Chapter 119 : Zombie Empire (End)

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Qi Mingxue going crazy had been out of Shi Sheng’s expectations. She had originally been planning to play around with her a bit more, yet now she had just logged off to get lunch1.

Shi Sheng got a few zombies to send Qi Mingxue back to the west. ‘With her looks, I’m sure she’ll be welcomed…’

Song Shi’s group had been dispatched to other parts to manage the empire.

In 3 years, the Empire was properly formed. A small portion of zombies had also recovered their memories. Of course, there had been those who didn’t wish to submit to Gu Nan and Qian Li. They began gathering zombies to stage a coup.

Yet they hadn’t even started when Shi Sheng got people to bomb them. The might of the purple balls had been something unimaginable to them. Since then, no one else had tried to stage any rebellions.

As the human population in the west dwindled, humans finally stopped fighting and united as one. Survival was the most important thing and the already scarce number of women turned into breeding tools.

Only after a woman was pregnant could she live like a person; receiving the best care from those around her. Those who weren’t pregnant could only switch between various men. Having to service several men within one night was common.

Qi Mingxue had gotten pregnant once but had suffered from an unfortunate miscarriage. The miscarriage resulted in her meeting that Mayor from the B City safe-zone again. Of course her days weren’t pleasant from the moment she landed in his hands.

News came that the humans from other countries had won against the zombies and had started rebuilding after the disaster. They flew to the country in preparation to exchange information yet they were met with a country filled with zombies. Despite this, the structures were perfectly intact, as if they had never experienced the apocalypse.

Not only that, even the traffic situation had improved! All the zombies knew how to follow traffic laws…

‘What in the… have we come to the wrong place?’ When they finally got to a place with human inhabitants and met the welcoming committee, they didn’t relax but instead became even more tense. Because they were completely surrounded by zombies!

They hadn’t known zombies could be so obedient. The person in charge of receiving them was Qing Yu. Qing Yu had prepared some materials for them to look at and showed how evolved zombies were smarter, stronger and more long-lived than normal humans.

Their expressions were comical. ‘Our countries were the ones that failed to evolve?! Then doesn’t that mean that only China managed to evolve?!’

Their original goal had been to get China to submit but not only had they failed to achieve that, they had also been stunned by China.

It was impossible for them to re-do the evolution process because it would take far too long. By the time they managed to do that, China would have already left them in the dust.

6th year of the Empire, China became the leader of the countries.

7th year of the Empire, the zombies changed names to neo-humans and issued a new constitution.

10th year of the Empire, the first neo-human child was born and brought into the Empire, to be raised as the successor to the Emperor.

14th year of the Empire, all neo-humans have successfully evolved.

30th year of the Empire, the new Emperor succeeds the old one.

40th year of the Empire, Gu Nan passes away, leading to a countrywide period of mourning. In the same year, Qian Li disappeared.

As the founder of the Zombie Empire, Gu Nan’s statue was worshipped by later generations as a god-like being.

When Shi Sheng returned to the System Space, she was still a bit out of it. She suddenly charged towards that book. “How did I die?! How can you just end my life at random?! This is murder! Murder, you know?!”


System showed six whole dots on its screen.

“What’s the meaning of this?! Speak, dammit!”

[Host, you don’t remember what happened just before you died?]

‘Before I died…’

She had been reading a book when Qian Li had passed her a bag of snacks. Back then she had thought something tasted off about it but was too distracted to care…

“Qian Li that little bitch! He gave me expired food!” Shi Sheng flew into a rage.

[……] ‘I’ll be honest. I’m surprised about how the Host was killed by a bag of expired snacks too…’

‘Qian Li that little bitch! I went through all that hardship to raise him like a son for so long yet he repaid me with a bag of expired snacks!’

“Can I go back?” Shi Sheng spoke through clenched teeth. ‘I want to go back to hack that little bitch to death! I’m bringing him down with me!’

[No, you cannot.] System didn’t leave any face at all.

Shi Sheng rubbed her head in irritation.

[Do you wish to see what happened afterwards?]

“Fuck off.” ‘Just seeing that bitch will make me angry.

Even after raising him for a few decades he’s still like a retard. All he knows is to ask for food whenever he sees me. Why doesn’t he just go eat to death?!’

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -110,000

Life Points: 20

Mission Points: 78

Mission Rank: C

Contribution Points: 9,500

Hidden Quest: Complete

Hidden Quest Reward: 500 Contribution Points

Side Quest: Complete

Side Quest Reward: 3,000 Contribution Points and a Special Item: “Queen’s Crown (1-time use)”.

Item List: “Gap In Time”, “Queen’s Crown”

Shi Sheng’s entire face twitched. ‘My morality points are going so negative they’re in outer space…

And jeez is that a lot of contribution points for one side quest! Ze ze, was too much trouble. Not doing the next one, they’re too hard.’

[Host, you still have 90,000 Morality Points to squander.]

“Wow, you little bitch still know how to use ‘squander’!” Shi Sheng slapped the monitor, causing a startling loud noise.

The System who kept up with the times, [Host, I will now conduct a scan. Please do not resist.]

Shi Sheng moved her hand off the monitor and waved it lightly in front of her. “Don’t waste your energy. Go get the person behind you to show themselves. Perhaps if I’m feeling nice, I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

System fell silent. The entire space was filled with a deathly silence.

[Initializing transfer…]

“Fuck your great grandpa! You do this every time! Always using authority to resolve personal grudges! *beep*-” After Shi Sheng’s figure vanished, the monitor displaying Shi Sheng’s stats flickered and a blurry figure appeared.

[Master.] System called out.

“Don’t try and investigate her. You’re not her match. Do your best to have as little contact with her as possible. She has already learned a lot of information from you.”

[Master, is she really able to…?] System was hesitant.

“She can.” There was firm belief in that tone. “Only she can.”

[…Master, I don’t understand.] There was some fluctuation in System’s tone, as if it was very confused. Which it was.

‘Just look at her first few missions. Which one wasn’t done lazily? Or opportunistically? Or simply made use of loopholes?

How can this person be the person Master was talking about?’

That voice chuckled lowly. “Do you know why she can be so unbridled?”

[…Because she’s cold-blooded and heartless.] ‘Other than in Feng Ci’s world where I could still feel some feeling from her, all the other worlds she’s been to feels like she’s just a cold observer.

Like she could destroy the world at any time if she was unhappy. And look at her: Ever since she returned from Feng Ci’s world, she hasn’t even mentioned Feng Ci at all.

She broke it off cleanly. As if it had all been but a dream. And everything ended once she woke up.’

That voice didn’t speak anymore, causing the space to regain its silence.

Author’s note:

Of course the MC’s feelings won’t appear so quickly… *sobs*

Next world is a school setting. For those of you who don’t like those settings, please don’t drop the book. There’ll be other settings later on~

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: The censored out cuss words part was the author’s idea… Also, I would recommend reading the next arc. (Then again I recommend reading almost every arc <.<)

Translate Checker: Yay! A new arc! To be honest, Zombie Emperor licking Shi Sheng’s fingertips kinda grossed me out. That’s so unsanitary!

Proofreader: New Arcs are usually wonderful! Even if it’s the ever so cliche, ‘School Arc’ setting. I didn’t like the Zombie Emperor licking her fingers either! He even gave her expired food…

  1. I think this is an entertainment circle reference. You know those disposable side characters? Yeah, when they ‘die’ I think they’re allowed to go have lunch while everyone else is stuck filming. Of course, it was stated in a gaming way so I kept it as is.

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