Chapter 99 : Zombie Empire (13)

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Shi Sheng did register a mercenary band as per Lin Feng’s suggestion. She also gave it a very arrogant name.

《Fight Us!!!》{which shall henceforth will be referred to as FU}

The trio really wanted to reject such a chuuni name but it was a pity that their objections were of no use.

In the last month, Shi Sheng had been busy grinding {doing ques- *ahem*- missions}. She had managed to get FU to a position just one step below that of the Hurricane mercenary band. Of course, her target was to reach much higher.

Only the authorities had access to detailed information about the different mercenary groups, so it wasn’t a surprise that people were curious about FU.

Other than people part of the management, there was pretty much no one who knew about the members of FU. The mission board indicated that the missions undertaken by FU were usually applied for in the middle of the night or early in the morning, so there was no chance to meet with other people.

Have you ever seen such a strange mercenary band? You haven’t! And they even managed to catch up to the Hurricane mercenary band in the span of a single month… Why wouldn’t they hook people’s curiosity?

Yet, the truth was that…

The Qing Yu trio was afraid of getting besieged from all sides if they were to tout that chuuni name around, so they exhausted every means possible to avoid the other mercenary bands while taking missions.

‘You think we’ve had it easy?’

“Boss, there’s an SS-class mission that’s been issued. Should we accept it?”

Only S-class missions had appeared so far. This was the first SS-class mission to be given out.

“What mission is it?”

“Not sure. I heard we have to accept it first before we’re given the details. This mission was reported directly to all the ranking mercenary bands so it’s not open to the public.”

“Not taking it.” Shi Sheng shook her head. ‘Usually in these kinds of cases, it’s the authorities being up to something.’

“But there are a lot of rewards though…” Lin Feng spoke, feeling it was a pity.

“…” ‘The way you said it makes it look like I’ve been abusing you guys.’

“Are you lacking in food or Nuclei?”

Lin Feng shook his head. They weren’t lacking in either of those. ‘We gathered plenty of stuff while out on missions. Though I don’t know how big White Tiger’s space is, there seems to be no problem in fitting everything we find. The only downside is that…

White Tiger likes shoving live zombies in its space. Even if Boss stops it, it still doesn’t give a shit and continues shoving more zombies…

Phew, luckily none of the stuff we put inside seems to have been tainted.’

“Go and find out when they’re planning on setting off.”

“Eh? I thought we weren’t accepting it?”

“What does that have to do with you digging up some info?”

Lin Feng, “…” ‘I keep having this sneaking suspicion something bad is going to happen.’

The three of them had learned plenty of stuff from Shi Sheng in this month. For example:

  1. Don’t be soft-hearted.
  2. Don’t stick your nose into stuff that doesn’t concern you.
  3. Ignore the bullshit that comes out of people’s mouths.

That last sentence was quoted directly from Shi Sheng’s original words. Even now, Lin Feng could accurately recall her expression at the time.

Disdainful and full of mockery. But even more prominent were contempt and disgust. To tell the truth, he didn’t really know how to describe it.

The confidentiality of this mission was very high so it took Lin Feng a lot of effort to finally get some information. But it was of the most basic kind. The mission was located at D County and was being headed by a military team. Everyone who signed up for the mission had to sign confidentiality agreements.

The Hurricane mercenary band was also participating in this mission, though not many of them were going. Only Song Shi, Qi Mingxue, Zhao Jing, Su Jiye and a tall dark-skinned man were joining it.

It was clear that the rest of the mercenary bands were also sending their elite forces.

Shi Sheng sat in the SUV and watched people getting onto the military trucks in the distance. ‘What is there in D County for the authorities of the safe-zone to spend so much effort in sending people there?’

Lin Feng had prepared a map beforehand, so Shi Sheng and her group reached D County first.

D County was an old county capital. Before the apocalypse, it had been classified as a 5A tourist destination1. The apocalypse had started right at the peak of tourist season so the number of zombies in D County couldn’t even be counted.

