Chapter 100 : Zombie Empire (14)

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Shi Sheng didn’t enter D County. Other than the first time, Qian Li had disappeared again for a short period, so she knew he was about to advance. He’d come find her once he was done. So, she completely ignored what the trio at the back were chattering about: the sex lives of zombies.

‘I really want to toss them into a pile of zombies right now. What the hell is this conversation topic?

Aren’t you guys supposed to be discussing how awesome I am that I can get a zombie to listen to me, a human?

I(bbb) do not understand the way these humans think.’

The people from B City arrived much later; Shi Sheng and gang had already waited for them for half a day. A few olive-green pickup trucks finally stopped outside D County. The leader was someone familiar, Chang Xin.

They split up into groups before entering D County. Shi Sheng tailed them from a distance.

“Crazy, have you noticed the zombies don’t seem to be attacking us?” Qing Yu nudged Lin Feng. After Qing Yu said this, Lin Feng surveyed their surroundings and noticed that while there were zombies everywhere following them from afar, not a single one made any attempt to launch an attack.

The two looked to the person in front of them at the same time; the young lady who seemed as if she was strolling in her backyard. The only explanation for the zombies’ behaviour was her. The two looked at each other before pulling Little Fatty along and closing the gap between them and Shi Sheng.

After they entered D County, Chang Xin got the group to split up. Shi Sheng naturally chose to follow Qi Mingxue.

The advantage of having foreknowledge as well as cheat(s) allowed Qi Mingxue to be the first to reach the third stage of power. But Song Shi wasn’t far off. The two of them tacitly co-operated to kill zombies, doing twice the work for half the effort. Moving swiftly, they soon reached a building that looked like a research institute.

They entered and cleared out the building floor by floor as if they were clearing a dungeon. There weren’t many people in their team so they couldn’t spare someone to gather their battle spoils. Shi Sheng and gang, who had followed them into the building, kindly ‘cleaned up’ their spoils for them—they didn’t leave a single Nuclei behind.

Once they had reached their targeted amount of zombie kills and acquired the things that they had to bring out, they turned to leave and discovered that all the Nuclei were gone. They hadn’t worked out what had happened before they found that the area they had just cleared out was teeming with zombies again. It was like a timed respawn.

“There are so many zombies! Didn’t you guys leave anyone behind to keep watch?” Su Jiye looked at the group of people beside him. Those people looked at the people next to them. Their silent conversation went something like this:

“Didn’t you leave someone behind?”

“No, we thought you left someone behind.”

Everyone thought someone else had left someone behind but in the end, no one had been left behind to keep watch… How awkward.

“Fuck!” Rage bubbled up on Su Jiye’s baby-face.

“Quit the nonsense and get to clearing them out again.” Song Shi stared coldly at the others before tossing out a few lightning bolts. Just as they were about to go on another massacre though, a fourth stage fire-breathing zombie appeared out of nowhere…

And it brought friends.

Even Song Shi and Qi Mingxue together were unable to kill it, and so everyone got stuck in the building.

Shi Sheng and gang had met with trouble after they left the building. First, they were chased around by that fourth stage fire-breathing zombie. Shi Sheng’s ability hadn’t reached the fourth stage yet, so it didn’t have much of an effect on a fourth stage zombie. Fortunately, it wasn’t completely useless. They narrowly managed to escape.

Shi Sheng wanted to bomb that zombie but since they were not too far off from the male and female leads, System very seriously stopped her from doing so. They hadn’t run far when they met with yet another fourth stage zombie. And this one was chasing Chang Xin’s group.

Shi Sheng didn’t know if Chang Xin’s brain hadn’t been screwed on right or not; he actually brought his group running in her direction. There were already too many people in his group. Shi Sheng wasn’t alone, so along with her gang, she was forced to join their group in fleeing, adding on to their large number. Soon, they were forced into the building Qi Mingxue and company were hiding in.

There were quite a few zombie corpses in the hall. They had been stacked up and the fire users were burning them. Qi Mingxue and Song Shi weren’t there. Baby-faced Su Jiye was though.

“Eh? It’s you!” Su Jiye immediately recognised Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng coldly swept her gaze over him, causing Su Jiye to pause in his advance. Her gaze was too cold, as if her eyes were made of some lifeless object, causing people’s hairs to stand on end when she stared at them. It was a gaze even colder than his captain’s.

Qing Yu’s trio knew Shi Sheng’s mood was very bad right now. Whoever went up to her right now was just asking for a thrashing.

So, they pretended that they didn’t see anything; their gazes fixed at the floor or the ceiling, or on thoughts about eating…

After Chang Xin finished with his headcount, he turned to Shi Sheng. “Captain Gu, I believe your team did not accept this mission, so why are you here?”

As the main reason for Shi Sheng’s abysmal mood, he not only did not apologise, he even started questioning her.

Shi Sheng was suppressing a bellyful of fire right now so of course her tone wasn’t nice, “What? You guys reserved the entire D County? Only people who accepted the mission can come here?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Chang Xin paused awkwardly, but his expression soon regained its normalcy. “Then can Captain Gu tell me why you are here?”

The mission this time was of absolute confidentiality. D County had long since fallen, so no one would think to come here of their accord. Chang Xin was part of the military so obviously he was able to access the official records. As a result, he knew that she was FU’s Captain. Adding on to their interactions before, he was already suspicious of Shi Sheng.

“And if I don’t tell you?” Shi Sheng gave Chang Xin a provocative look. When Shi Sheng was feeling testy, she would become competitive over who could be more unruly; she wouldn’t leave the other party any face at all.

To quote her words: “You fight for your own face, there’s no need for others to give it to you.”

Chang Xin, “…”

“What mercenary band are they from? Such an impolite attitude… new-born calves are really unafraid of tigers1 ah!” People started to mutter upon hearing their conversation.

“If they could get here, they probably have some ability. Which mercenary band has such a good-looking young lady though? I think Captain Chang called her captain too, right?”

Everyone was clear how many zombies there were in D County.

People expressed they hadn’t heard of any mercenary band with such an arrogant young lady. Some of them had seen the trio behind her before. But because they had never really talked to them, they didn’t know which mercenary band they belonged to either.

“Captain Chang, which mercenary band is she in?” Even if the people who had accepted the mission didn’t know each other’s names, they at least recognised each other’s faces. Quite a few of these people had worked together before.

Yet now a young lady and three youngsters had managed to appear here, completely safe and unharmed. Regardless of whether it was out of curiosity or something else, everyone wanted to know who they were.

“FU. {Pronounce the letters}” Chang Xin appeared to be quite moody now too for his voice was a bit loud. The person who asked blanked out for a bit. ‘Eff me?’

“Captain Chang, I don’t seem to have provoked you?”

‘I was just asking which mercenary band they were from…

Wait, FU?! Fuck! It can’t be! It couldn’t be that mercenary band called 《Fight Us!!!》, could it? That’s the mercenary band that caught up to the Hurricane mercenary band?!’

“She’s FU’s captain? She looks barely 18 though? Are you fucking kidding me…”

“Captain Chang… you’re not toying with us, are you?”

“I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t believe it.”

Although that name was a bit chuuni, their completion rate for missions was at 100%.

‘How could they be so young… and the leader is just a young girl.’

Someone spoke up quietly though, “But they reached here safely…”

Author’s note:

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If recommendations reach 1,200, I’ll update.

  1. New-born calves refer to inexperienced people. Tigers refer to danger. So people with no experience have no fear of danger (because they never experienced it before).

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