Chapter 135 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (16)

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‘Temporary Babysitter’ Shi Sheng wished she could kick this young master to death.

‘”Won’t drink if the water is too hot or cold”!

“Refuse to walk on areas with too overgrown or too barren”!

Why don’t you ascend the heavens while you’re at it?!’

“Xiaozhi, do you want something to drink?” Lin Yin slowed down and handed Shi Sheng a bottle of water. She sneakily peeked at the young man leaning against a tree before lowering her voice and asking, “How come you’re with Fu-shao? He’s… famous for being hard to handle.”

Shi Sheng speechlessly looked at the skies. ‘It’s all fate ah! It used to be me who tormented others but now there’s finally someone who appeared to torment me…

Is this the so-called “turning of the tides”?

Should’ve ignored System’s nagging last night and let him die then and there…’

Lin Yin was a bit scared of Fu Qin, and when he looked over upon hearing her words, Lin Yin subconsciously hid behind Shi Sheng. Fu Qin didn’t even give her a glance and simply looked at Shi Sheng before lowering his gaze again.

“Xiaozhi…” Lin Yin nervously pulled Shi Sheng. “Are you really going to stick with him for the entire trip?”

Fu Qin was like a ticking time bomb. If it was Lin Yin, she’d definitely not be willing to come closer than a metre to him.


‘Since I picked this road, I’ll have to see it through even if it means crawling the rest of the way!

And once I’m done…

I’ll vent by killing this fucker!’

Lin Yin gave Shi Sheng a look that pretty much said ‘good luck’ before hurriedly leaving. The students made their way whilst taking breaks every so often, finally managing to reach the flat camping area just before nightfall.

All of the food, other than what limited rations the students had brought with them, would have to be foraged from the mountains.

Since students came here every year, the plentiful edibles in the mountains prevented them from dying of hunger.

The guys and girls delegated their tasks. The girls were in charge of cooking meals. Half of the guys were in charge of looking for edible ingredients while the other half were in charge of setting up the tents.

A few guys helped Shi Sheng carry her things, causing quite a bit of dissatisfaction amongst the other girls who started mocking in a sour tone.

“How come those guys are like that? Just now when we asked them to help, they refused. Yet now they’re fighting for the chance to help Bei Zhi!”

“Who told her to be rich and beautiful?”

“So what if they suck up to her by helping? Just look at how cold she’s being! There’s no point!”

The boys and Shi Sheng all heard those words. After making sure that Bei Zhi’s expression didn’t contain the slightest abnormality, the guys kept quiet. They simply placed the stuff down properly before returning to their area.

Shi Sheng’s tent was larger than Fu Qin’s. He stood there looking at the two tents for a while before entering Shi Sheng’s tent.

Shi Sheng dragged him back out. ‘This fucker is planning on stealing my stuff! He’s trying to anger me(bbb) to death!’

Fu Qin gripped the tent poles and said nonchalantly, “Either you let me sleep here or maybe no one gets to sleep.”

Shi Sheng glared at Fu Qin, gritting her teeth. “Do you believe that I’ll kill you?”

“Let’s all die together then.” Fu Qin shut the tent flap in Shi Sheng’s face.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘These lines… they’re mine aaaah!!!

They are mine! What are you stealing them for?!’

Shi Sheng was so pissed off by ‘Young Master Fu’ that her ribs ached.

After she had eaten, Shi Sheng took her phone along to look for signal. When she finally managed to finish her call, Shi Sheng found that the place she was in was completely unfamiliar. The lights of the camp were nowhere to be seen.

Planning on flying back, she took out her sword only to hear a rustling sound coming from nearby—it was the sound of a heavy object being dragged across the ground along with the pattering of footsteps.

‘It’s the middle of nowhere so… someone’s disposing of a body?’ As Shi Sheng thought this a flame lit up in her eyes, and she crept over to the source of the sounds.

When she made her way past a patch of undergrowth, she noticed a light coming from a flashlight ahead. Shi Sheng saw the flashlight hanging from the hip of a man dragging someone on the floor.

The sight of this in such a dark and creepy forest would scare the living daylights out of anyone. Shi Sheng recognised that manit was Gao Anlang, and the person he dragged along was none other than Jiang Nana.

Gao Anlang finally stopped. He used his flashlight to sweep his surroundings, and once he felt that the coast was clear, he secured the flashlight somewhere to provide light as he started setting up cameras.

Only after he had finished did Gao Anlang walk towards the unconscious Jiang Nana.

However, he didn’t start anything yet.. He simply woke Jiang Nana up so that he could enjoy the panicked and terrified expression on her face.

Everyone in the upper crust knew that to the young ladies in this sphere, Gao Anlang was a nightmare.

Even in the upper class the Gao Family was one of the most influential families. A single word from them could cause you to go bankrupt.

Jiang Nana didn’t know how she had landed in this demon’s claws.

‘I clearly… that’s it. Ji Xiaoyu! It was her! She provoked me then lured me to somewhere deserted! I lost consciousness after that…’

“Mmh mmh mmmh…” Though she could only let out muffled noises from her covered mouth, the hatred in her eyes was clearly visible.

If it were up to him, Gao Anlang would let her scream; it was more stimulating that way. However, this place wasn’t that far from the camping grounds so if he let her scream, someone might find them. And that would ruin his fun.

“Don’t scream. There’ll be more opportunities for you to do so later.” Gao Anlang patted Jiang Nana’s cheek. He then dragged her towards the cameras and started roughly pulling on her clothes.

“Hahaha! You delicate ladies really take good care of your skin! The taste is way better than those whores!”

“Mh mmh mmh…”

‘No! Nooo!!!’ Jiang Nana shook her head hysterically as her vicious gaze changed to one full of terrified pleading.

Gao Anlang’s mentality was twisted. He got more excited the more Jiang Nana acted this way.

He didn’t notice that someone circling him had shut off the cameras. Nor did he notice the flashes of light which bounced off the surface of a sword glinting in the dark woods.

Only when something cold touched his neck did he feel a chill creeping up from his feet, his body shivering at the sensation and his welling excitement dying off.“Who… who is it?”

There was no response, only an icy-cold, hard object pressing against his neck. Gao Anlang felt uneasy. ‘It couldn’t be… something unclean,1 could it? No, no, that couldn’t happen. I have the protection talisman an expert gave me. Those things wouldn’t be able to come close to me, so this must be a human!’

Thinking this, Gao Anlang wasn’t so scared anymore. Instead, his rage spiked as he thought, ‘Who do you think I am?! You dare to try and scare me! Seeking death!’

Though he wanted to turn and take a look, a sudden pain assaulted his neck, a bloody stench palpable in the air…

Darkness engulfed his vision. His consciousness sank into oblivion as his senses fled his grasp.

Shi Sheng kicked the unconscious Gao Anlang while cursing under her breath, “Animal!”

‘Even using the word “scumbag” to describe him is praising him!’

Jiang Nana had been scared silly just now and didn’t react; she was still shaking her head and whimpering. Shi Sheng gave her a couple of slaps.

Jiang Nana blanked out. She seemed to make out a familiar face through her blurred vision, but then her head slumped and she fainted. Shi Sheng looked at her own hand. ‘I(bbb) didn’t use that much strength though…’

Author’s Note:

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  1. This is a general term for ghosts and spirits. They’re generally considered unclean. I’ll admit this wasn’t in the raws but it got the point across better than a more literal translation, I feel.

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