When they were nearing D County, Qian Li suddenly started getting agitated. His fingernails grew back to their original lengths as he let out primitive roars.

“Meow!” White Tiger’s high-pitched meow rang out in the enclosed space.

“He’s turning?!” Qing Yu reacted the fastest. Right after he spoke, he made to attack Qian Li. Shi Sheng had been stunned by Qian Li’s sudden change and only managed to react when she heard Qing Yu shout. She yelled at the three of them, “Don’t attack him!”


While Shi Sheng was busy yelling at the trio, Qian Li had smashed open the car window and made for D County at his fastest speed. He even used teleportation. Shi Sheng didn’t even have time to get off the car before Qian Li completely disappeared from sight. ‘Fuck! He ran off again! Raising a rebellious teen is better than raising a Zombie Emperor!!!

…At least the teen will tell you before they run off!!!’

“Boss?” The other three stared dumbly at Shi Sheng. ‘The hell is this? That young man was actually a zombie? We were living together with a zombie for so long! Can’t picture it…’

“As you can see, Qian Li is a zombie.” Shi Sheng spoke calmly, her gaze focused on the distant walls of D County. There was none of the expected nervousness or anger that others who had been caught raising zombies would display.

‘They’ll know about this sooner or later. Might as well get them to leave early if they can’t take it…’

Qing Yu had clearly been ‘trained’ exceptionally well by Shi Sheng in the past month for he was the quickest to accept it. “Okay, so Qian Li’s a zombie. How come he’s different from other zombies?”

‘Our Boss is so awesome even taming zombies is nothing to her! Have to continue following Boss!’

The above thoughts were all thanks to something called “blind worship”.

Right now, third stage zombies had already appeared, but the most they could do was use their powers more fluidly. They didn’t look any different in appearance from other zombies. But Qian Li was different; he looked exactly like a normal person. One couldn’t see any signs of zombieness on him.

“No matter how different, he’s still a zombie.”

Qing Yu, “…” ‘Boss’ answers always leave me speechless.’

“Boss, you actually allowed a zombie to eat and live with us!” Lin Feng’s reaction was the greatest for he shouted, his face full of agony as he shook Qing Yu. “A zombie, ah! That’s a zombie! Just thinking about having lived with a zombie for a month… I…” ‘Feel like dying!’

Lin Feng’s reaction was out of Shi Sheng’s expectations; his main focus was completely off. As for Little Fatty, he only cared about food. And he could get a lot of food from following Shi Sheng. Besides, his previous boss had already accepted it, so what was there to worry about?

Lin Feng stopped his yowling and his expression changed to one full of resolve. “Don’t worry Boss. We won’t tell anyone your boyfriend’s a zombie.”

Qing Yu nodded his head in agreement. “En en. Don’t worry Boss. Qian Li’s quite good, he doesn’t attack us. Looks like zombies aren’t that scary after all.”

Little Fatty’s eyes turned into slits as he smiled and nodded. “En. Qian Li doesn’t eat much either.”

“And I thought stories like ‘My Girlfriend’s A Zombie’ were utter nonsense. It turns out they can truly happen! Boss, you’re amazing!”

“…” ‘Who the fuck told you he’s my boyfriend?! Just what are you guys imagining?!’

Shi Sheng felt that she had been thinking too much earlier. After all, would normal people be able to preserve their humanity after the apocalypse began?

“Boss, aren’t we going to chase after your boyfriend?”

“What if he falls for a girl zombie?”

‘Son of a bitch, I already told you guys he’s not my boyfriend! And the hell you mean by “fall for a girl zombie”?!’

Author’s note:

1,300 recommendations = update.

  1. China classifies tourist spots by how good the scenery is (don’t quote me on that). But from highest to lowest, the classifications go: AAAAA (5A), AAAA (4A), AAA (3A), AA (2A) and A (1A).

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