Chapter 126 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (7)

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“I got the first prize in the lottery…” Papa Ji looked around before continuing in a lower voice, “RMB40 million! From now on, we’re rich!”

“RMB40 million?” Ji Xiaoyu’s eyes widened. To her, this was an astronomical figure. ‘You can win this much from the lottery?! I have money now, so does this mean I won’t be bullied by those people anymore???’

Excitement sprouted in Ji Xiaoyu’s heart. She was eager to enjoy a life without being bullied. Everyone had a dark side to them, and if Ji Xiaoyu had managed to endure this part of her life, she would have become someone to whom money held no meaning. Yet just as she had reached the impressionable age where her opinions had just started to form, this enormous sum of wealth had appeared.

“I think I saw Chang Sheng today. That fellow scares me to death. Has Fu-shao returned to the academy?” Student A wore a terrified expression and spoke with a trembling voice.

“It shouldn’t be. I didn’t see his bodyguards,” Student B comforted Student A. “Maybe you were just seeing things?”

“How could I be seeing things? Who else could that giant body belong to but Chang Sheng? Don’t know what the academy’s higher ups are thinking… they actually let such a big fellow in. Last time, someone nearly died…” Student A’s face was pale.

“Then Fu-shao probably really has come back. Be more careful in the future. If you meet Chang Sheng, you’re as good as dead.”

The two conversed as they passed Shi Sheng’s side. Shi Sheng looked at them with a weird gaze. ‘What Chang Sheng are they talking about? Are they really so amazing that these people would die if they met them? And the academy allowed such a dangerous thing in…’

Just as Shi Sheng was puzzling it out, her gaze suddenly changed as she looked at the flowery shrubs at the side of the path.

Without warning, a large creature burst out from the undergrowth, its gaze meeting hers. Those brilliant green eyes were filled with ferocity.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Which madman is raising a Caucasian Shepherd Dog1?! Even if I like this dog breed the most because they’re both strong and loyal enough…

I don’t like the ones other people raise, okay?! Son of a bitch, lives are going to be endangered…’

Shi Sheng’s eyes turned frosty as she glared fiercely back at it, releasing killing intent. ‘You think I’d(bbb) be scared of you, doggy?!’

The giant dog arched his back and stared at her as if she was an intruder on his territory. Low growls issued forth from his throat. Shi Sheng silently gave it the middle finger.

“Woof!” The dog seemed to have been enraged as it fiercely pounced over. The sudden pounce caught Shi Sheng off guard, but she managed to dodge. However, her back smacked into a railing carved with flowers. The protruding edges scraped against her, causing sharp pain to spread from her back.

The dog didn’t give up, and turned to pounce at her again. That ferocious gaze made it look as if it wanted to tear Shi Sheng limb from limb.

Shi Sheng silently took out her sword, but before she could even swing it the dog let out a yep, tucking its tail between its legs and cowering.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Weren’t you so fierce just now? Why are you giving up so easily?’

Shi Sheng brandished her sword and lifted her feet to walk over to the dog.

[Hidden Quest: A World of Thorns. Please choose a mode: Normal or Chain.] System’s voice appeared without warning, stopping Shi Sheng’s advance.

Shi Sheng’s lips twitched. ‘Yet another hidden quest! Not only is your naming sense weird, now you have modes for me to choose from? The hell is with chain mode? Oi System, can you not add these things in randomly?! Does your manufacturer know how arbitrary you’re being?!’

System ignored Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng waited for a bit but System continued playing dead.

“Chain mode.” ‘I want to see what this new function’s about.’

[The mode cannot be changed once it has been chosen. Quest Target: Fu Qin.]

[Chain Quest 1: Meet.]

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘This is a chain quest? Son of a bitch, does that mean you’re going to issue quests one at a time now?!’

Shi Sheng looked at the sky. She felt like System had become a bit loftier than before.

She then glanced down to the large dog cowering at her feet. ‘Chang Sheng… Son of a bitch! It’s this dog! Does Fu Qin that fellow want his dog to cultivate into a dog spirit?!’

Fu Qin’s background was unclear. At school he was someone who stood out from the crowd, and not in a good way either. Although it was possible to have never laid your eyes on him throughout the entire year, there was no one who didn’t know of his existence.

The reason was simple: this fellow Fu Qin had a dog. And whenever this dog showed up, it proved Fu Qin was in the vicinity.

In the storyline, Fu Qin had appeared as the final boss. His background setting was like a soap opera; Fu Qin had been neighbours with the female lead when he was young. Back then, Fu Qin had been all alone with only a steward to care for him.

And then the female lead became his little sun, giving Fu Qin a memorable childhood. As a result, Fu Qin never forgot about her. So when he met her and found out she liked someone else, he started courting death.

He ended up committing suicide.

‘Villains are a pitiful bunch.’

Shi Sheng shook her head and looked at the large dog in front of her. Her gaze turned dark. ‘But that is that and this is this. This mutt nearly maimed me just now! I have to at least collect a bit of interest back…’

Shi Sheng walked over to Chang Sheng. She swiftly lifted the sword in her hand and swung downwards.

“Chang Sheng, dodge.” A level voice that had been spoken by a boy came from the side.

Chang Sheng had been cowering on the ground, but after being reminded by Fu Qin, he finally reacted and dodged. It was still a bit late though; the sword sliced across one of his legs, causing fresh blood to pour down his fur.

“Yow!” Cheng Sheng yelped in pain. Shi Sheng didn’t give two shits about sucking up to the quest target. That she hadn’t killed this thing when he had injured her was already out of consideration for the quest target.

‘When this quest is over… I’ll cook and eat it!’

Perhaps it was because Shi Sheng’s gaze was too cold for Chang Sheng simply cowered at her feet and yelped miserably, not daring to reveal any more ferocity.

Fu Qin walked out from the flowery shrubs at the side of the path. His features gave one the impression of the cool and bright moon in the sky; it was as if he emanated lofty and unreachable nobility.

He squatted down to check Chang Sheng’s wounds before taking out his phone and making a call. He did all of this very calmly. Shi Sheng looked at Fu Qin in suspicion. ‘There’s a deathly aura surrounding him…’

People soon appeared from the end of the path to lift Chang Sheng away.

Only then did Fu Qin get up. His eyes were like a deep spring, filled with a calm magnetism. Yet his gaze also held thorns, preventing others from getting closer.

“Chang Sheng was in the wrong first. We’re even.” Fu Qin turned to leave once he finished. His movements were elegant and graceful; he looked utterly handsome.

Yet who would have thought that in the next second, Fu Qin’s body would shake before suddenly falling towards the flowered shrubs at the side. Shi Sheng watched as he fell into the shrubbery, his body becoming concealed by the leaves.

‘What’s this? This is not the way to go about seducing people! I mean, at least strip first!’

She walked over and waited for a while to see if he would suddenly jump back up. When he didn’t, she poked his butt with her sword just to make sure. She looked at the sky while feeling troubled.

‘This kind of scenario where the male and female leads meet… is really quite strange!’

Author’s note:

Please voooote~

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: I’ll leave you to figure out who the male and female leads are here… I have bets on Shi Sheng for ML. Fu Qin for FL.

  1. This is a big furry dog. I picked a picture with a human in it so you guys can see how big the dog is compared to humans. I think there are actually larger sizes though I’m not sure. Here’s a wiki link and a pic:


    In case you’re wondering why I spent so much effort on this one (which you probably aren’t), I love dogs.

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