Chapter 104 : Zombie Empire (18)

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Shi Sheng blocked off the storeroom. By the time everyone else got there, she was already standing at the doorway.

“Gu Nan, what are you doing?! Move!” Chang Xin snapped furiously as he reached out to tug her aside. Qing Yu and gang immediately stood in front of Shi Sheng, shielding her behind them.

“Fucking hell, don’t you see we’re trying to save people here?! Hurry up and get outta the way!”

Shi Sheng swept her gaze over the three people being supported. Her eyes then curved upwards as she spoke, “I’ve met a healing ability user that only needed to shoot a ray of light to kill off the zombie virus. Hm? Or are you telling me that your ability is different, Qi Mingxue? So different that you need a private space to use it?”

Qi Mingxue’s face paled. She had read the whole book, so of course she knew about this. Healing ability users would only appear later on. And like what Gu Nan had said, all the healing ability user needed to do was to send out a ray of light to touch the patient’s body. It was very quick and convenient.

“How could you have seen a healing ability user before?! That ability is so rare!”

“Yeah! I say, FU’s Captain, this is a critical moment so can you leave your enmity for later? We’re saving lives here, not playing around!”

“There are so many survivors, so how can you say that only Qi Mingxue has the ability? What’s your proof? Besides…” Shi Sheng raised a brow and ridicule crept into her tone. “Whether she has it or not is still up for debate.”

There were many ability users, so even though healing ability users were rare, it wouldn’t be exclusive to one person. No one in the basement could find any fault in Gu Nan’s words. Most of them could only look at each other.

There were some though, who were Qi Mingxue’s diehard fans, who said that their goddess was the most unique existence ever! And that she had been chosen by God!

‘As long as such fanatics exist, holy wars will never cease…’

“Cousin, I’ve already apologised. You wandered off on your own before. The world is in such a mess, so even if I wanted to look for you, I wouldn’t have been able to. Why are you slandering me like this?” Qi Mingxue’s tone had just the right mix of anger and grievance in it.

But, her hand was clenched tightly by her side and killing intent was hidden in the depths of her eyes.

“Eh? They’re cousins?”

“There’s definitely a story there. And I’ll wager it’s one filled with dog blood1.”

“Ms Qi doesn’t have those kinds of relatives! She’s not even fit to stand by Ms. Qi’s side, let alone hold Ms Qi’s shoes!’


Shi Sheng’s gaze swept over those who had cursed the most as she spoke slowly, “I’m not slandering her. At most, I’m being suspicious.”

There was a smile on her lips. But under the dim lighting, that smile seemed very sinister. Even the manliest men present couldn’t help but feel shivers from looking at it. They had to stop their cursing.

Shi Sheng spoke again, “You say you’re a healing ability user. Okay then, show us!”

“Cousin, if you have any grievances, just take them out on me. There’s no need to implicate these innocents…” Qi Mingxue looked like she was stopping herself from continuing. She had an exaggerated expression on that was practically saying, ‘I didn’t let you down so how could you hurt me? I’m very sad but we’re relatives so I can’t hurt you back.’

Shi Sheng had already rolled her eyes countless times inwardly. ‘Bloody hell, female lead-sama, why don’t you become an actress while you’re at it?! With these kinds of acting skills, I guarantee you’ll make it big…

Although your cheats in the original storyline were a bit too much and you were quite shameless in stealing the original MC’s stuff, at least you weren’t as much of a white lotus!!!

…You’re continuing to break your character setting?

I’m(bbb) not going to be able to control myself(bbb) for much longer…

Calm down, calm down, can’t kill the MC. But using my brain is really very tiring!’

Even though most of the people here weren’t impulsive, the supporters of the three who had been bitten had been riled up. One of them made a move. Metallic weapons created by a metal ability user flew towards Shi Sheng. Little Fatty immediately reacted and used his ability to construct an earthen wall.

As the bits of metal sank into the earth wall, their impact was reduced. Since there was some thickness to the wall, they ended up stuck in it.

“Really ignorant.” Shi Sheng held back the Qing Yu trio, who were about to retaliate, as she spoke in a gloating tone, “Don’t blame me for not warning you when something goes wrong. Here, I’ll let you guys use the room.”

No one could get their heads around why Shi Sheng allowed them to enter the room just like that. But since this was a crucial time, none of them were able to ponder too deeply about it. They hurriedly brought the infected people into the storeroom.

Shi Sheng carried White Tiger in her arms and started feeding it smoked sausages, like nothing had happened. And thus, people got to ‘enjoy’ the peaceful scene of a young lady and her cat, as if the one causing trouble just now wasn’t her.

Her actions could be called arrogant to the extreme. Yet, she had full grasp of the situation—she’d pull back just as you were at the bursting point. Although you really wanted to beat her up, there were more important things to do so you couldn’t spare the time to get tangled up with her.

Those who hadn’t had any conflict of interest with her started analysing.

“That girl has some ability. Did you guys see how that fatso moved just now?”

“His proficiency of the earth ability is even higher than ours! And his speed is quick too; that wall appeared in the blink of an eye!”

“Then doesn’t that mean he’s at a higher stage than us? I thought the highest ability user now was only at the third stage? Could he be a fourth stage ability user?”

Everyone looked at each other as hints of apprehension crept into their hearts. ‘Fourth stage ah… Just take a look at that zombie outside. All of us put together couldn’t deal with it. A fourth stage ability user shouldn’t be any inferior to a similar staged zombie… right?’

Someone sighed. “So there was a reason they managed to climb to second place… It’s just that that girl is too arrogant. I feel like hitting her.”

Everyone agreed. They all felt like hitting her.

Song Shi’s party was having a discussion too. Though Song Shi wasn’t participating in it. His head was lowered, which prevented people from clearly seeing his expression. ‘For some reason, I feel like Gu Nan’s words have a deeper meaning. Healing ability… As well as her telling us not to blame her for not warning us…’

“She should have a trump card, else she wouldn’t dare to be this arrogant.” Zhao Jing finally said something of relevance. In this apocalyptic world where killing was not illegal, no one would dare to be so arrogant without a trump card. Even if there was someone like that, that person would simply be a plain old idiot. But this girl didn’t look like an idiot.

That could only mean that she had a trump card, and a powerful one at that. Powerful enough to allow her to be so arrogant and wilful in front of so many ability users. When a person had the ability to look down with condescension upon the world, they wouldn’t need to care about what others thought for they were the rulers.

“Even if she has a trump card, isn’t she still too arrogant…” A large, dark-skinned man shook his head. “Who knows when you’ll meet someone more powerful than you?”

“And if she doesn’t fear anyone?”

“How could that be possible? Eh? Boss, you spoke just now?” Only after Su Jiye replied did he react. Song Shi lifted his head slightly.

His voice was a bit distant, “It’s possible. They just have to be unafraid of death.”

“When you don’t care about whether you will die or not, you won’t fear death anymore. You will live a life defined by your own wishes. You will be in charge.”

These words had been spoken to him by his father. He didn’t know why, but he felt like those words fit her. She didn’t fear death; thus, she didn’t fear anyone.

[1] Where do I begin on this… Okay, uh, do you watch dramas? If your answer is yes, then think of the most dramatic scene ever. That scene is filled with dog blood. If your answer was no… I can’t help you. Basically means super melodramatic.

Author’s note:

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  1. Where do I begin on this… Okay, uh, do you watch dramas? If your answer is yes, then think of the most dramatic scene ever. That scene is filled with dog blood. If your answer was no… I can’t help you. Basically means super melodramatic.


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