Chapter 128 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (9)

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“Have you all still been unable to get Fu-shao to eat anything yet?” Appearing out of nowhere, the doctor spoke calmly as he ignored the tense atmosphere. “It’s already been three days yet he hasn’t eaten a single thing. If this keeps up, I suggest you start preparing the funeral.”

After saying that, the doctor left without giving anyone enough time to react. If you observed carefully, you would discover that the doctor seemed to be escaping. ‘Being a doctor is difficult too, you know…

I mean, just look at the people who came to visit this patient! They all look like they’re about to go on a killing spree!

…I think I should call security first.’

Uncle Jian and Shi Sheng glared at each other. Something seemed to occur to the bodyguards, and they started attempting to persuade Uncle Jian to let her in. In the end, Uncle Jian reluctantly allowed her to pass. The most important thing right now was to get their Young Master to eat something.

The room was a mess. All of the medical equipment had been knocked over, and blankets and pillows were strewn across the floor. It looked like the aftermath of a fight.

A suffocating smell filled the air, making one want to choke.

Reclining against the head of the bed, Fu Qin wore a hospital gown. One of his legs curled up on the bed, a hand resting atop a knee. He held a cigarette between the index and middle fingers of this hand. Smoke wafted off and around him, giving him an ethereal feeling.

The other hand hung off the bedside. Fresh blood trickled down his fingers and dripped onto the floor.

He turned his head, his dead eyes covered by a veil of smoke. It was a despondent and bloody scene.

“Do you want to die, or do you want to die?!” Shi Sheng had already been filled with suppressed rage, so upon catching sight of this she immediately started to berate him. “If you want to die, you can just leap out the window here, you know. Why go through so much trouble?”

After he heard that voice Fu Qin’s neck stiffened, and he turned to look at the young woman standing in front of him. He stared at her for about three seconds before suddenly getting up and walking over to the window on bare feet, managing to climb up it without much difficulty.

“Young Master!” The group of people flooded in from outside. “Don’t be impulsive ah, Young Master…”

“Get out.” Fu Qin’s voice was very light. The wind that blew in from the window broke apart the sound of his words.

“Jump if you have the balls!” Shi Sheng continued to provoke him.

“Miss!” Uncle Jian nearly shouted at her, his eyes filled with rage. He had only allowed her in because he had hoped she would be able to persuade his Young Master. He hadn’t planned for her to instigate his Young Master to commit suicide!

“Young Master!”

Uncle Jian turned to find that Fu Qin’s figure was gone. A few bodyguards crowded the window, staring downwards with horror.

Shi Sheng was a bit stunned. ‘He really jumped…

Son of a bitch! This villain is too easy to kill! I(bbb) can’t handle it!’

“Use consumable ‘Gap In Time’!” Shi Sheng chanted through gritted teeth.

Time suddenly stopped and everyone seemed to freeze into place. The world turned quiet.

Shi Sheng stalked toward the window, walking over the debris cluttering the floor. She opened it up and looked down to see Fu Qin frozen in the position he had been falling in. He was around ten or so metres away from the ground.

Shi Sheng leapt down from the windowsill and soon reached Fu Qin’s side. She came to a stable stop next to him, her sword beneath her feet.

She took Fu Qin to descend a bit more until the two of them were only a metre off the ground, after which she waited for the consumable to run out of time.




All of a sudden, the frozen city came back to life and sound filled the silent world once again.

The impact came quickly. Shi Sheng had been clutching Fu Qin when they landed. Even though she had minimized the impact, she still heard a cracking sound from her back.

‘Fuck! Look what I’ve gotten myself into now!

Who knew this idiot would really jump?!

…Luckily there aren’t many people in this in-patient area. I don’t even want to think about how other people would react to this.’

“Do you want to squash me to death?!” Shi Sheng spoke through gritted teeth. Fu Qin didn’t react to her words.

He slowly supported himself and sat up. He spoke very regretfully, “Didn’t manage to die.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Should’ve just let you die! Why the fuck did I(bbb) go and save you?!’

