Chapter 109 : Zombie Empire (23)

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However, before they managed to reach the gates, they were stopped. Ability users blocked their path while the army, bearing guns, cut off their retreat. Shi Sheng’s crew was stuck in the middle. Perhaps they feared those explosives because they did not launch an attack. The two sides fell into a stalemate.

“Boss, there are too many ordinary people here. If we continue bombing, we’ll end up hurting innocents.” Qing Yu looked out the window and frowned as he spoke.

“In a bit, remember to take the opportunity to run. Go find a place and build up a base. It doesn’t need to have a lot of people but all of the people you do take in have to be good at adapting. You know what I’m talking about.”

“Boss?” Her words sounded a bit out of place.

“Here, take this. It’s a spatial storage device. Just get someone to drip blood on it to claim ownership. The stuff inside should be enough for you guys to build the base up.”

The trio widened their eyes. ‘A spatial storage device?! Boss even has this?! Holy fuck, she couldn’t have been sent by the heavens to save the world, could she?!’

“Once the base has been built, remember to make it famous so I can find you guys.”

Shi Sheng finished quickly, “Any questions?”

The three still hadn’t reacted yet. Only after a while did they come to their senses. “Boss, you’re not going with us?”

‘How are we supposed to build a base without Boss?’

“It’s not convenient for me to bring you guys to the capital with me. I have stuff to do there. I’ll be back once I’m done. I expect to be able to hear news about the base by the time I reach the capital.”

Little Fatty raised his hand uncertainly. “Then… what will the base be called, Boss?”

“Of course, we’re using the name of our mercenary band.”

Lin Feng’s lips twitched. “Boss, can you pick a more normal name?”

‘I don’t dare to advertise the base with that kind of name!’

Though in the end, Shi Sheng won, of course.

Shi Sheng stuffed White Tiger into her backpack and got off the truck. She cracked her neck before charging into the ranks of the ability users with her sword in hand.

They hadn’t expected her to just charge in without saying anything, so Shi Sheng got the upper hand at first.

When they finally reacted, they just tossed abilities at her willy-nilly. Though her sword looked like a normal iron one, when it came in contact with their abilities, the abilities were deflected away. This caused them to burn with desire to obtain it. Their gazes turned heated.

“Gu Nan!”

“Cease fire!” A few familiar figures advanced from the military’s side. Shi Sheng paused before putting her sword away and looking at them. The leader was Chang Xin. Beside him were Papa Gu and Mama Gu. They seemed like they had been forced to come along, for both of them had expressions of panic on their faces.

“Ze, so Captain Chang didn’t die.” Shi Sheng’s lips stretched into a mocking smile. “Didn’t waste that hypocritical face of yours.”

Even now when she looked at Chang Xin, the impression he gave was of a good person. Had he died, perhaps Shi Sheng would be more inclined to believe that he had been kept in the dark. But he lived. While everyone else still stuck in the building had died in the indiscriminate bombing.

Chang Xin’s expression changed, but he quickly calmed down. “Gu Nan, it’s best you surrender without a fight. Otherwise, your parents—”

Shi Sheng stuck the sword in the ground in front of her, one hand on the pommel. “Parents? I haven’t even found them yet. Where in the world did you find these bozos?”

Chang Xin frowned slightly. He had investigated her the moment he got back and was certain these two were her parents.

“Gu Nan, don’t you recognise your own parents anymore?!” Chang Xin shouted.

“Do you not understand human?” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at Chang Xin. “I’m just their adopted daughter. How are they my parents?”

‘Adopted daughter?’

It was clear Chang Xin hadn’t expected this answer. He thought Gu Nan was just trying to confuse him.

“Xiaonan, though we’re just your adoptive parents, we haven’t mistreated you all these years. Please don’t commit any more misdeeds.” Papa Gu hugged Mama Gu, who had already lost strength in her body from fear. His expression was filled with grief, as if Gu Nan had been unfilial.

“Commit misdeeds? What did I do? Do you guys know they want to silence me? Now you’re probably wondering why they want to do so. It’s because—”

“Adoptive parents are still parents. They’ve raised you for so many years, are you not grateful at all?” Chang Xin interrupted her. He couldn’t allow her to speak about that matter at this place.

“It was just a transaction, what’s there to be grateful about? Besides, when the apocalypse started, they abandoned me and ran off on their own. They didn’t even close the door! If I wasn’t lucky, I would’ve died ages ago. If it was you, would you be grateful?”

Shi Sheng wasn’t Gu Nan anyways, so she had no special feelings towards these ‘parents’ of hers.

Chang Xin naturally had no idea about this. He didn’t know what to say.

“If you’re planning on using them to threaten me, I can tell you now that’s not happening. Their life or death has nothing to do with me.”

Shi Sheng took out a few more purple balls. Seeing them, everyone’s expressions changed. It was those terrifying things that had exploded with stunning effects.

“I don’t feel like playing games anymore. Are you going to move or do I have to blast my way out?” Shi Sheng played around with them. “So many people here. Ze ze… I wonder if you guys will drown in spit if this many die?”

“Gu Nan, this matter is between us. It doesn’t have to involve ordinary people.” Chang Xin hurriedly spoke.

The mission to D County had been for the purpose of retrieving a few items as well as weakening the forces of the free mercenary bands. Ordinary people had already begun to lose faith in the military and the government. Had they let the mercenary bands continue to grow, it would only be a matter of time before trouble arose.

“Oh, since that’s the case, what did you grab them for? To let them see how you guys will capture me? Please, before you speak, can you at least think about what you yourself did?”

‘Do you take me(bbb) for a mindless patriot?’

Chang Xin was at a loss for words.

“Clear the road. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.” Shi Sheng made to toss the little ball.

“Gu Nan, don’t be impulsive! Clear the way, quick!”

“Xiaonan…” Papa Gu looked at Gu Nan in disbelief.

“My mother handed me over into your care and even gave so much money as consideration. But how did you take care of me all these years? There’s a principle where you help people do stuff well if they give you money.

I believe, with my mother’s ability, the amount she gave you couldn’t have been small. Not investing emotions in me was fine, but you shouldn’t have mistreated me like that, right?”

Shi Sheng paused, her speech slowing down a bit, “Gu Nan is long dead. She died when the apocalypse started.”

‘“Gu Nan is long dead. She died when the apocalypse started.”’ Those words echoed in Papa Gu’s mind like a curse.

Shi Sheng didn’t look at Papa Gu anymore as she returned to her truck. Those three were gone. They must’ve taken advantage of the chaos to escape like she told them to.

Shi Sheng safely reached the gates, but just as the gates were opening, startled shouts could be heard from atop the city walls. What followed was utter mayhem. From Shi Sheng’s position, she was just able to see the outside of the safe-zone.

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