SCT: TFBNJ Chapter 215 – The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (31)

Question of the day: Any of you play chess? Even if you don’t, you should still check out The Game of the Century, involving Bobby Fischer vs Donald Byrne. A great match…

Also, this is the last chapter TLCed by Blobber (Action). Her presence is still greatly missed.

Chapter 215 : The Hallmaster Wants to Get Married Off (31)

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Translator: Wenhui
Editor: MengMei
Translation Checker: Blobber
Proofreader: SakuraLove1928


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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  1. Anonymous · Aug 24, 2018

    Nope, haven't played chess since high school. I'm not very good at it.
    I checked that out and the description surprised me. 13 year old Fischer won! I think I was still playing dirt by that time. XD

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  2. Nazgand · Aug 22, 2018

    I play chess, though now I play weiqi much more.

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  3. Pizuya · Aug 22, 2018

    I joined the chess club in elementary school, and I did so as well just last year. I have watched a few chess matches in my spare time, but I couldn't keep up lmao. I'm not a very active player, though.

    "Simply no time to play," I excuse myself as I continue reading web novels.

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