Chapter 130: Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (11)

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“Fu Qin, would it kill you to say something?!” Shi Sheng had nearly run her mouth dry from talking yet Fu Qin hadn’t made a single sound, causing her to fly into a rage. ‘And you came over to torture me(bbb) this early in the morning!’

Fu Qin’s steps paused. He turned to look at her. Although his face held a hint of impatience, he still extended the hand that had been stuck into his pocket towards her. Shi Sheng hurriedly handed him his breakfast.

He looked at his breakfast and under Shi Sheng’s watchful eyes, tossed it to the ground with a calm expression. “Don’t like.”

Shi Sheng, “…”

‘System, don’t you dare fucking stop me! I am so hacking him to death today! I’ve never met such an obnoxious villain before! I went through all that trouble running to the other half of the city to get breakfast for him so early in the morning, yet this is how he treats it?! I’ve never had someone who’d do that for me!!!’

The bodyguards felt the presence of killing intent and hurriedly rushed forward to comfort her. “Ms Bei, calm down. Our Young Master’s just in an awful mood today. I’ll apologise to you (respectful). Please don’t get angry. Calm down, you have to calm down.”

‘Calm down…

Calm down my arse!

I am killing him today and ridding the world of a nuisance!’

“Hurry up and bring the Young Master away!”

“Ms Bei, don’t be impulsive!”

Someone held Shi Sheng back while the others dragged Fu Qin away.

“Ms Bei, please do not take the Young Master’s attitude to heart… Ay, the Young Master doesn’t have it easy, you know.” The bodyguard who restrained her had an expression of helplessness.

“Then I’m having it easy?!” ‘Being able to be served by me was the result of the fortune you accumulated over several lifetimes yet you don’t know how to cherish it!!!’

The bodyguard hurriedly soothed her. “Of course Ms Bei doesn’t have it easy either. But right now only you (respectful) are able to convince the Young Master to eat. Even if we threaten to kill ourselves, the Young Master won’t even give us a second look.”

“Just let him die if he wants to! He’s wasting air by being alive!”

The bodyguards were speechless. ‘Since you want the Young Master dead so much, why do you keep sticking to him?!’

Having been royally pissed off by Fu Qin, Shi Sheng’s violent mood persisted throughout the whole day. Even Lin Yin had been snubbed when she came to talk to her.

“Today’s class will stop here. Next week we’re going to Mt. Shaoyang for an outing, so everyone make sure to pack everything you’ll need.”

The teacher had only just spoken when the students burst out, “Mt. Shaoyang again?! Why is it never anything new?!”

“Teacher, can’t we change locations? We’ve already gone there for the past three years! By now I even know just how many trees are on the mountain!”

The teacher glared at that student. “Then do tell, how many trees are there on Mt. Shaoyang? If you’re wrong, then you’re counting trees on this trip!”

The complaining student immediately shut up.

The teacher cleared his throat. “Now that all of you are in your third year of high school, you’ll be going there as seniors guiding your juniors from the year one group. Class Leader, head to the office for further discussion. Alright, that’s about it. Class is over.”

Shi Sheng contemplatively watched her classmates as they chatted. ‘Mt. Shaoyang… yet another important location for the plot’s advancement.’

[Chain Quest 17: Convince Fu Qin to go on the trip to Mt. Shaoyang.]

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Why do you want me to bring him there? For him to commit suicide? A body disposed there would never be recovered, right…?’

Mt. Shaoyang wasn’t one mountain but a chain of mountains. However, of these, only two were developed, and the ones behind them were not. The large gorge between two of those peaks was the perfect place to dispose of a body.

Because of the planned outing to Mt. Shaoyang, there weren’t many lessons in the following few days. The students had also been permitted to leave the academy grounds as they wished so that they could purchase whatever supplies they needed.

But before Shi Sheng could go shopping, she would have to deal with Fu Qin, who loved giving people the silent treatment.

Shi Sheng didn’t spend too much effort to find him (by looking for his bodyguards).

