Chapter 116 : Zombie Empire (30)

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All sources seemed to point towards Mt. Jinfeng as the cause. And Cheng Song had already investigated the history of Mt. Jinfeng. That mountain had been bought a lot time ago but the buyer’s identity wasn’t known. However, it was certain that it didn’t belong to the country. After Shi Sheng had handled everything that needed to be handled, she brought a division of her zombie troops towards Mt. Jinfeng.

Mt. Jinfeng was shaped like a phoenix so it was named Jinfeng1. From below, Shi Sheng found that it looked familiar. She made Qian Li teleport her around so she could view it from different angles. In the end, Qian Li teleported her into a cave. Looking out from it, Shi Sheng remembered that it was the place where she had first met Qian Li after being ambushed by Qi Mingxue.

“Qian Li, do you know anywhere particularly odd in the area?” Qian Li had disappeared together with Mo Wen and re-appeared at Mt. Jinfeng, which had been mentioned by Cheng Su. Perhaps he had been here all along…

Qian Li gave a genuine and harmless smile as he stared at Shi Sheng’s hand. All that was left was for him to shout for food.

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘At such a serious time, you still want to eat?! Why I oughta-

Never mind. Just eat.’

The giant baby Zombie Emperor who had had his fill teleported Shi Sheng to a spacious area. It looked like an abandoned laboratory; there were all sorts of scientific apparatus inside.

“Where is this?” ‘Inside Mt. Jinfeng?’

“The place I lived.” Qian Li spoke slowly before pulling her towards a corridor that lead away. With some confusion in his voice, he spoke, “There were a lot of people here once… don’t know where they went.”

Qian Li was very familiar with this place as he gave her a tour around the entire facility.

There was a lot of dust here; it looked like this place had been abandoned for a long time. Some places were in a mess, proving the occupants had been in a rush to leave. No… they had been running for their lives.

Shi Sheng searched the entire facility before finding a letter in a room. On the letter was her name.

To Gu Nan,

I am your father, Mo Wen. If you are reading this letter, if proves you are together with it. As expected, you are special.

Regardless of why you are investigating this matter, you must believe that only the New World’s arrival will mean true redemption…

The letter was very official sounding but it managed to give a clear explanation. Back then, the one who had been labelled as crazy was Mo Wen’s father. And he had inherited his father’s dying wishes. After he returned from his studies, he revived this project.

Injecting Cheng Su with Qian Li’s genes had been an accident but it had been because of this accident that they had discovered infants would not show signs of genetic rejection.

This discovery caused everyone in the research team to rejoice. However, soon afterwards, word came from above that someone wanted to take over this project.

Mo Wen loved Cheng Su. He knew what would happen if he handed her over so he made preparations to send Cheng Su out. He managed to get her out before the new overseer arrived before leaving together with Qian Li.

His father had set up this laboratory in Mt. Jinfeng long ago. He brought Cheng Su here to continue his research. But Cheng Su was afraid that harm would befall her child so she escaped when he wasn’t paying attention. She gave birth to the child before entrusting her to the Gu household. She hadn’t returned to the laboratory after that though.

Mo Wen only managed to find Cheng Su a few years later. At that point, she had gone insane. After much investigation, he discovered that Cheng Su had been caught on the way back after dropping off the child.

Those people brought her back to a laboratory and wanted to force Qian Li and Mo Wen’s whereabouts from her.

Mo Wen said he took Cheng Su away to a faraway place. He had already finished the task his father handed to him. The final part of the letter was about Qian Li. Shi Sheng noticed that the day Qian Li awoke just so happened to be the day Gu Nan was born!

Qian Li didn’t attack people when he awoke. He didn’t need to eat either. He would just stare at a direction all day.

‘This weird ability probably has something to do with Qian Li…’

After he awoke, Mo Wen’s team had been guarded at first though in the end, they simply allowed him to wander as he wished in the facility.

From the letter, she could tell that Mo Wen’s experiments were different from the ones that happened in D County. There was no human experimentation going on. All their research was centred around Qian Li— under the condition he wasn’t harmed in any way, of course.

“Is the quest done yet?” Shi Sheng asked System.

[Yes.] System paused. [There’s a follow-up Side Quest, do you wish to do it?]


‘Just one already made me this exhausted. I might as well kill myself if there’s another one.’

[It’s about Qian Li.] System didn’t give up.

“Even if it’s about legendary Emperors, I’m not doing it!” She was completely uninterested in Qian Li’s background… since it meant another truckload of trouble and the need to use her head.

She’d be able to complete the hidden quest after she finished up outside. As for the main questline…

Wasn’t it easy now for her to find someone?

In the autumn of the second year since the outbreak of the apocalypse, the Zombie Empire was officially formed. Over half the country was dominated by zombies that had begun to reconstruct the destroyed cities.

As for the humans, they had been exiled to the western area. This was a highlands region. Zombies didn’t seem to like it so it had been left for the humans.

As of right now, the human population only amounted to around a million or so, which wasn’t even a tenth of the entire zombie population.

Even at this point, humans were still heavily divided amongst themselves. Everyone had their own little faction so this number of one million kept shrinking.

“Those fuckers still think they’re in charge ah?! Fuck!”

“Who told them to be in control of the supplies and weapons?” Someone sighed.

“Pei! If you ask me, it’s all that bitch Gu Nan’s fault! Her zombies don’t even eat yet she won’t let us in to get supplies!”

“Big brother, how do you think Gu Nan controls those zombies?” They hadn’t even dared to imagine controlling zombies before.

“Who knows if that slut slept with those zombies?”

“Boss, what’s it like to fuck a zombie?”

“If you want to know, why don’t you go try it?” The others laughed uproariously.

The woman who had been sitting in a corner all this while suddenly lifted her head and looked at that person who asked how Gu Nan controlled zombies. She spoke in a coquettish voice, “There’s a young man next to Gu Nan. That young man is actually the Zombie Emperor. All Gu Nan has to do is control him and she’ll be able to control other zombies.”

The woman’s words caused these people to fall silent and all turn to stare at her. She wasn’t wearing much. Much of her skin was exposed and the snowy white lumps on her chest looked like they were going to burst out at any time, causing people to feel their mouths dry up.

“Qi Mingxue, you’re telling the truth?” The boss’ sharp gaze stared at that woman. Qi Mingxue gave a slight smile.

Though she displayed some coyness, the depths of her eyes were filled with disdain and disgust. “Gu Nan brings him wherever she goes. And haven’t you noticed they seem to fear him more than Gu Nan?”

Author’s note:


  1. “金凤山”: Where 金/jin is gold, 凤/feng is male phoenix and 山/shan is mountain.

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