Chapter 127 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (8)

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Shi Sheng turned to leave when System’s voice rang out again, [Chain Quest 2: Send Fu Qin to the hospital.]

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘Are you fucking sure you didn’t just decide to do this on a whim? I’m starting to regret my decision now…Why did I have to cause trouble for myself by choosing chain mode?!

As expected, there’s always a trap whenever it comes to System’s stuff…’

Our dear System who had been unjustly ridiculed, ‘I am innocent in this! Who told you to not act within expectations?!’

If she was to be completely honest, Shi Sheng had never expected this villain-sama to be so… weak. ‘Are you sure this is a villain? He’s actually the female lead, right?!’

Shi Sheng stood next to the bed and supported her chin with a hand as she stared at Fu Qin.

Fu Qin still had the appearance of a teenager so to Shi Sheng, an old monster who had already seen many beautiful specimens of the male gender before, he really wasn’t too outstanding in terms of appearance.

‘But that atmosphere of death surrounding him… is very alluring ah!’

When Fu Qin woke up, Shi Sheng was standing by the window and talking on the phone. Her melodious voice was very pleasing to the ears.

“…He’s not awake yet. At least, I don’t think so. Ah? Oh no, I’m just a passer-by who picked him up and decided to be Lei Feng1 for a while by sending him to the hospital… No, it’s fine. Okay… you want me to look after him? You’re giving money? Fuck… okay, sure, no problem. I’ll take good care of him.”

Fu Qin turned his neck and tried his best to see who it was standing by the window. ‘It’s that woman with the strange sword from earlier.’

She turned, revealing her clear and bright eyes which seemed like they had been filled with brilliant specks of starlight. But not a single ripple could be seen within their depths.

When their gazes met, a strange smile appeared on Shi Sheng’s originally passive face. “It seems like your life is worth a lot of money. They’re offering a million RMB just to tend you for a while.”

‘Just how rich must this Fu Family be?’

Fu Qin didn’t reply, his gaze moving downwards to look at her hand.

Shi Sheng lowered her head to look at the phone which belonged to him. She tossed it back on the bed before explaining, “It rang a lot of times. I picked it up because I found it annoying.”

Taking it back, Fu Qin looked at the number on the screen, added it to his blacklist then shut the phone — all done in a single, fluid movement.

Shi Sheng didn’t speak, and neither did Fu Qin. He simply closed his eyes, shallow breathing was the only sound heard. With this, the atmosphere turned heavy.

Only when a middle aged man who called himself Fu Qin’s steward appeared did the tension dissipate.

“Many thanks, young lady.” The man politely thanked Shi Sheng. He looked at her as if he was looking at a creature from outer space, which made her feel quite uncomfortable. “Here’s a cheque for RMB1 million.”

Her gaze landed on the cheque. ‘They’re really giving money! I(bbb) don’t understand rich people…’

Shi Sheng received it with a calm expression. “Then I’ll be leaving now.”

“Wait a moment.” Shi Sheng turned around. The man shot her a very polite smile before he glanced at Fu Qin who was playing dead. He lowered his voice and spoke, “May I trouble you to help me keep an eye on him for a little longer? I need to go and discuss some things with the doctor.”

Seeing Shi Sheng’s expression was a bit strange, he motioned for them to continue their discussion outside.

“I’ll be honest with you; our Young Master’s temper isn’t too good yet you’ve remained by his side for so long without him throwing a tantrum. This really surprises me. So, is it possible for you to wait for a while longer? Money isn’t an issue.”

‘Fu Qin has issues with his temper? You don’t say…’

Just as Shi Sheng was about to decline, System popped up again. [Chain Quest 3: Agree to his request.]

The corner of her lip twitched as she swallowed back the words she had been planning to say.

The man was gone for a long time. Shi Sheng simply paced around the room while Fu Qin gave no reaction whatsoever; his eyes were shut the whole time. Her phone suddenly started vibrating, so she took it out and walked over to the window before answering.

