Chapter 129 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (10)

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The young woman’s features were exquisite. A pity her expression wasn’t good; it was filled with anger. But that didn’t stop her looking beautiful. She didn’t need to do anything special. Just by standing there an indescribable nobility emanated from her.

Seeing that Fu Qin had noticed the flowers, Shi Sheng didn’t continue speaking and left the ward. ‘Bloody fucking hell! Never doing chain quests again! They’re too exhausting!’

The door shut with a click, allowing the room to regain its silence. Fu Qin slowly tossed aside the blanket and sat up. He brought the bouquet of flowers close to him and stared at it for quite a while.

When Uncle Jian returned to the ward, he was greeted by the sight of the hospital ward filled with scattered roses. His Young Master was leaning against the head of the bed and his head was lowered as he played on his phone. There were some scattered roses beside him as well.

‘All I did was go out to buy some food, how come the ward turned into this?!’

“Where did the flowers come from?” He definitely wouldn’t get an answer from his Young Master, so Uncle Jian could only ask the bodyguards outside.

“They were brought by Ms Bei.” The bodyguards replied truthfully. Uncle Jian’s expression soured. ‘What does she mean by sending roses? Has she taken a liking to our Young Master? I cannot allow this! The Young Master must not be together with that girl! They aren’t a match!’

Uncle Jian made arrangements for Fu Qin to be discharged that same day. So for the next few days, Shi Sheng wasn’t bothered by chain quest alerts, causing her to be quite happy. Only after she had been discharged did she learn that Fu Qin had long since been discharged.

When Shi Sheng returned to the mansion, she could hear the sounds of laughter and conversation coming from inside. In the living room, Ji Xiaoyu and Bei Ze were sitting next to each other, across from a middle-aged couple who appeared quite young.

Shi Sheng was slightly stunned but she soon verified their identities with Bei Zhi’s memories. It was Father Bei and Mother Bei.

‘They actually returned? But Ji Xiaoyu… her changes are quite big ah! Ji Xiaoyu must’ve done well for herself while I’ve been gone, huh?’

Ji Xiaoyu was dressed from head to toe in branded items. The accessories on her neck and wrists were designed in the latest style. She wasn’t going bare-faced anymore; there was exquisite makeup on her face.

She seemed to be more confident than before, as could be seen from her expression and how her chest was slightly puffed up, as if to announce her presence.

Although she was completely decked out in branded items, her temperament had clearly not reached the mark yet, so she looked a bit weird.

Bei Ze was the first to see Bei Zhi. He stood up and looked as if he was going to walk over, but instead he bent over to pick up a glass of water on the table. “Have some water.”

“Thank you.” Ji Xiaoyu’s face reddened as she spoke in embarrassment.

“Dummy.” Bei Ze rubbed Ji Xiaoyu’s head. “Dad, mom, I’m going to show Xiaoyu around.”

“Alright, off you go! Make sure to come back in time for lunch!” Mother Bei smiled and nodded. She seemed to like Ji Xiaoyu a lot.

Only when Bei Ze left did Shi Sheng enter. Father Bei and Mother Bei merely asked a few perfunctory questions upon her arrival.

When she was hospitalised, she had called home to inform them but they had the same perfunctory attitude as right now. This was enough for Shi Sheng to get a feel of what Bei Zhi must’ve been experiencing all these years.

Having been ignored like this while having unspeakable feelings in her heart, it wasn’t a surprise that the original Bei Zhi had turned to the dark side.

Shi Sheng returned to her room to get a change of clothing. When it was time to eat, Uncle He went to call her down. At first, she hadn’t wanted to go down, but with the female lead here, she might as well go down to take a look.

A sumptuous lunch was prepared. By the time Shi Sheng had gone downstairs, everyone had already started eating.

“Xiaozhi, you were at home?” Ji Xiaoyu revealed a surprised expression upon seeing Bei Zhi. “Sorry about that Xiaozhi. I didn’t know you weren’t at home so I didn’t wait for you…”

Shi Sheng pulled up a chair and swept her gaze over Ji Xiaoyu before sitting down silently. She grabbed her chopsticks and started eating. Ji Xiaoyu looked at Bei Zhi awkwardly.

