Chapter 131 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (12)

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Ji Xiaoyu and Bei Ze were shopping for workout clothes. After changing into the couple outfits she had picked for them, they came out of the changing room with Ji Xiaoyu looking very happy as she held Bei Ze’s hand.

“Xiaozhi.” She spotted Bei Zhi who was standing in the corridor and dragged Bei Ze over.

“Xiaozhi, are you guys going shopping too? I wanted to bring you with us today but Ze said…” Ji Xiaoyu stuck her tongue out in ‘embarrassment’, which made her appear more cheekily cute. “I didn’t think we’d meet here. How about we go eat together?”

“Xiaozhi… We still have a lot of stuff we have to buy, so… so we won’t be able to have a meal together with Bei-shao.” Lin Yin said quietly as she pulled on Shi Sheng’s sleeve..

“No problem. I can let Ze go and help you guys.” Ji Xiaoyu smiled as she spoke but in her eyes, one could see she was flaunting. ‘People at school always said Bei Ze and Lin Yin would make a great couple and thought they were perfect for each other but look, I’m the one Bei Ze likes!’

“I don’t feel like eating with someone I don’t like.” Shi Sheng calmly spoke.

Ji Xiaoyu’s mouth widened, as if she had been scared. After a while, she asked with an upset face, “Xiaozhi… dislikes me? How come? I can change.”

Bei Ze also turned to look at Bei Zhi, as though he cared about her answer.

“Just don’t like you—” Shi Sheng was interrupted by her phone’s sudden ringing.

“Ms Bei, Ms Bei, it really is you! Great! I’m at the fifth floor right now, you (respectful) should be able to see me if you look up. The Young Master’s throwing a fit again; can I trouble you to come up for a moment?”

“I’m not his babysitter.” Shi Sheng didn’t even give it any thought before hanging up, but they appeared unwilling to give up for they called once again. Shi Sheng simply shut off her phone.

“Let’s go,” Shi Sheng glanced at Lin Yin. She didn’t want to stay around to get caught by those bodyguards.

“Xiaozhi…” Ji Xiaoyu suddenly grabbed onto Shi Sheng. “I know I might not have done very well in the past, but I’ll learn how to do well. Please give me pointers when you can.”

“Let go.”

“Xiaozhi, I—”

Catching the figures of the bodyguards sprinting down the stairs in her peripheral vision, Shi Sheng quickly flung Ji Xiaoyu’s hand off. However, she had probably used too much force because the girl ended up falling to the ground with a pained cry. “Ah!”

“Bei Zhi!” Bei Ze exclaimed, before turning towards Ji Xiaoyu to help her up. “Are you okay?”

Ji Xiaoyu glanced at her foot. Her forehead started forming some cold sweat and she said, “I might have twisted my foot. It’s nothing. Don’t blame Xiaozhi.”

“Bei Zhi, stop right there!” Seeing Bei Zhi was about to leave, Bei Ze yelled out again. This shout caused the surrounding people to look over.

By this point, the bodyguards had already blocked off Shi Sheng’s path to escape and were surrounding her. “Ms Bei, please help us. Please go with us.”

Lin Yin looked weirdly at the men. ‘Aren’t these… Fu-shao’s bodyguards?’

Shi Sheng frowned in annoyance. Upon seeing Bei Ze and Ji Xiaoyu looking over, she decided to go see that suicidal villain. Ji Xiaoyu was going too out of character for her tastes.

On the fifth floor, a few salespeople were huddled up in a corner. There was a mess everywhere; clothes were strewn all over the place. And in the middle of that chaos sat a young man.

There were two black-clothed bodyguards by his side who were currently trying to coax him, but the young man wouldn’t listen. His eyes stared at the floor.

The two bodyguards were powerless to do anything. ‘The Young Master just suddenly had a fit here and nearly caused the store’s employees to call the police!’

