Chapter 114 : Zombie Empire (28)

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The next morning, the Mayor got people to prepare a team and brought Qi Mingxue out of the city. Half of the team were people who had drunk the water while the other half hadn’t. When they met with zombies, it was clear that those who had drunk the water were more attractive to them.

The Mayor’s pressuring gaze swept towards Qi Mingxue, causing her to panic a bit inside but the desire to escape gave her the strength to not pull back.

“Qi Mingxue, shouldn’t you be explaining?”

Qi Mingxue spoke boldly, “I don’t know why this is happening either.”


The Mayor slapped Qi Mingxue. “How would you not know about your own possession?! Did you do it on purpose?!”

Towards the end, the Mayor pulled on her hair and pressed her against the car. Her cheek was pressed up against the glass of the car, distorting her facial structure. Qi Mingxue was in pain but forced herself to speak out, “I really didn’t know.”

The Mayor pulled Qi Mingxue off the car and tossed her into the pile of zombies. Qi Mingxue’s ability wasn’t low so the Mayor knew she’d be able to survive. However, he hadn’t expected Qi Mingxue to not put up any resistance and allow herself to get surrounded by zombies. Soon, her figure was hidden by the zombies.

The Mayor got people to kill the zombies as quickly as possible but by the time they did, Qi Mingxue had disappeared. This was the chance Qi Mingxue had been waiting for. A chance for her to enter her space.

She didn’t dare to use this move in B City because even if she did enter it, she had no confidence of being able to escape the tightly guarded laboratory once she did. But the situation was different outside. She had a lot of supplies in her space so she believed she would be able to outwait them. And when they left, she would be free…

She would get her revenge.

Shi Sheng’s base building was progressing at a rapid rate. Because she wasn’t accepting humans, not many people knew about it. Those who had stayed behind at the start had all been assigned jobs. Since the intelligence of zombies right now wasn’t high, every person in an important position was assigned a fourth stage zombie.

Every time they saw zombies following humans around, they’d feel as if the world had gone mad but when they turned to look at their own dull zombie, they immediately felt it was even more ridiculous.

They would communicate with the fourth stage zombies who would then order the lower levelled zombies to carry out the orders. Zombies were easier to manage than humans. They wouldn’t stand out and protest or give all sorts of random opinions and suggestions.

“Have you seen Boss?” Qing Yu grabbed Lin Feng who had run by anxiously. Ever since the base was constructed, they were going crazy from work. Yet their Boss pretty much went missing the whole day after giving out orders.

Lin Feng wiped away a brow full of sweat. “I haven’t. Isn’t Boss with Sis-in-law again? They like to head up to that tower in the north of the base, you can go check it out. I’m busy so I’ll be off now.”

Lin Feng brought his two zombies with him as he ran off again. Qing Yu could only head for the tower.

This tower was the tallest building in the area and had been around even before the base was built. When Qing Yu climbed the tower, he found his Boss and Qian Li there as expected.

Qian Li was currently sitting up straight and working on his pronunciation as he recited the 《Three Character Classic》1:

At his start,

man was kind;

their natures similar,

yet habits different.


Do not study,

and difficulties abound.

Youth to aged,

what to do?

Jade not carved,

“Boss.” Qing Yu went around Qian Li and had only just called out when Qian Li, who had just been sitting down, was suddenly standing in front of him. Qing Yu was speechless but still retreated a couple of steps silently. Qian Li didn’t like them getting too close to Boss.

In the blink of an eye, Qian Li was gone again and had went back to reciting his 《Three Character Classic》:

Spring and Summer,

Fall and Winter;

these four seasons,

repeat without end.

“What is it?” Shi Sheng raised her head and started keeping the material splayed out on the floor.

“Ah? Oh, oh right. B City is dealing with a zombie flood.” Qing Yu hurriedly spoke, “We’ve estimated they won’t be able to hold out. Some people have already begun evacuating.”

“Zombie flood?” ‘This is… a bit early!’

“Where are they coming from?”

Qing Yu’s expression turned peculiar. “From every direction.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘The hell do you mean “from every direction”?! If they were coming from every direction, how would the people in B City escape? Zombie animals have started coming into existence, and now that there are zombie birds patrolling the skies, helicopters are useless…’

Shi Sheng brought Qian Li to go watch B City being razed. She tamed a pack of zombie little bros on the way too.

“Nan. Hungry.” Qian Li suddenly grabbed Shi Sheng’s hand and shoved it into his mouth, refusing to move forward.

“All you know is to eat.” Shi Sheng glared at him.

Qian Li smiled genuinely as his tongue brushed against her fingertips. It felt cooling and soothing to the touch. That fifth stage zombie had already advanced to a sixth stage zombie. His skin had turned a light green now. For simplicity’s sake, Shi Sheng called him Little Fifth.

Little Fifth shuffled over to Shi Sheng. Qian Li wanted to kick him but Little Fifth dodge nimbly to Shi Sheng’s other side. Ever since he had tried Shi Sheng’s ability, Little Fifth wasn’t all that enthused about other foods. The only thing he did was get Shi Sheng to feed him every day. After Shi Sheng fed him, Little Fifth, now satisfied, went off to brag about it.

Zombies would communicate with each other too. They could brag and show rage, they could feel joy; they weren’t monsters that only knew how to eat. Seeing Little Fifth get chased around and hit by a group of zombies, Shi Sheng’s mood brightened up so she gave Qian Li more food than normal.

“Rarr rarr rarr!!!” Little Fifth suddenly ran back while flailing around and pointing at the back while snarling. The zombies at the back had also broke out into disorder.

She had brought only third stage zombies and above so their numbers weren’t too high; only around 20 or so. If they needed to fight, they could summon the surrounding zombies to fight for them. Shi Sheng looked at Qian Li in confusion.

Qian Li licked his lips. “It said, “There’s zombie there.”

‘What’s so surprising about a zombie? It’ll be even more surprising if bloody humans show up, okay? Wait… zombie? If it can make a bunch of third stage zombies upset then it shouldn’t be a normal one.’

“Seventh stage.” Qian Li spoke out two words.

‘Seventh stage… Little Fifth hasn’t even reached that stage after eating my ability so where did this one come from?’

“Rarr!” “Rarr!”

The zombies at the back started snarling and growling loudly before various abilities started firing. Since Shi Sheng was standing behind them, she could only see the place they were attacking but not their target.

Only when a few of the zombies toppled over did she see that it was a zombie with the appearance of a 7 to 8 year old. His skin wasn’t green but white; just like Qian Li looked when she first saw him. The baby zombie seemed to be an ice ability user and possessed a fast speed. When the baby zombie saw her, he charged straight for her. Shi Sheng frowned slightly and went to greet him with her sword.

A hint of excitement flashed in the baby zombie’s eyes and the icicles it sent forth became more numerous. When her sword struck the icicles, it caused the crisp sound of ice breaking but the rebound caused Shi Sheng’s hand to ache.

‘This fellow is really a seventh stage zombie?! Son of a bitch! That was at least twice as strong as a sixth stage zombie!!!’

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