“Bei Zhi! How can you be so rude?” Mother Bei glared at Bei Zhi in slight anger. “Don’t worry about her Xiaoyu. Hurry up and eat.”

Ji Xiaoyu smiled at Mother Bei and started eating.

Shi Sheng only gave Ji Xiaoyu a glance before lowering her head and focused on eating. Her movements were very fluid; they seemed to contain a natural elegance and nobility to them.

But Ji Xiaoyu’s movements appeared a bit stiff. She wanted to act like those noble ladies but she hadn’t undergone any training before so her forced attempt only made it seem like she drew a dog when she was attempting to draw a tiger.1

Bei Ze frowned a bit upon seeing Ji Xiaoyu’s movements. Ji Xiaoyu was also a bit anxious. ‘It looks simple when they do it! How come it’s so tough for me to copy them?’

After they had eaten, Mother Bei brought Ji Xiaoyu away. Father Bei had work to do so Bei Ze and Bei Zhi were left alone.

Shi Sheng was sipping a cup of tea, her gaze fixed on her phone and feeling rather puzzled as to why Bei Ze hadn’t left yet.

“Bei Zhi.” He suddenly called her. Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at him with a baffled expression on her face. ‘What do you want, male lead-sama?’

Bei Ze stared at her for a while before he finally managed to force out a few words, “Don’t you have anything you want to say?”

“What?” ‘Do I have to congratulate you now? We don’t have a close relationship, okay? Why would I congratulate you?!’

Bei Ze seemed to have been pissed off by her reply for his face darkened and he stormed off.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Don’t really understand what the male lead’s thinking.’

Father Bei and Mother Bei only stayed at home for two days. Ji Xiaoyu was also staying over for these two days. In this time, she had made countless faux pas2

yet Father and Mother Bei pretended like they hadn’t seen them.

Before they left, they even let Ji Xiaoyu continue to stay in their house. Ji Xiaoyu tried to ‘decline’ of course but in the end, she could only ‘grudgingly’ and embarrassedly accept their offer.

Having the chance to stay in the Bei Family’s mansion again, Ji Xiaoyu actually wanted to stay with Bei Ze on the fourth floor this time!

Yet who knew that Bei Ze rejected her request on the spot, causing her to feel embarrassed and a little aggrieved. In the end though, she still went back to stay in her original room on the third floor.

The next day, early in the morning.

“Xiaozhi, wait up!” Ji Xiaoyu jogged out of the mansion. “Xiaozhi, let’s go to school together!”

“Go take Bei Ze’s car.” Shi Sheng cast Ji Xiaoyu a glance. ‘What’s the FL up to? Riling me(bbb) up because she’s bored?’

“Ze said he was busy today and told me to hitch a ride on your car.” Ji Xiaoyu spoke confidently; even her chin was lifted. ‘I’m rich now! I don’t have to be humble in front of you anymore!’

“Oh. Then I reject you.” Shi Sheng pulled open the car door, got on, and slammed it shut. The driver immediately drove the car off.

Having gotten a face-full of exhaust, her expression was ugly as she looked at the direction the car drove off in. ‘Back then she looked down on me. Okay?

But I have money now! Yet she still dares to look down on me!’

Ji Xiaoyu’s hands clenched into fists. She turned to find the steward and got him to prepare a car for her.

She had been a servant before but now she was a guest.

When Ji Xiaoyu reached school, she just so happened to see Bei Zhi walking into the academy grounds together with a young man.

‘That young man… How should I describe him? I think he looks exceptionally good. Even better than Bei Ze.’

He was accompanied by several bodyguards in black clothing who followed at a distance. There was also a large dog by his side. Everyone gave way to them so they were hard to miss.

Ji Xiaoyu learned the name of that young man from their conversations. Fu Qin. The mysterious Fu Qin who was famous at the academy.

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  1. This is an idiom. It means to try and do something unfamiliar but end up with a completely different result than what you expected. There’s a negative connotation attached to it.
  2. French borrowed word. It means mistakes in etiquette. I only put borrowed words in when it sounds better than its English equivalent.

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