Recently, their Young Master’s temper had turned unstable. He would throw tantrums for no rhyme or reason and refused to eat. Had it not been for the fact the steward had gotten people to hold him down and force feed him nutrient solutions, their Young Master would have probably died by now.

“Ms Bei.” The two bodyguards were currently wringing their brains out for ways to persuade Fu Qin when Shi Sheng walked in. Seeing her, joy surfaced on their faces as they opened up a path for her.

“What’s up with him?” ‘The hell did you run over to someone’s shop to have a fit for? You’re beyond saving!’

The bodyguards went through what had happened just now.

Basically, Fu Qin had suddenly refused to walk and sat down. No matter how much others persuaded him, he wouldn’t leave. The bodyguards had wanted to drag him away by force but the result was Fu Qin throwing a tantrum (and objects). The mess in the shop was his doing.

When Shi Sheng stalked over, Fu Qin slowly turned his head to look at her. Something seemed to flash across his vision before a sharp pain could be felt on his neck and everything faded into darkness.

The tongue-tied bodyguards, “…” ‘Isn’t this method too simple and …rough?!’

“You guys are useless.” Shi Sheng supported Fu Qin. “What are you still staring at me for? Don’t you want your Young Master anymore? If you don’t, I’m going to toss him.”

Her words successfully awoke the stunned bodyguards and they all rushed up, protecting their Young Master. ‘If she says she’s tossing him, you’d better believe she’ll toss him!’

“Thank you, Ms Bei.” The representative of the bodyguards politely thanked her.

They weren’t Ms Bei, of course they didn’t dare to make a move on Fu Qin. Had she not been here, they would’ve probably had to wait for Uncle Jian to come. Though, even if he had come, it still wouldn’t have been of any use. If they dared to use violence, when the Young Master awoke, the only thing they could do was await death!

“Don’t let him out so easily.” ‘You’ll end up harming others.’

The bodyguards, “…” ‘How can we help whether he decides to come out or not?!’

Having dealt with Fu Qin, Shi Sheng left the store. Bei Ze and Ji Xiaoyu were part of the onlooking crowd that had gathered. Bei Ze’s expression was not too good; he was probably still pissed off from just now. As for Ji Xiaoyu, she was craning her neck and peeking inside out of curiosity.

“Xiaozhi… you know Fu-shao?” Lin Yin had a curious face on. Seemingly like she had already forgotten about her earlier depression, she spoke worriedly, “You actually knocked Fu-shao unconscious just now! He’ll probably go and make trouble for you when he wakes up…”

“See if he dares.” Shi Sheng grinded her teeth. Lin Yin was scared by this scary Bei Zhi; she didn’t say anything for quite a while.

When they returned to the mansion, Shi Sheng was stopped by Bei Ze.

“How did you get to know Fu Qin?” He immediately started interrogating her.

Shi Sheng looked puzzled. “What does it have to do with you?”

“I’m still your older brother.” He placed emphasis on the words ‘older brother’, as if he was reminding both Bei Zhi and himself.

“So? Even if you’re my older brother you can’t stick your nose into who I decide to interact with, right?” Shi Sheng quietly examined Bei Ze. ‘This male lead couldn’t have liked Bei Zhi, could he?’

Shi Sheng’s eyes swivelled in their sockets before she suddenly stepped forward and reached out to place her hand on Bei Ze’s chest. She spoke in a mellow voice, “What are you thinking of, Big Brother?”

Through the fabric of his clothes, she could feel that his heartbeat had accelerated quite a bit and he had completely stiffened, his jaw tightened.

Shi Sheng took back her hand, an inexplicable expression on her face. “A pity. It’s too late.”

‘That girl called Bei Zhi has already died. She’ll never get to know that the person she once liked, liked her too.’

“It’s not too late.” Bei Ze somehow found himself saying this.

Shi Sheng looked at him before shaking her head slightly, a hint of a smile on her face. “It’s too late.”

Author’s Note:

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