Chapter 113 : Zombie Empire (27)

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Shi Sheng left the capital and brought her horde with her back to B City. She had thought she’d be in the capital for longer but hadn’t expected to finish so quickly.

She also hadn’t expected the quest to be more complicated than she first thought, so she decided to work towards the target she had decided on ages ago: Building up a zombie empire.

‘When I take over the world and can seize people for interrogation, would I be afraid of being unable to investigate the truth?’ Shi Sheng’s methods had always been violently simple.

When she reached the area around B City, she found those little bros of hers had just gotten the basic system of their base set. When Shi Sheng showed up in front of them, they were unable to believe their eyes.

‘Boss actually returned so early? Back when Boss left B City (though we didn’t get to see it personally), just imagining it makes us excited! Now that we think about it, zombies aren’t so scary after all.’

There were already people in the base, although they only amounted to barely over a hundred. Compared to other bases, it was a pitiful number. So when Shi Sheng brought her zombie army in, those people didn’t dare to even make a peep, let alone protest.

With the zombie army around as free labour, they managed to build a large-scale base in the span of a few days. The other people slowly turned from shocked to scared to slow acceptance. And so, these hundred or so people became the original—and later on only—human inhabitants of the 《Fight Us!!!》base.

In the distant future, they would rejoice over being able to enter this base since Shi Sheng wouldn’t accept any more humans, only zombies.

Though Qing Yu and gang weren’t sure what their Boss was planning, they simply carried out her orders.

While Shi Sheng was constantly building up her base and power by gathering more zombies, over in B City, Qi Mingxue and company weren’t doing so hot.

They had been imprisoned. Song Shi had thought of a way to escape but hadn’t had time to save Qi Mingxue. Or perhaps, it was more accurate to say he didn’t want to save her.

After all, before Song Shi had fallen for Qi Mingxue, he was someone who placed heavy emphasis on relationships.

Qi Mingxue had been locked up because of her so-called ‘healing ability’. However, no matter how much those people forced or cajoled her, she refused to display any ability in front of them.

“She’s still like that?” The Mayor looked at Chang Xin.

Chang Xin nodded. “She’s still not willing to say anything or display any abilities.”

The Mayor frowned deeply as he pondered for a moment before speaking, “Go and find a few sight ability users and bring her to a place without any surveillance cameras.”

Chang Xin’s expression turned worse. The Mayor lifted his head to look at him. “Chang Xin, since you’ve already entered, you can’t get out. Do your work well and your family will not be mistreated.”


Qi Mingxue was transferred to a room without any surveillance cameras. At first, people would still send her meals but the portions were very small; they weren’t enough to fill her stomach. And the portions only got smaller. In the end, they stopped sending meals at all.

After Qi Mingxue had verified there were no cameras, she took out some food from her space and started ravenously munching down. This was how Qi Mingxue spent the time; after eating and drinking her fill, she would begin to plan a way to escape.

Other than the door, there was no other way out. Even her meals were sent through a flap at the bottom of the door. So if she wanted to leave, she would have to leave through the door.

Qi Mingxue started planning out the steps to escaping but before she had a chance to carry them out, a group of people barged in and injected her with an anaesthetic.

By the time she woke up, she found herself bound to an operating table. People in white coats could be seen walking around her.

‘Where am I?’ Qi Mingxue turned her head to scan her surroundings when her gaze met with a pair of smiling eyes.

‘That’s the Mayor?’

The Mayor walked over to Qi Mingxue, his voice warm and gentle like a kindly father, “You’re awake little lady.”

“What are you doing?” Qi Mingxue panicked a bit inwardly. She could rely on her space before but what if she had to face the Mayor? He wasn’t a good person even in the story she read.

“Don’t be afraid, little lady.” The Mayor’s smile turned even more kindly. “You have a space on you, don’t you? How big is it? Can you tell me? Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. You have to know the importance of your space to us. In the future, you’ll be the hero who saved mankind…”

Qi Mingxue’s fear grew deeper. ‘How did he find out?’

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. What is this place? Why have you brought me here?” Qi Mingxue was naturally unwilling to admit it. She knew the principle of holding a treasure was a crime. Even in the book, Gu Nan, who was the MC, hadn’t dared to talk about her space easily.

The Mayor waved his hand and a man in a white overcoat carried a tray over. On the tray was a bottle of water and several other miscellaneous items. Qi Mingxue’s pupils shrunk when she saw them as she grew even more panicked. Those items were from her space. ‘But why are they out here?’

“You must be familiar with these, yes? After all, you took them out personally. Do you want to see the video?” Someone immediately placed a monitor in front of Qi Mingxue.

In the video, she was tied to the operating table. Someone hypnotised her, after which she saw herself take out those things.

“No…” Qi Mingxue shook her head persistently.

Although the Mayor was still smiling at Qi Mingxue, the maliciousness in his gaze was real. ‘If it wasn’t for the fact we couldn’t find the medium for that space, why would I leave this woman alive?’

At first, Qi Mingxue caused quite a commotion. She still thought of escaping but the place she was in was too big for her to do so.

After that, she seemed to have truly been brainwashed by the Mayor as she obeyed his every word. Since he already knew about her space as well as the spirit spring, she wasn’t stingy. Whatever he wanted, she gave. Especially the spring water. She gave him as much as he wanted.

After hearing Gu Nan’s words that day, she had specially gone to ask the space’s spirit. She learned that while the water would have no effect on her, when other people used it, they would become more attractive to zombies.

‘Didn’t he want the water? Then I’ll give it to him. As long as he is still alive to enjoy it…’

When the Mayor discovered that more and more of the people being sent out were dying, at first, he thought it was just that the zombies got stronger. But he soon discovered that wasn’t the case. Only those who he had given the spring water died more often.

“Qi Mingxue!” The enraged Mayor kicked open Qi Mingxue’s door.

Qi Mingxue had been changing her clothes so her snowy white body was completely exposed to the Mayor’s gaze. She hurriedly covered herself with the bedsheets before speaking calmly, “Mayor, what is it?”

The Mayor’s eyes narrowed. “Did you add anything to the water you gave me?”

‘Seems like those who drank the water have met with trouble!’ Though Qi Mingxue was rather thrilled inwardly, she didn’t show it on her face. “You always have me test the water before I give it to you. If I added anything, I would be the first to suffer.”

Since the water was from Qi Mingxue’s space, it was impossible for the Mayor to just outright give it to his own men. So only after Qi Mingxue had drank it to prove nothing was wrong did the Mayor use the water.

Of course, the Mayor wasn’t that easy to fool. “You’re going out of the safe-zone with me tomorrow.”

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