Chapter 108 : Zombie Empire (22)

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She heard Song Shi’s group had been locked up and that the entire Hurricane mercenary band had been ‘invited’ for some tea. Anything more detailed than that, Shi Sheng didn’t know. After all, it was the military. And Shi Sheng didn’t have omniscience so she had no way of knowing the exact details.

Right now, she was planning on how she should steal a helicopter.

When Shi Sheng told her plan to her little bros, though they were puzzled, they just had the attitude of ‘Whatever Boss says is right. We’ll do whatever Boss tells us to.’

“Boss, we’ve observed that they change shifts every hour and after every change of shift, they’ll check the surroundings, so it’ll be easiest to get in then.”

Shi Sheng and the trio were currently standing in the shadow of a building as Lin Feng analysed the situation for her. She leaned against the wall and kept stroking White Tiger’s back intermittently. No one knew if she was actually listening.

When it was time for the guards to change shifts, they swiftly ran over and took advantage of the opening between patrols to reach the place where the helicopters were being kept. Only when they were in the helicopter did Shi Sheng remember something very important. “Do any of you know how to fly a helicopter?”

Lin Feng was completely stunned as he stuttered, “B-Boss… don’t you know how to fly one?”

‘Isn’t Boss all-powerful? How could she not know how to do a small thing like fly a helicopter? We haven’t even thought of this before!’

“I can dismantle them.” Shi Sheng spoke ‘sincerely’.

“Fuck! Now what do we do?!” They hadn’t considered this at all…

“Looks like there’s someone over there, let’s check it out…”

“There’s a trespasser! Sound the alarm!”

The sound of alarms ringing out soon followed. Countless soldiers bearing guns entered from outside and aimed them at the helicopter Shi Sheng’s group was in.

“Disembark from the helicopter, else we’ll open fire!”

“Resisters will be killed!”

Such sentences, shouted through loudspeakers, reverberated on the tarmac.

“Boss, do you really not know how to fly it? Why don’t you just give it a shot? You’re so amazing, you’ll definitely be able to learn how on-the-fly!”

‘Just give it a shot?! You think you’re having dinner or something?!

… And the helicopters here look different from the ones I’ve seen.’

Lin Feng looked like he was about to cry. “If we go out now, we’re going to be shot into sieves.”

Shi Sheng pressed randomly at the buttons on the dashboard. ‘Though it’s different, the symbols look about the same…’


A few people were shot down by the sudden barrage of bullets; they looked like wheat during harvest season, having fallen in rows.

“Boss…” Qing Yu trailed off. ‘Isn’t this outright provocation?’

How would Shi Sheng have known this thing was a combat helicopter? And she just so happened to press on the button to shoot…

“They were being an eyesore! Who told them to point guns at me?” Shi Sheng spoke very calmly.

The trio, “…” ‘Boss, even if you admit you didn’t know what you were doing, we wouldn’t laugh at you. Honest.’

The opposing party finally reacted and began their assault.

At last, the helicopter managed to take off, only after Shi Sheng pressed a bunch of random buttons… Though it wasn’t all that steady.

Bullets flew through the air and the sounds of metal on metal seemed to jar their minds. The Qing Yu trio nervously gripped their safety belts. ‘Boss’ flying ability is simply… Never riding a helicopter Boss flies ever again.’

When it became clear that the bullets couldn’t hit them, the other side actually sent out ability users. All sorts of abilities flew towards the helicopter.

Although the helicopter was bulletproof, abilities were much more powerful than bullets, so the bulletproof glass shattered without much effort.

Fire swept in from outside. Little Fatty hurriedly erected an earthen wall, just in time to save Qing Yu from the tragedy of being roasted.

The helicopter was moving… backwards. Shi Sheng couldn’t make heads or tails of the controls.

‘Bloody hell! These symbols are completely different from the ones I(bbb) know! How am I(bbb) supposed to fly this?!’

Hurriedly taking off her seat belt, she spoke, “Men, get ready to unleash your inner fury! Will you join me on this unforgettable journey?”

The trio, “Boss, please speak human.”

“Oh, I’m planning on making a run for it.” Shi Sheng said very calmly.

She took out a few purple balls and divided it up amongst them. “Don’t explode yourselves. You’ll look very ugly in bits and pieces.”

She then added as an afterthought, “I’m not going to help with burying your bodies.”

The trio had seen the kind of power this tiny ball possessed; it had managed to fell a large swath of zombies and had even left a few-meters large hole in the process.

And now, such an awesome weapon was in their hands. ‘We’re calm, we’re totally calm! Hands, keep steady, don’t blow us up… But…’

“Boss, how do we use these?”

“Just toss ‘em. Oh, the blast radius isn’t set so remember to toss them out further, else you’re going to get caught in the explosion.”

‘What do you mean “the blast radius isn’t set”?! Is there even such a thing?!’

Shi Sheng had stored the lightning en-masse, so naturally she had no concentration to spare to ensure each ball contained the same amount of power. The ones with more power in them would naturally cause a bigger explosion.

After Shi Sheng swiftly finished telling them all this, she pushed the helicopter door open and tossed one ball down. A fierce explosion caused the sounds of gunfire to stop. Nothing other than the crackling of lightning could be heard.

That barely distinguishable hole proved their Boss hadn’t been lying. The blast radius really was different for each one. This one right now was at least twice as big as the one from last time. The entire runway had been bisected by this hole and around half the buildings had been wrecked…

‘Holy fuck!’

The three followed Shi Sheng off the helicopter and ran towards the other end of the runway, where they stole a truck. The military forces behind them hurriedly contacted the safe-zone and gave orders to intercept them. With such a strong weapon in their arsenal, of course they couldn’t let them just run off. What if they bombed the safe-zone?

“What explosive caused this?” Looking at that large hole in the ground, the Mayor of the safe-zone exchanged glances with the other leaders.

The person in charge who had been on the scene revealed a fearful expression. “Not sure. But that was really terrifying, as if there was a lot of pressure being exerted on me. I didn’t even dare take a look. Only after the explosion rang out did I turn to see this hole full of purple lightning.”


“Yes. The lightning bolts were around an arm’s thickness. The colour was deeper than a normal lightning user’s lightning too… Oh right, someone recorded a video. Hurry up and let the Mayor take a look!”

Someone immediately handed over the recording. The video showed how lightning would flash from time to time in the large hole and how it only disappeared after 10 minutes or so.

“Has it been inspected yet?” The Mayor profoundly gazed at the hole not too far away.

“Yes. There were no signs of radiation. It’s just that… there’s electricity.” A worker promptly came forward to report, his gaze very bewildered. He had never seen anything that could create such a massive hole yet not leave behind any traces of radiation. And there was also that strange lightning. They had tested it with instruments. The amount of electricity contained within it was astonishing. However, the exact figures would have to wait till they got a chance to calculate it properly.

“They have to be caught!”

No matter who they were, they had to be seized. If they knew how to craft such explosives, would they still be afraid of zombies?

The safe-zone’s forces wanted to seize Shi Sheng and company. But Shi Sheng had practically blasted her way to the front gates of the safe-zone, by getting Qing Yu’s trio to throw explosives.

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