He was sitting next to the artificial lake in the academy grounds. Chang Sheng was lying down at his feet, and when he detected someone’s approach, Chang Sheng let out a low warning growl.

Fu Qin rubbed Chang Sheng’s head. He didn’t even need to look to know who it was. After all, no one other than her would know where to find him.

Shi Sheng sat down next to Fu Qin. “Go to Mt. Shaoyang with me next week.”

“Don’t wa-”

“I’m bringing you there to die.” Shi Sheng spoke before Fu Qin could reject her. ‘Didn’t you want to die? Then I’ll bring you to fucking die!’

Fu Qin fell silent for a while and examined the girl through the corner of his eye. Back then he had found her annoying; she kept hovering around him. And if he tried to get her to stop, she’d even use violence to threaten him!

She didn’t act like a girl at all.

But even afterwards, when he made things difficult for her, even if she was very angry, she’d still leave only after she had reached her goal.

Fu Qin was beginning to suspect she had been bought over by Uncle Jian, otherwise why would Uncle Jian allow her to continue turning up in front of him? As a result, he had started making things more difficult for her to see how long she could stand him. But it was clear he had underestimated her…

If Uncle Jian knew what Fu Qin was thinking, he’d definitely cry out in grievance! After all, even if he took every precaution, he couldn’t guard against traitors!


Just as Shi Sheng was getting impatient from waiting, Fu Qin was finally willing to open his ‘dignified’ mouth.

After getting an answer, Shi Sheng immediately left. She had no wish to remain with this person any longer than necessary; she was afraid she’d end up killing him. The deathly aura he emanated really caused one to be tempted to kill him.

Shi Sheng didn’t actually have that much to buy, but Lin Yin did. Lin Yin had insisted on dragging Shi Sheng along with her for the sake of ‘balancing work and play’, since she didn’t dare to take Bei Zhi’s strange way of ‘balancing work and play’ seriously.

“Does this look good?”


“And this one?”

“Looks great.”

Lin Yin huffed, tossing the pile of clothing onto the sofa. “Why are you just like my dad? Every time I go shopping with him and ask for his opinion, he’ll just say ‘looks great’! Bei Zhi, you’re a girl. Can you please act like one?”

Shi Sheng lifted her head, a wicked smile flashing over her lips. She tugged Lin Yin over to her side and wrapped her right arm around her shoulders, her other hand lifting Lin Yin’s chin up slightly. “You’re so pretty, you look good in anything.”

Lin Yin was stunned, freezing up. ‘Am I… being teased? Why do I feel like Bei Zhi’s suddenly so much hotter?!’

Her heart started thumping wildly.

Lin Yin’s face flushed bright red in an instant. She struggled free from Shi Sheng’s arms before stumbling towards the cashier with an armful of clothing. “Th-these. I’m buying all of these.”

Even after she had finished paying, Lin Yin’s face was still a bit flushed. Shi Sheng, on the other hand, acted like nothing had happened.

Once she had finally calmed down, a realization struck Lin Yin. She’d never seen such lively actions from Bei Zhi.

Most of the time, Bei Zhi looked completely disinterested in everything. On the rare occasions where she did show an expression, it was always either one  of ridicule or disdain. It was as if she was covered in thorns, making it hard for others to get close to her.

‘Since she allowed me to see this side of her, does that mean she finally sees me as a friend?’

“Oh, rightI have to go and get a new tent, too. Xiaozhi, do you have a tent? Mine broke last year so I have to buy a new one.” Lin Yin had switched from calling her “Bei Zhi” to “Xiaozhi”.

“I don’t think I do,” Shi Sheng replied nonchalantly, and her gaze landed on the shop across from the one they were in.

“Then let’s go and buy it.” Lin Yin scanned the surroundings. “It should be upstairs, let’s head up there… Xiaozhi, what are you looking at?”

Lin Yin followed Shi Sheng’s gaze and saw two familiar figures in a sports store. Her face paled, and she shifted her gaze away in a panic.

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