Chapter 121 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (2)

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Bei Zhi matured rather early as a result of not receiving the love of her parents. She liked Bei Ze. At some point, this ‘like’ had changed into something special.

She was afraid. Afraid Bei Ze would consider his younger sister a freak. Afraid her parents who already disliked her would dislike her even more. So she suppressed those feelings and distanced herself from Bei Ze.

Bei Ze tried closing the distance between them, but Bei Zhi always kept him away and kept her crush on him a secret. She even went as far as to transfer schools and stay on-campus. She didn’t use much of the money the Bei family supplied to her either. Other than during the holidays, she rarely returned home. Even if she did, she would do her best to avoid Bei Ze.

From then on, the two went on two completely different paths, with no more interactions with one another. This situation lasted till Bei Zhi’s seventeenth birthday, when she accidentally discovered she wasn’t related to Bei Ze by blood.

She was so ecstatic when she found out that she didn’t sleep for several nights. She wanted to get closer to Bei Ze again, and let him know of her feelings. But at that time, she found that there was already another girl by his side.

Bei Zhi transferred over to Alice Academy. Out of possessiveness, she started harassing Ji Xiaoyu but she would always manage to get caught in the act by Bei Ze, causing him to become more and more disgusted with her. One day, after getting drunk from drinking too much alcohol, Bei Zhi confessed to Bei Ze but was caught by Father Bei and Mother Bei.

Of course, the Bei couple only had their son in their eyes. Had Bei Zhi not developed any inappropriate thoughts, they would be able to support and raise her, ensuring that she had no worries about money or finding a good husband.

But now that Bei Zhi had revealed such thoughts, they couldn’t tolerate her existence any longer. So they arranged a betrothal between her and another high family for an alliance, using her as a pawn.

Of course, Bei Zhi had protested. But she knew that she was just an adopted daughter. How would she be able to contend against them?

The man she was betrothed to constantly invited her out. That man drugged her and nearly raped her but as she was resisting his advances, she accidentally injured that part of him.

As a result, the attempt at an alliance failed, causing the Bei Family to suffer heavy losses. To appease the other party, the Bei Family chased Bei Zhi out.

After being chased out, Bei Zhi was then expelled by the academy. Meanwhile, the man who Bei Zhi had injured had completely lost his ability to be a man, causing his mentality to become twisted. For the sake of taking revenge on Bei Zhi, he locked her up and used all sorts of methods to torment her.

He also got others to torment her and let those men do as they wished. That man watched from the side as she struggled and pleaded for mercy. Bei Zhi had died before even reaching her twentieth birthday. Shi Sheng only wished to say two words after reading the plotline. ‘Fucking hell!’

Bei Zhi didn’t even want revenge against Bei Ze and Ji Xiaoyu; only that guy responsible for her death.

…Though there was one wish concerning them. She wished to break them apart.

Shi Sheng had come over at a pretty good time. It was before Bei Zhi had transferred over to Alice Academy.

The girls earlier had dragged her into the washroom after school for speaking out for one of their victims. Bei Zhi was pretty lowkey most of the time so no one knew she was from a rich family. That was the only reason those people had dared to bully her.

‘Nice. Looks like I can show off before leaving.’

The next day, on the school forums and class chats, photos and videos of the girls going around naked went viral. One of the girls hadn’t even been wearing any panties.

Of course, this resulted in a group of very excited youths. The girls, who had originally been planning to cause trouble for Bei Zhi, were so scared by this turn of events that they didn’t dare to leave their dorm.

However, the photos and videos weren’t Shi Sheng’s doing; she hadn’t had the time.

School may have ended yesterday, but those who were living on campus were around to witness the event. So it wasn’t a surprise that people would record the rare sight.

The four girls were summoned to the Headmaster’s office and just so happened to bump into Bei Zhi. They immediately flew into a rage. “Bei Zhi, it was your doing wasn’t it?! You still dare to come here to tattle!”

Perhaps it was because they were just outside the Headmaster’s office for the girls were more reserved. “Bei Zhi, just you wait! You’ll be a sight once I’m done with you!”

“How are you going to do that? I’m already pretty enough as it is. You can make me look even better? Wow, you’re so awesome. Why don’t you go open a plastic surgery clinic? I’m sure you’ll earn loads.” Shi Sheng’s expression didn’t change as she boasted.

Right as the four were about to retort, the door to the office opened.

“…Have a safe trip, Lawyer Yan.” The Headmaster politely escorted a man in a suit out.

“Then I’ll be troubling the Headmaster.” Attorney Yan gave a professional smile.

“It’s no trouble! No trouble at all!” The Headmaster was all smiles, causing the girls to look like they had seen a ghost. The Headmaster was famous for being someone who looked like he had his facial muscles paralysed; since when had he smiled like this before?

Lawyer Yan nodded before turning to look at Shi Sheng. “Young Miss, everything’s been sorted out. I already arranged the matter with Alice Academy. Are you (respectful) going there to have a look or heading back home first?”

“Mm, go back home first.”

‘Ji Xiaoyu’s working at the Bei household as a maid so I’ll head back to see how she’s doing first.’

“Very well.”

The Headmaster sent them off with his gaze before the smile on his face disappeared and he yelled at the four girls, “What are you standing there for? Get in!”

“Headmaster, Bei Zhi’s set us up! We were coerced by her!” One of the girls yelled loudly.

The Headmaster’s expression changed. “What would she set you up for? You think too highly of yourself! Do you know who she is?! Forget it. Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand.”

Their school was only a normal school. The most well-off came from millionaire households. The four girls looked at each other. Only later did they hear that on that day, two luxury cars came to pick up Bei Zhi. They had only seen those cars on the web. Shi Sheng had successfully shown off, and was currently at the Bei family’s mansion.

Although the Bei couple didn’t really dote on her all that much, they didn’t short-change her when it came to other stuff. They would help her as long as she needed it. This was probably the reason why Bei Zhi hadn’t wanted revenge on them in the end.

Shi Sheng, however, knew that as the daughter of the Bei Family, her every move and action represented the Bei Family’s image.

Only the servants were home when Shi Sheng got back. Shi Sheng familiarised herself with the mansion before bringing a plate of snacks out into the garden and sitting down.

“Dumb girl! Walk faster! Did you not eat or something?!”

“Yeah, I didn’t eat! Aren’t you just amazing for having longer legs and being able to walk faster?!” A melodious voice holding some hints of anger and complain was heard. Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at the entrance of the garden where a cute girl holding two schoolbags was struggling to keep up with a tall male.

The two continued their argument as they got closer. Shi Sheng stood up from the rattan chair, allowing Bei Ze to see her when he turned his head. He frowned slightly before lightly sweeping his gaze over her and shifting his gaze away.

“Move faster!” Bei Ze turned back to urge Ji Xiaoyu. Seeing she was still being slow, he turned back to grab a bag from her and strode into the mansion.

That pull caused Ji Xiaoyu to lose her balance slightly and stumble. With some irritation in her voice, she snapped, “What are you doing?!”

She lifted her head to see the young woman standing below a cluster of vines. She was startled by the woman’s looks. ‘So pretty…’

Author’s note:

You’re not seeing things. It’s an update~

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