SCT: TFBNJ Chapter 219 – Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (1)

Welcome to arc 9! And yes, I’ve had to resort to TLCing the first few chapters of this arc myself… TLCs! Save meeee!

Chapter 219 : Petty Ghosts are Hard to Deal With (1)

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Translator: Wenhui
Editor: MengMei
Translation Checker: Wenhui
Proofreader: SakuraLove1928


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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  1. manju · Aug 30, 2018

    Ganbatte wenhui 💪
    Thank you for the chapter

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    • Vasosulf · Aug 31, 2018

      I think this is a CN novel

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      • Mushroom Head · Sep 1, 2018

        As long as Wenhui understand If still no good, let me help manju say jiayou

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        • Wenhui · Translator · Sep 1, 2018

          I took first year Japanese too... (though I think a three year old might speak/read/write/understand better than me...)

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