Chapter 118 : Zombie Empire (32)

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A handful of zombies by Shi Sheng’s side had already regained their memories as humans. Their outer appearances still had slight differences from that of a normal human’s but they would probably look completely human once they had leveled up a few times.

Since their human memories had come back, these zombies would naturally not continue wearing their shoddily torn clothing; they switched them out for clean clothes.

The zombies that recovered their memories first were those who were relatively high levelled. These zombies had been under Qing Yu’s trio’s command and were some of the first zombies to become official core members.

Right now, they were busying themselves with recovering the water and electricity flows. The meeting room was often packed with people the entire day.

When Shi Sheng brought Qian Li in, Qing Yu just so happened to have ended a meeting. The originally good-looking young lad’s appearance was now a mess; he looked like he hadn’t slept for a few days.

“Boss. Your Majesty.” Seeing Shi Sheng, Qing Yu was slightly stunned. “When did you get here, Boss? You’re finished with what you were doing?”

Shi Sheng scanned the surroundings. “En, pretty much. How are things over here?”

“Honestly? Not well.” Qing Yu rubbed his temples. “The number of zombies who have recovered their memories are simply too little to manage this massive empire. We need a lot more managers but the number we do have doesn’t even reach two hundred! It’s already the most we can do to make sure no problems crop up. I wish I could split myself up into several pieces to do more stuff…”

Had it not been for the fact that the high levelled zombies were being controlled by Qian Li and the fact that the low levelled ones didn’t know how to rebel, the situation would’ve been a mess. Even that foodie, Little Fatty, had lost weight.

“I see. Then I’ll head to the west to go grab some people back.” Back then she had just wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble. She hadn’t thought that the empire would require people to govern it.

“Talking about the west region, there’ve been reports from zombies that two batches of humans have come in. The first one should already be right outside our gates. How do you want to deal with them, Boss?”

Shi Sheng raised her brows. “Who was so capable?”

She had stationed the most number of zombies in the western region which meant that those who had been able to get past them had some ability.

“It should be Qi Mingxue. The zombies monitoring their movements said there was an attractive scent on them.” Qing Yu spoke. Shi Sheng had already informed them early on that if zombies could feel something attracting them, it was definitely Qi Mingxue’s doing.

“Delivered herself right to my doorstep!”

‘And here I(bbb) was, worrying about how to find her…’

As Qi Mingxue’s team looked at that heavily guarded base, they sank into worry as they had no way of getting in! Just as they were planning out what to do next, two people suddenly appeared on the city walls.

One of them was a young woman holding a white cat. That iconic appearance allowed them to recognise who it was immediately.

“Gu Nan…” Dense hatred burst forth from Qi Mingxue’s eyes. ‘I shouldn’t have been soft-hearted back then and killed her at the start of the apocalypse!’

Shi Sheng stood atop the walls for a while before leaving. Qian Li looked at Qi Mingxue a few more times though before beckoning a zombie over and growling something.

Hearing his growls, Shi Sheng turned back to look at him. Qian Li teleported to her side and stared at her hand, causing her to grow speechless. ‘You’re already a fucking Zombie Emperor! Why are you still so obsessed with food?! In your eyes, I’m just a mobile milk bottle, aren’t I?!’


Shi Sheng clutched her hands and quickly walked away.

Qi Mingxue’s crew hadn’t even entered the base when they were already discovered by zombies. The group of a hundred sharply dwindled down to a mere twenty or so. Qi Mingxue had hid inside her space at the last moment, so she didn’t receive any fatal injuries.

But she was currently regretting how rash she had been. Still, she hadn’t had time to gather her strength first as once Gu Nan’s empire had stabilised, killing her would be harder than ascending the heavens.

“Bitch! You said we’d be able to kill her!” Qi Mingxue was suddenly grabbed by the hair and pressed onto the ground. Although her life hadn’t been endangered, her power had been completely exhausted. She hadn’t had time to recover it yet so she didn’t have enough strength to resist the male pressing her down.

“Boss Lu, when did I say that?” Qi Mingxue struggled to turn and face him as she spoke with difficulty. She hadn’t said anything of the sort back then.

Boss Lu was currently too pissed off to listen. Even if she was a beauty, Boss Lu still punched her.

In the end, Boss Lu was pulled away by the other survivors, saving her from the fate of being beaten to death. She glared hostilely at Boss Lu and suddenly lunged over to stab a sharpened wooden stick through his chest while everyone else was caught off guard.

Those people had only meant to pull Boss Lu away yet it turned into the best opportunity for Qi Mingxue to kill him.

She retreated a few steps as her eyes flashed with a crazed bloody light. Qi Mingxue took advantage of when no one had reacted yet to run off. By the time her actions sunk in and they planned on chasing after her, a pack of zombies suddenly appeared…

Qi Mingxue ran until she reached a place not far from the base.

With hate-filled eyes, she stared at the city walls of the base. ‘All of that should be mine! It should belong to me, Qi Mingxue and not that bitch Gu Nan! I clearly had so many early opportunities yet why…

That’s right. It was Gu Nan! She didn’t follow the setting!’

Qi Mingxue’s expression would switch from a crying one to a laughing one, making her look very twisted. Her twisted expression(s) suddenly stiffened as she stared at the gates of the base. A group of people had just alighted from their cars. And their leader was Song Shi.

Song Shi hadn’t been in a rush to get moving once he got off. Instead, he walked to the other side of the car and opened the door before helping a girl off. His movements were gentle, and so was his gaze.

All of those movements seemed to flow in slow motion for Qi Mingxue as she watched frames flick past. She suddenly charged over and shoved that girl aside.

“Go die! Go die! All of you go die! You sluts! Always snatching my stuff! He’s mine! Mine!”

The girl stumbled from the shove. Fortunately, Song Shi had reacted fast enough to help her before she fell to the ground. The girl looked at Qi Mingxue, who had been subdued by the others. Qi Mingxue had an enraged expression.

“Qi Mingxue!” Song Shi yelled furiously. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“You’re mine! Mine!” Qi Mingxue shrieked. It was quite high-pitched; the people holding her down felt like their ears were going to burst.

These people had only started following Song Shi after he split up from Qi Mingxue so they didn’t know what relationship they had. Currently, they felt she was a madwoman. ‘The hell do you mean yours? How would our Boss belong to you? God knows where she popped out from…’

Song Shi felt like there was something wrong with Qi Mingxue’s brain. He frowned and didn’t continue speaking to her, instead turning to the girl beside him.

“Let go of me! Do you know who I am?! Let go! Ah Shi, it’s me! How can you do this to me… How could you… Who is she?! Even you’ve betrayed me?!” Qi Mingxue’s roars got louder, causing the surrounding zombies to feel irritated; their eyes shone with a bloodthirsty light as they looked at Qi Mingxue.

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