Chapter 105 : Zombie Empire (19)

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A person who does not fear death does not refer to those who sought death or had lost their purpose in life. They wouldn’t look for death, instead living a carefree life of their own wishes.

Qi Mingxue looked much weaker when she came back out of the storeroom. The three following behind her though, looked in high spirits as they thanked her with sincerity and gratitude. Shi Sheng hugged her cat as she leaned against a lab counter, her expression indecipherable as she looked at Qi Mingxue.

‘Qi Mingxue’s spring water isn’t a cure-all. Though it’s completely harmless to its owner, to other people…

Haha, wait till you guys receive the special attention of zombies.’

Qi Mingxue hadn’t saved many people with the water yet, and the ones she had saved were pretty much all normal people {without abilities}. Such people, after having been nearly infected by zombies before, would treasure their lives more and would not step out of the safe-zone easily. Hence, there was nothing abnormal that had happened, for now.

Once this matter was done, Chang Xin finally had the time to discuss what they should do next. They didn’t know if the fourth stage zombie outside had left or not. If it had, perhaps they might be able to break out of the building.

“Doesn’t FU have a fourth stage earth ability user? Let him go out to check.” Someone suggested.

Chang Xin furrowed his brows. “Fourth stage? I thought the highest ability user right now was only at the third stage? How do you know he’s at the fourth stage?”

“Ah? Oh, we were just guessing. His ability looks a lot stronger than ours.”

“I don’t think they’ll agree though…” After all, they had attacked Shi Sheng’s group a while ago. And prior to that, they had surrounded them.

“They’re trapped here too so it’s not only for our sakes.”

“Even if it doesn’t work, we have to try. We can’t be stuck here forever, can we? Even if we wanted to wait it out, our supplies won’t last that long!”

In the end, everyone agreed to have FU’s Little Fatty go out and take a look.

To increase the odds of Gu Nan agreeing, Chang Xin gathered everyone up; it looked like he was planning on pressuring her with numbers.

Shi Sheng leaned against the counter and watched as a group of people came up to surround her again. The Qing Yu trio immediately stood up and turned vigilant after seeing how aggressive the group was.

“Captain Gu, let’s consider ourselves even now. Let’s all concede a little and discuss things calmly. How about it?” Chang Xin stood out as the representative.

“No need.” Shi Sheng didn’t even look at Chang Xin. “They’re my people. Even if they’re being sent off to their deaths, I have to be the one to send them off.”

The trio were dumbstruck. ‘Why does it feel like we should be feeling touched, yet can’t help but feel embarrassed right now?’

Knowing Shi Sheng had overheard their discussion that had just taken place, Chang Xin immediately changed his plans. “Does Captain Gu wish to be stuck here?”

Shi Sheng reached out to stroke White Tiger’s back, her expression apathetic. “I won’t be stuck here. If you guys beg me, perhaps I’ll show some mercy and bring you out with me. How about it? Want to consider it?”

Chang Xin, “…” ‘Who the hell gave you that confidence ah?!’

“Captain Gu, don’t be too presumptuous! We have so many people on our side while there are only four people on yours! Even if all of you are strong, can you win against all of us? Shouldn’t we be more united in such a situation? Is it worth sending so many people to their deaths just for the sake of your own private grudges?”

Shi Sheng jumped off the counter. “Who says I was forcing you guys into a corner? I’m giving you a chance to beg me, aren’t I?”


Song Shi and Qi Mingxue had only just learned Gu Nan was FU’s captain. They weren’t around when her identity was revealed for the first time. Afterwards, they were too busy dealing with the following events. Su Jiye had just told them about this .

‘FU is actually hers… Though now that I think about it, only she would use such a ridiculous name.’

Qi Mingxue didn’t know how to describe her feelings. She had stolen so many of Gu Nan’s things, and had also obtained a lot of opportunities early on. Yet now she was told that Gu Nan had managed to live carefreely and even had a mercenary band under her name.

‘…I can’t beat the main character after all?

No… the apocalypse has only just begun. All I have to do is take the opportunities that will appear later on as well and I’ll be able to beat her!’

Negotiations had failed and a fight had nearly broken out. In the end, Qi Mingxue had to step out to be the mediator. On the surface, she was helping out this ungrateful and arrogant cousin of hers, but in truth, she was instigating the others to be even more dissatisfied with Gu Nan.

Shi Sheng didn’t say anything and allowed Qi Mingxue to continue slandering her. The Qing Yu trio was upset at this though.

“Since you fellows like her so much, let her think of a way to get you guys out. As for me… I’m not impatient.”

Had they pleaded with her, even if it was just a fake plea, there would have been a 90% chance that she would bring them out with her.

Chang Xin didn’t dare to open the door for no one knew what the situation outside was like. In the end, a suicide squad, made up of four people who were willing to die, was sent out. But there was no movement after they went out. This proved that the situation outside was pessimistic; the fourth stage zombie might still be out there. Everyone’s faces were clouded with worry.

Well, except for Shi Sheng. She was much more relaxed—she ate, drank and looked at the graffiti painting when she was bored. The Qing Yu trio had examined it for a while yet they couldn’t find anything special about it. Their Boss seemed to like looking at it though.

Three days later, Shi Sheng was still staring at the painting. Meanwhile, the other people had already started fighting for food.

Originally, there had been a spatial ability user amongst them, but they had been separated from that person. The food they had on them was only enough to last a week. Those who didn’t have much food with them were already beginning to starve.


Shi Sheng rolled up the painting before taking a sip of the milk Qing Yu had prepared for her. She bit on the straw and took a few sips as she turned to look at the others in the lab.

“Let’s go. Qian Li ought to be done by now.” ‘The first two advancements took around three days, so this time should be no different.’

“We’re finally getting out!” Lin Feng let out a sigh of relief. There was nothing to do here except eat, sleep and occasionally argue with their opposition. It was boring as hell.

The trio hurriedly packed up. Their movements drew the attention of the others in the lab.

“What are they planning to do?”

“Hey, do you think Gu Nan can really bring us out?”

“Didn’t Captain Chang say this place was sealed up? And our earth ability users have tried to create an underground route before, but the surface below us has been welded, so we can’t get out that way. Even if that fatty is a fourth stage ability user, he can’t escape from this kind of place.”

Of course, as the male lead, Song Shi was smarter than these people. He woke Su Jiye and the others. “We’re going over. Don’t get too close… and she probably won’t chase us away.”

In these three days, he had observed that sometimes the FU group would just leave their food around carelessly. Even if others filched some of these leftovers, they wouldn’t say anything. But if you tried to snatch food from them outright, well congratulations on having the chance to get intimate with the floor.

Gu Nan did things which seemed as if they were done on a whim but in truth, she had already planned everything out.

Shi Sheng stood in front of a wall and got Qing Yu to open up the painting. Only when they compared the painting to the wall did they discover that the patterns on the painting had been carved into the wall.

The wall was silver-ash in colour and the carvings were very light, so if you didn’t look closely, you wouldn’t be able to find them.

“Boss… th-this…” ‘When did Boss discover this?! I remember she took the painting when we first came down here…’

The painting contained the password for this door. Shi Sheng couldn’t help but admire the IQ of mankind; when it was high, it was scary, but when it was low, even the entire Milky Way put together couldn’t save them.

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: I absolutely love arrogant Shi Sheng. *swoons*

Translate Checker: Shi Sheng! Take me as FU’s fifth member!

Proofreader: All aboard the chunni train!

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