Chapter 117 : Zombie Empire (31)

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Qi Mingxue’s words caused these people to feel their blood boiling. ‘If we can capture that Zombie Emperor, then doesn’t that mean we’ll be able to rule the world?’

Qi Mingxue smiled coldly at the people who were engaged in excited discussion. ‘Hasn’t it crossed their minds that just getting close to that Zombie Emperor is simply a delusion with so many high levelled zombies around?

Though they would serve as a good distraction…

I want to kill Gu Nan.’

It was probably because they were living with no end in sight to this kind of life for a lot of people were persuaded by that leader. Over a thousand people headed out of the base.

“Where are you going?” The person guarding the gates asked diligently.

“We’re heading out to gather supplies.” This was the excuse they had prepared beforehand. And that person didn’t ask any more. After getting the exact number of people leaving that person let them out.

Just as they left the base, they met with Song Shi’s group, who were coming back with supplies in tow. This wasn’t the first time Qi Mingxue had seen Song Shi but it was the first time they had actually come into contact.

Song Shi hadn’t recognised Qi Mingxue at first for she had changed a lot. She was prettier than before and wore bolder clothing. From afar, she looked like quite the catch. He had heard others discussing that exceptionally pretty woman by Boss Lu’s side but hadn’t expected it to actually be Qi Mingxue.

“Big brother Song, what is it? Do you know her?” A cute girl asked Song Shi curiously. Song Shi turned back to smile at her.

He spoke in a warm tone, “No. She just looks similar to a friend I once had.”

“Oh.” The girl then turned and spoke with a smile, “Big brother Song, can I go with you today…”

Qi Mingxue didn’t pay attention to the rest of her words. Though there wasn’t any expression on her face as she passed by, jealousy was already furiously sprouting in her heart. Song Shi had never been so gentle to her before. But soon she adjusted her mentality.

Right now, the most important thing was to deal with Gu Nan. Once she was standing at the top, she could have any man she wanted, so why get so upset over a Song Shi?

Song Shi found something off about those people. He went to ask the person guarding the gates, “Where are they going?”

“They said they were going out to collect supplies.”

Song Shi didn’t think they looked like they were going out to gather supplies. They were all as excited as if they had been shot full of chicken blood.

And the western region was quite lacking in terms of resources. Adding to the fact that Gu Nan ordered her zombies to build a wall and forbade them from stepping into her territory to look for supplies. The places they could gather from were very limited. Everyone who went out to gather supplies usually had expressions full of worry, unlike them…

Song Shi only learned after asking around in the base that they were planning on kidnapping the Zombie Emperor. For the sake of attracting experts to join them, Boss Lu would naturally have released this information. Song Shi learned this from those who Boss Lu had attempted to recruit but hadn’t followed along.

“Boss, don’t you think they’re simply looking for death? How many high levelled zombies does Gu Nan have again? Like that Zombie Emperor would be so easy to catch!”

“We can’t stop them if they’re determined to die. Go and prepare. We’re heading out in a few days.” Song Shi spoke after some thought.

“But why, Boss? Where would we go anyways?” Right now the area humans could live in was limited.

Song Shi spoke, “To find Gu Nan.”

“Ah? But when we surrendered she didn’t want to accept us…”

“Though she didn’t decide to exterminate humans,” Song Shi’s expression was serious, “Now that they’ve gone to provoke her, I’m afraid that won’t hold up.”

Song Shi analysed the situation for them and in the end, everyone agreed to Song Shi’s decision. From the current situation, it seemed like their only chance for survival laid with Gu Nan.

Only when Qi Mingxue entered the borders of the Empire did she know how naïve they had been. The zombies here had evolved quickly. Fifth stage and above were a common sight. Although fifth stage zombies might be easy for humans to deal with now, what if you met an entire pack of them?

“I’m afraid we’ll all join the ranks of the zombies before we actually find Gu Nan! I think we should head back!” Someone was already thinking of retreating. They had only entered the Empire for two days and had already lost close to half their number.

Qi Mingxue sat at the side, feeling frustrated at having estimated wrongly.

She had read the whole book so she knew that at this point in time, the highest level zombie should only be at the eighth stage while normal zombies only averaged at around fourth stage.

Yet now it turned out that fifth level zombies were practically everywhere…

Qi Mingxue thought for a bit before taking out some spirit spring water and handing it out to the group.

“Since we’ve already come and lost so many men in the process, if we head back now, wouldn’t their sacrifice be in vain? This spirit spring water can help you improve your abilities. We’ll definitely be able to get there!”

Once they heard ‘spirit spring water’, the originally disheartened group had their eyes light up. Some people revealed greedy looks. The water was deliciously sweet; much better than some beverages from before the apocalypse. And drinking it could allow one to quickly recover spent power and re-energise them. Some people directly advanced to the next stage upon drinking it.

Qi Mingxue pretended like she hadn’t seen the greed in their eyes. ‘When I finally kill Gu Nan, these people…’

“Qi Mingxue, come over.” Boss Lu shouted for Qi Mingxue.

Qi Mingxue frowned slightly before reluctantly walking over. “Boss Lu.”

“Come, sit! Qi Mingxue, you haven’t eaten yet right? I especially left this portion for you! Eat up!” There was lust in Boss Lu’s eyes as he examined her. He had designs on this woman for a long while. A pity that she had never taken the bait and her strength was nothing to scoff at so he could only take advantage of her with his eyes.

“Thanks for the concern, Boss Lu. But I’m not hungry yet. Boss Lu’s going to have to kill zombies in a while, so I’ll leave it for Boss Lu.” Although Qi Mingxue was utterly disgusted inside, she still replied with a coquettish smile. The two of them continued this way for a bit, with both trying to get the other to eat. In the end, Boss Lu didn’t manage to take advantage of her. After talking for a while, Qi Mingxue walked away, towards the other side of the camp.

“Pei! Who knows how many people that whore’s seduced! She still dares to give me airs!”

“Boss, don’t be angry. She has a lot of stuff on her so we still need her.” The people beside him hurriedly soothed Boss Lu.

“Boss, this is quite simple actually. When we get the chance… wouldn’t her stuff belong to Boss?” The speaker gave Boss Lu a ‘you understand’ look. Boss Lu immediately understood and patted him on the shoulder in praise.

The group continued on their journey in an erratic manner. Though they had Qi Mingxue’s space to support them, by the time they got to the main base, only around a hundred were left.

Every time they showed signs of wanting to retreat, Qi Mingxue would brainwash them to continue on with the reason they had already come this far, retreating would only cause everything to be in vain. So this group of people were fooled into continuing on.

When they saw the base, everyone was a little stunned. ‘Is this still the apocalypse? We couldn’t have transmigrated, could we?!’

The city walls in front of them were majestically grand. They didn’t look like they belonged in the modern world at all, instead looking more like ancient city walls. Zombies wearing uniforms stood atop the walls. From afar, they looked like humans.

The city walls were quiet, no one was entering or leaving it.

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