When she turned, Fu Qin slowly opened his eyes, his gaze floating towards her.

“…En, the capital isn’t an issue, I can provide it. Send me the materials in a bit. I’ll give you an answer after looking through them… You don’t have to ask me for these kinds of small matters; I didn’t hire you to be decoration.”

Her voice was very pleasing to the ears: sweet like how a young woman should sound like, but at the same time, brisk and efficient.

After hanging up, Shi Sheng observed the stock market for a while before turning to look at the hospital bed. Fu Qin was still quietly lying down.

After the man didn’t return for a long time, Shi Sheng got tired of waiting and left to look for him. The VIP ward was very quiet so she was able to hear the sounds of discussion from a corridor to the side.

“His body is already in poor condition. If he continues on like this, he’ll collapse sooner or later…”

“Yes, I know. But the Young Master refuses to take his medicine. He appears to have completely given up. We don’t have any more methods left either; we’ve tried everything.”

“…I’d advise you to continue looking for one. If this carries on, he’ll only be able to survive half a year at most.”

“You (respectful) are the Young Master’s personal doctor so you know how he gets…”

Shi Sheng listened in for a while. The more she heard, the deeper her frown got. ‘Fu Qin’s got a terminal illness? I thought this sort of setting was only for female leads? He’s a fucking villain! Why does he have this kind of condition?!’

She waited at the entrance of the ward; after around half an hour, a man appeared with several black-clothed bodyguards.

First, he politely apologised to Shi Sheng before giving her another cheque.

‘I’ll be honest. This money was too easy to earn… I feel like there’s some trick here.’

Thinking thus, Shi Sheng left immediately after she had finished exchanging pleasantries with the man.

Fu Qin had been hospitalised for more than three days by the time Wednesday came around. When Shi Sheng’s class ended, System suddenly appeared: [Chain Quest 4: Deliver food.]

‘What. Da. Hell?! Try saying that again?’

[Deliver food.] System obeyed as it spoke again in its customary icy-cold robot voice.

‘Deliver your grandpa! I was already tolerating you with the last few but I don’t want to do this kind of errand!’

System didn’t respond. Shi Sheng ignored it but when she got off from school, System started repeating itself.

‘Hah… don’t tell me…will this thing not stop if I don’t go?’

As she expected, the next day System echoed the same command again and again. The intervals changed from every few hours to one hour to half an hour and finally to every few minutes…

When Shi Sheng got off from school in the afternoon, she brought takeaway food with her and stormed over to the hospital. The man and his four black-clothed bodyguards were standing together, conversing in low mutters outside the ward.

“…The Young Master hasn’t eaten for a day and a half already. We can’t let him go on like this. Uncle Jian, hurry and think of a way.”

The steward, Uncle Jian, shook his head. “What way could I possibly have?…Whoever goes in now would simply be asking for trouble.”

“Young lady?” He spotted Shi Sheng approaching. The bodyguards that had been chattering immediately stopped and straightened their backs as they stood at the sides, though their gazes kept hovering over her.

“You (respectful) are planning on…?” Uncle Jian was a bit surprised upon seeing the lunch box in Shi Sheng’s hand.

“Delivering food.” Shi Sheng was still a bit angry so she spoke curtly.

Uncle Jian, “…”

‘It doesn’t look like you’re here to deliver food though?! You look more like you’re here to settle a grudge…’

Of course Uncle Jian wouldn’t dare to let her in! ‘And besides, what reason does she have for sending food to the Young Master?’

“Young lady, our Young Master’s emotional state isn’t very stable so…” He tactfully declined.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind.” She replied stiffly, causing Uncle Jian to fall silent. ‘This little lady looks quite smart so how come she doesn’t understand what I’m trying to get across?’

Shi Sheng looked like she wanted to go in today no matter what, causing the bodyguards at the side to turn nervous as they blocked off the entrance to the ward.

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  1. A person who may or may not be real who is meant to be the prime example of someone who would give his life selflessly helping others. It’s a Chinese propaganda thing.

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