The people still in the ward could only see her appear suddenly and hug their Young Master as the two went smashing down on the concrete. They hurriedly charged downstairs, and it was only after examining Fu Qin many times to check if he was okay that people finally started to pay attention to the girl lying on the ground

Shi Sheng was sent to the hospital to be saved. ‘Who told me to court trouble?!’

While Shi Sheng was hospitalised, Fu Qin continued to seek death at every turn. But System would always issue quests to her whenever Fu Qin got a bit too suicidal. Yet they were all for tiny fucking stuff like:

Tell a joke to Fu Qin.

Send some fruit to Fu Qin.

Accompany Fu Qin for a medical check-up.

Shi Sheng finally found out why the steward had said Fu Qin’s temper wasn’t good. ‘His suicidal tendencies are already a problem… And he’ll give me the goddamn silent treatment too! He just shuts up and ignores me whenever he gets upset!’

Due to their less-than-pleasant second meeting, Uncle Jian didn’t like her anymore. In fact, the good impression from their first meeting had pretty much dropped into the negatives.

Adding to the fact that she had instigated his Young Master to jump off of a building, her unnatural and constant appearance by the Young Master’s side made Uncle Jian feel like it was already miraculous that he hadn’t yet ordered people to drag this suspicious person out.

So every time Shi Sheng wanted to go see Fu Qin, she’d have to battle wits with Uncle Jian, who guarded against her like he would against a thief.

[Chain Quest 14: Send flowers.]

Shi Sheng, who had been taking her medicine, silently crunched up the awfully bitter pills.

The nurse who had come over to deliver the medicine stared at her in bewilderment. ‘Ms Bei’s expression… Is she planning on killing someone?

Also… don’t you find the medicine bitter?!’

Upon seeing Shi Sheng chewing up the pills as if venting her rage on them, the nurse hurriedly packed up and left. ‘The patients in these wards sure are weird. One refuses to take his medicine while the other chews hers like jelly beans…

Rich people these days are getting more and more eccentric!’

Shi Sheng used her phone to order a bouquet of flowers. As to what kind of flowers? She didn’t care. It wasn’t important anyways.

But when Shi Sheng received the flowers, her face pretty much turned black. ‘Fucking hell! Forgot to tell them I didn’t want roses! Forget it… I figure that suicidal fellow won’t mind.’

Shi Sheng carried a large bouquet of roses and laboriously made her way to the ward. Unable to see who she was, the bodyguards had just been about to stop her when she finally revealed her features.

“Ms Bei… what are you (respectful)…?” ‘…doing? Sending roses huh…’

Shi Sheng scanned the surroundings, and when she didn’t see Uncle Jian, she glared at the bodyguards. “Open the door! My waist is aching!”

‘My(bbb) injury hasn’t healed yet, dammit!’

The bodyguards hurriedly opened the door. They were actually quite willing to allow this lady to see their Young Master because when she was around, although he wouldn’t speak, he wouldn’t attempt to run off or commit suicide when they weren’t paying attention.

Fu Qin lowered his head to look at his phone. Upon hearing the sound of the door opening, he quickly laid back down and covered himself with his blanket.

‘This girl keeps hovering around me every day. How annoying.’

If Shi Sheng knew what he was thinking, she’d probably slap him with the rose bouquet and say something like: “You think I want to be around you?! Idiot!”

“Fu Qin, don’t play dead!” Shi Sheng smacked the flowers on Fu Qin’s blanket and spoke grumpily, “Get up and take the damn flowers!”

Fu Qin could smell the thick fragrance of the flowers even from under the blanket. He tossed the blanket aside, allowing him to see the fresh roses.

For a while he was stunned, and then his gaze slowly shifted towards Shi Sheng’s face.

Author’s note:

This chapter was poisoned… HAHAHAHAHA!

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: No, not really. I just had no idea how else to translate the author’s note.

Proofreader: Roses are actually quite prickly flowers, but they look beautiful. Doesn’t that remind you of a certain someone?

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