Chapter 115 : Zombie Empire (29)

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The baby zombie completely ignored everyone else’s attacks and focused all his efforts on her. It was almost as if… he wanted to steal something.

‘I knew it! This ability was nothing but trouble!’

Shi Sheng’s sword made swooshing sounds as it cut through the air and her gaze as she looked at the little zombie turned sharp. By the time she finally finished him off, Shi Sheng’s hand felt like it was going to shatter.

Shi Sheng felt like if she had met two seventh stage zombies, the only option she’d have was to be a punching bag. Little Fifth dug out the little zombie’s Nuclei and handed it over to Shi Sheng. She hadn’t seen a sixth grade Nuclei before, but she had seen a fifth grade one. The colour was much brighter than a fourth grade one.

But this seventh grade Nuclei was half-transparent, any colour it had looked very thin and wispy. She could absorb it but it was useless to her. Her ability required her to constantly use it for it to grow.

She thought for a bit before giving the Nuclei to White Tiger. Little Fifth had her ability so he wasn’t lacking in this one Nuclei.

“Meow~” ‘Owner is the best!’

White Tiger rubbed up intimately against Shi Sheng’s neck. Shi Sheng pulled it down before tossing it to Little Fifth who was standing behind her. Little Fifth didn’t manage to catch it properly; he caught it by the tail, causing White Tiger to let out a shriek before turning to claw at Little Fifth. What followed was a bunch of cat noises accompanied by the low growls of zombies.

Shi Sheng was a bit upset at losing a few zombies. After all, they were all relatively high levelled.

By the time Shi Sheng reached B City’s safe-zone, the zombie horde had already begun overrunning the base. They looked like a dark mass pouring into the safe-zone.

The people on the walls were still resisting fiercely but they were quickly killed by the zombies with abilities who had jumped up the walls. The ones killed by zombies turned soon after.

When the fallen ability users climbed up once more, they were now zombies who turned on their once-comrades.

“Rarr rarr…” The zombies behind Shi Sheng looked very agitated as they growled constantly at the direction of the safe-zone.

“What’s with them now?”

“They said, “Something over there smells nice.”

Shi Sheng’s heart thumped. ‘A nice smell? Is it the main character’s spirit spring water?’

The B City safe-zone was nearly overrun. Those who could escape had already done so while those who couldn’t had turned into zombies.

“Can you control that many zombies?” Shi Sheng asked Qian Li thoughtfully.


“Then let’s get to work! Let’s go get ourselves more forces for our empire! A wonderful life awaits!” Shi Sheng patted Qian Li’s shoulder. “As expected, worthy of being the future Zombie Emperor.”

The other large bases felt a sense of danger at the collapse of the B City safe-zone. ‘At this rate, zombies are going to take over Earth!’

However, what they didn’t know was that Shi Sheng was already well on her way to making that a reality. With information being difficult to access, it was already a year and a half into the apocalypse when they finally recieved the news that a human was leading zombies to attack bases. By that time, Shi Sheng had already taken down more than half of the country.

Next up was the large bases turn.

Shi Sheng brought Qian Li with her as she conquered and razed human bases. With every base destroyed, people would jump out to denounce her.

“You’re a human but you’re leading these freaks to attack humans!”

“You’re the shame of the human race! Scoundrel! You’ll die a terrible death!”

And many other similar accusations and curses.

Shi Sheng either killed them off in disdain or—if she was in a good mood—had a chat with them before killing them off. As to those things called righteousness and humanity, they didn’t mean jackshit to her.

“That Gu Nan is simply a madwoman! Us humans were already having it tough enough as it was but she still brought zombies to siege our bases…” Spit was pretty much flying out of the speaker’s mouth by now. Sitting beside the man was Song Shi, who’s hand was supporting his chin and letting his mind wander as he stared at the ground.

“Song-shao[1], say something. What should we do now? With their speed, they’ll be at our base in three days at most!” The man pushed Song Shi to get his attention.

Song Shi’s eyes turned focused as he spoke calmly, “Surrender.”

“What?! Surrender?! Are you joking?! How can we surrender to Gu Nan?!”

“Yeah! Gu Nan’s gone crazy cutting off the future of mankind! How will mankind survive now?”

Song Shi looked at the people present before speaking with slight ridicule in his tone, “Then do you think you can beat her zombie army?”

Had it been before, he would definitely not have even suggested surrendering but the moment he thought about that confident and arrogant woman, he felt like he made the right choice.

Everyone immediately shut up, leaving only their heavy and ragged breathing.

No one knew how large Gu Nan’s zombie army way.

“…And after surrendering?” Someone asked prudently. After all, Gu Nan’s base was filled with zombies. Even if they surrendered, were they expected to live with zombies from then on?

“People have seen other humans by her side.” Song Shi spoke coolly. “It proves that she is capable of tolerating humans. It all comes down to whether or not you’re loyal enough.”

It was within expectations that some people would surrender. It had happened before. Though she hadn’t agreed to take them in, she hadn’t killed them either, instead choosing to expel them from her defined territory.

She was quite surprised upon seeing that Song Shi was the leader though.

‘The male lead is actually not together with his female lead? Then where did she go?’

Song Shi didn’t know where Qi Mingxue went either. They hadn’t met since that time in B City. Shi Sheng expelled them as usual. She couldn’t give different treatment just because Song Shi was the male lead. After all, male leads were ticking time bombs. It was best to be further away.

After Shi Sheng destroyed the large bases, she brought the Cheng Family with her back to her camp and started investigating Cheng Su’s matter. Shi Sheng had learned quite a bit from the materials obtained from the bases she took down. For example, the fact that the experiments had been approved by the heads of the various nations.

The human race’s development had already hit a bottleneck. If they didn’t manage to break through it, the human race might go extinct in but a few centuries.

That corpse was like a timely gift from heaven. One of the people who had participated in the experiments back then revealed a shocked expression upon seeing Qian Li.

For Qian Li was the corpse they had once researched. He had really revived. Shi Sheng learned from them that the foetus in Cheng Su’s womb had been injected with Qian Li’s genes.

Only foetuses could withstand his genes. But by the time the results came out, Cheng Su had already run off. Soon after, Qian Li and the person behind restarting the project disappeared as well. Though they didn’t have Qian Li, they had preserved some of his genes. These genes had been injected into a few foetuses.

These foetuses grew up healthily but not long before the apocalypse they seemed to be losing control of themselves. A few of them went missing. This was soon followed by the outbreak of the apocalypse.

When they discovered there was a possibility it was because of their experiments, they hurriedly evacuated and brought whatever materials they could take with them. Anything they couldn’t bring along, they destroyed.

According to that person, the leader of the project seemed to have an ambiguous relationship with Cheng Su. He was called Mo Wen.

‘Mo Wen… I remember the information I looked through before was signed off with a Mo.’

[1] I decided from here on out not to do the whole Young Master thing unless it really fits. Otherwise I think it ruins the flow. Tell me what you think.

Author’s note:

Come at me with your votes! Come on! Don’t hold back just because I’m a tender flower! Smash me with your votes! Next update at only 2,200 recommendations~

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