Chapter 120 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (1)

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“Weren’t you so heroic before? Where did all that heroism go, eh?”

“Fuck! Playing dead ah?! Just see what happens if you don’t clean this place up today!”

In a toilet, a few girls were surrounding another girl. The thin clothes of the girl being ganged up on were soaked through. It stuck to her skin and had turned translucent, revealing her shapely and well-developed figure. One of the girls kicked at the girl but there was no reaction.

“Stop playing dead! Get up! I’m telling you to get up!”

Shi Sheng felt pain in her abdomen. Her eyelids felt achingly swollen so she only managed to open her eyes after a while. The sudden barrage of light on her eyes caused tears to leak out, blurring her vision. She could vaguely make out the girls standing in front of her as the soapy scent unique to bathrooms wafted past her nose.

“Get up! What, are you lying there to be fucked?! …Strip her!”

‘Take off my clothes? Which little bitch dares to strip me?!’ While she was still feeling muddle-headed, she could feel someone holding her hands down as someone else made to take off her clothes. She had only been wearing a blouse, her undergarments were already revealed.

With this, Shi Sheng woke up completely. Her vision cleared, her clear and bright eyes shone with cold light. The girl who had been taking off her clothes just so happened to meet her gaze and was dazed by that look, causing her movements to pause.

“Go ahead. Why did you stop?” Shi Sheng gave a shallow smile.

Her voice was soft and cold, like it was coming from hell; it possessed a strange ability to strike fear in one’s heart. The girls felt their scalps numbing.

Shi Sheng grabbed onto the arm of the girl holding her hands down. Her hands were very cold, without the slightest warmth, causing shivers to run down the girl’s spine. The temperature seemed to lower by more than 10 degrees.

In the empty washroom, the four girls looked like someone had pressed the pause button on them for they didn’t react for quite a while. They felt a cold breeze blow past, causing all four of them to shiver as one.

“Y-You… are you a human or a ghost?” One of the girls asked in a trembling voice.

Shi Sheng turned to look at her. She smiled brilliantly, causing her eyes to curve upwards, “Take a guess.”

The four girls paled. Just now she had been motionless for so long, even they had been unsure if she had still been breathing. ‘She couldn’t really have… died, right?’

The girl Shi Sheng was gripping onto felt so terrified her legs gave out as she stared in utter horror at Shi Sheng. ‘There’s no warmth from her hand… She’s a ghost!’

“Bei Zhi, don’t pretend to be a ghost. Do you think I’d be scared?” One of the braver girls yelled at her but retreated soon after.

“Killers should compensate with their lives, no? Come and accompany me down here!” Shi Sheng suddenly broke out into an eerie grin and dragged out her voice deliberately, “I’m very lonely down here. Don’t you guys like playing with me? Come accompany me…”

BANG! A cubicle door suddenly slammed shut and the fluorescent lighting flickered a bit with some crackling noises, causing the lighting in the room to turn unstable. They seemed to be able to hear the sobbing wails of the departed.

“AH! GHOST!” The four girls shrieked before scrambling for the exit. The girl Shi Sheng had a grip on couldn’t run, so she could only beg the others. “Save me please! Don’t leave me behind! *sob*, save me…”

“I’ll kill anyone who run away.” Shi Sheng released the girl before flinging a dagger at the door at the exit. The momentum caused the door to slam shut.

“No! Please let us out!” The three girls launched themselves at the door and fumbled with the knob, but perhaps they were too scared for none of them managed to get it open.

“It wasn’t me! Bei Zhi, I didn’t do anything! Really! I swear! It was them, it was all their idea!” Having been locked in, one of their number—a girl with short hair—suddenly fell to her knees and kowtowed without stopping. She also started selling out her comrades.

Having been reminded by her behaviour and words, the other girls also started to push the blame to the others. Each one said that someone else was the mastermind and that they had been forced.

“Shut up. You’re being too noisy!”

The four girls shut up, though the sounds of their muffled sobbing could still be heard.

‘Fuck your moms! You guys wanted to strip my clothes the moment I came here! If I don’t teach you a lesson now, I bet you’ll think I’m easy to bully, huh?

This world should be a modern one. This place looks like a school so disposing of bodies would be tough…’

Shi Sheng walked over to the exit and locked it before pulling out the dagger embedded in the door. “Who’s first? You, or you… hmm, or maybe you…?”

“No!” The girl who Shi Sheng pointed out shook her head furiously. “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me! It was all their idea! If you’re looking for someone to take revenge on, take revenge on them!”

‘It’s not fun if they’re too easily scared.’ Shi Sheng pouted in disinterest. “Take off your clothes and walk outside the washroom for an hour and I won’t pursue this matter.”

‘You wanted to strip me(bbb) so much, didn’t you?! Then fine! I’ll let you strip all you want!’

The four stripped down tremblingly. Shi Sheng didn’t take things too far; she let them keep their undergarments. Of course, one of them wasn’t wearing any underwear so she was in a more pitiful state. But this couldn’t be blamed on Shi Sheng.

“Get lost.” Shi Sheng waved her hand. “Anyone that dares to slack off, be careful of my visit tonight.”

The four girls scrambled for the exit. Once they got out, they found the sky was cloudy and overcast. A strong wind was blowing.

The wind caused them to come to their senses and realise they had just been fooled. They ran back to the washroom in shame and anger only to find it empty. Even their clothes were gone. There was a cellphone on the ground. The screen was lit up and it displayed the messaging screen, showing the message:

-Don’t court death. Next time, my punishment won’t be so simple. Of course, you can choose to not believe me. I welcome your challenges at any time. The winner will get a handsome prize!

Shi Sheng casually tossed the clothes into a rubbish bin before finding a place for her to examine the setting this time.

This was a campus novel. The female lead was Ji Xiaoyu, Alice Academy’s scholarship student. She had managed to get into the school for rich kids by having such exceptional grades that the academy made an exception and allowed her to enroll as its only poor student.

Of course, such a student was a rare sight in this kind of academy!

Cliché number 1: Get into a disagreement with the campus prince, Bei Ze on the first day of enrollment. From there, successfully attract the attention of the male lead, Bei Ze and a male supporting character, Shen Jinyan.

Cliché number 2: As the female lead, get employed by Bei Ze’s family as a domestic helper, from then on intruding into the daily life of the campus prince/male lead.

Bei Ze’s attitude changed from its original disdain; first to being moved by Ji Xiaoyu’s will to improve herself, then to finally falling for her.

Cliché number 3: There must be all kinds of female villains who jump out to court death for the sake of catalysing the male and female leads’ relationship. Though of course, their fates were to either end up dead or crippled.

And unfortunately for her, Shi Sheng once again managed to succeed in drawing this lot. She was the female villain who courted death.

This body’s identity was Bei Zhi, Bei Ze’s younger sister. She wasn’t related to him by blood though. When Bei Ze had just been born, he had fallen seriously ill. Father Bei had consulted an expert who had told him that only if they raised a daughter would Bei Ze’s condition improve. As a result, Bei Zhi was adopted.

In the Bei household, although she was the Young Miss, she didn’t receive a lot of care. When she was young she didn’t understand why her parents didn’t like her and thought it was her own fault. So she worked her hardest to be the very best, if only to earn a single word of praise from her parents.

But her efforts went unnoticed. All their love was given to Bei Ze. Bei Zhi lacked parental love in her childhood but she had an older brother who doted on her dearly. Only Bei Ze seemed to remember her existence so Bei Zhi carved this warmth into her heart.

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