ministry of Supervision to file a complaint!”

“Moreover, working until 11 PM, it is too much!”

“Feel sorry for the cute guy!”


Lu Chen forced a bitter smile and explained without delay. “I sing at Forget Grass bar at Rear Lake; I can be considered a bar singer, so the working hours are during the night time, that’s why I came late.”

“Rear Lake? I frequent there, which bar is it? I don’t think I’ve seen the anchor there before?”

“So you are a bar singer, no wonder your singing is good!”

“Stop talking nonsense and allow the anchor to start singing. My ears are getting itchy!”

“Oh? Go find an ear picker and poke a few times, afterward it’ll feel better.”


Lu Chen felt joy looking at the lively comments section, and the nervousness of his first broadcast quickly disappeared without a trace while he unconsciously loosens up.

The atmosphere of the online live broadcast was different from the bar, but after adapting, he felt great.

The viewers rapidly raised from the initial count of 427 to 725 and the greetings comments came in one by one without stopping.

This would be unimaginable while performing in a bar. Therefore this was where the fascination of the internet lies!

“Eh? It seems as if the anchor has changed rooms, it’s not in Brother Fei’s room!”

“It’s just a change in the room name… you’re making a big fuss about nothing!”

“Oops, I meant the house the anchor is in right now, did you all not notice it?”

“I know right, where are you staying anchor? The conditions are quite bad!”

“It should be a basement room, I have rented a similar room previously.”

“Feeling sorry f the r anchor!”


The spectator’s discussion content quickly switched over to the current room Lu Chen is staying in.

A small district of a few decades coupled with the small area in the basement room, the room would naturally not be in a good condition.

Although Li Feiyu and Lu Chen are neighbors, the former had forked out money to renovate his room and undoubtedly looked better, unlike Lu Chen’s room that looks simple and crude.

System prompt: Happy888(Silver I) gifted anchor 100 StarCredits!

System prompt: UnderwearSuperhero(Black Metal II) gifted anchor 100 StarCredits!

System prompt: AbyssDragonRider (Bronze IV) gifted anchor 100 StarCredits!

System prompt: CrystalJelly (Bronze II) gifted anchor 100 StarCredits!


System prompt: ProphetEmperorLibai (Golden 3) gifted anchor 1 Star battleship!

The Star battleship has resurfaced and it was the same guy, ProphetEmperorLibai!

Lu Chen has yet to begin singing and the audience donation came one after another. Furthermore, the ProphetEmperorLibai once again gifted him a huge donation of 1 Star battleship.

1 Star battleship not only meant 1000 yuan but also a chance to show one’s face on the whole live broadcast platform.

Lu Chen’s heart involuntarily warmed up. Clearly, these spectators saw that his living conditions were awfully bad and used donation as a way to show support and sympathy.

At this moment the viewers have exceeded 1000 in a blink of an eye and were continuously rising!

Lu Chen consciously looked at the number of fans follows.


What’s going on?

Lu Chen was unable to believe what he had just seen. Previously at noon, the account followers were merely 2722. How did it double after a few hours?

As he only started using StarryLive, even though Li Feiyu had overdosed him with numerous general knowledge, ultimately as a newb, there were a lot of situations he was unsure of therefore he could not pinpoint the crux causing this situation.

Anyways It doesn’t matter even if he can’t think of it. After all, it wasn’t a bad thing but a good thing instead!

“Thank you, ProphetEmperorLibai’s Star battleship gift…”

He spoke through the microphone. “Also thank you for everyone’s support. I shall perform the original composed work of mine named <<You Who Sat Next to Me>>. I believe the majority of you have heard of it before, and I hope that new viewers will like it.”

Slightly pausing for a moment, Lu Chen continued. “Tonight, I shall dedicate another original work to everyone!”

Ignoring the comment section, he hugged his guitar and started performing <<You Who Sat Next to Me>>.

“Pleasant to hear!”


“I feel like crying!”

This classic work’s charm was undoubtedly well-liked, regardless if it was in Forget Grass bar or StarryLive, those who have listened before or those who were new, everyone without exception had been deeply moved by this song.

More importantly, after numerous performance, Lu Chen could better grasp the feelings contained in the song. In addition, with his unique voice, it had been sufficient to topple over the live broadcast audience that wasn’t having much expectations.

After finishing <<You Who Sat Next to Me>>, the favorable comments was as if a tide and along with donations, his whole comment section had been flooded.

In a spurt of energy, Lu Chen consecutively sang 5 songs that are popular classic works of his forte. Although it didn’t cause a big sensation compared to <<You Who Sat Next to Me>>, it was sufficient for the atmosphere in the broadcast room to be lively.

During intervals of his performance, Lu Chen also started to interact with more audiences and replied quite a number of questions.

Li Feiyu told him previously that the interaction segment of the live broadcast is important. Just purely singing would be hard to maneuver the spectator’s moods. By chatting with everyone and making jokes, one good aspect is to shorten the distance between them and another aspect would be to allow his throat to receive appropriate rest.

What live broadcast is seeking would be the audience economy. Having popularity makes money and the number of fans an anchor has would determine their position in the live broadcast platform.

Lu Chen is lacking experience in this department but as long as he is humble, it was not difficult to interact with the enthusiastic audiences. Although there are quite a number of spectators who are deliberately looking for trouble, the main bulk were all fine.

Through the interactive exchanges and entertaining performance, time past quickly and it was already 1 o’clock in the midnight.

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