Chapter 136 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (17)

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Afraid that Jiang Nana would cause a ruckus if she woke up, Shi Sheng didn’t untie her.

She first stripped Gao Anlang before carving the words “I am a beast” onto both his chest and back. She then used his own cameras to film him from every angle.

Once it was done, she tapped her sword lightly on Gao Anlang’s privates while contemplating. ‘Isn’t it a bit lenient to just chop it off right now?’

Shi Sheng withdrew her sword, took a black pill out from a porcelain bottle, and then fed the pill to Gao Anlang. ‘Didn’t you like maidens? Well don’t even think about touching them in the future!’

However, her expression suddenly turned weird once she swept her gaze over the bottle. She muttered, “Expired… Wonder if there are any side effects?”

‘Meh, side effects aren’t anything to worry about. At most, he’ll die.’ Shi Sheng tossed Gao Anlang into a crevice between two mountains. ‘Gao Anlang, don’t die just yet. Else all that trouble I(bbb) went to would go to waste. Looking forward to playing around with you for quite a while.’

When Jiang Nana woke up, it was already the next morning. The green ceiling of her tent caused her to space out for a bit. ‘Am I… dreaming?’

She hurriedly checked herself. Though there wasn’t any abnormalities, the marks on her wrists proved that she had been tied up by that bastard Gao Anlang last night.

‘How did I get back?’ Jiang Nana tried to think back to what happened the night before. ‘Bei Zhi… She was the last person I saw.’

She quickly crawled out of her tent. Since it was still early, only a few students were up and about, freshening themselves.

There weren’t many tents around Shi Sheng’s and Fu Qin’s tents so it was easy to find them. Jiang Nana ran over with the fastest speed she ever had in her life, half-sobbing as she called out, “Senior Bei Zhi! Senior Bei Zhi…”

Her voice stood out in the silent camp. Quite a few people heard her, and. Those who had been woken up left their tents to take a look.

“Nana, what’s wrong?” A few girls who were close to Jiang Nana reacted first.

“Nana, why are you crying? Don’t cry… what happened? Why are you looking for Senior Bei Zhi?”

“Nana, say something!”

Though they were anxious, Jiang Nana disregarded them and called out for Bei Zhi single-mindedly.

Ji Xiaoyu stood in the distance, smugly smirking inwardly. ‘He must’ve managed to get his hands on her? Serves her right for looking down on me!

…But why is she calling for Bei Zhi?’

Shi Sheng sat in her tent and rubbed her aching temples. ‘Should’ve just left her there last night…’

Just as she was planning to leave, it suddenly quietened down. Shi Sheng raised her brows slightly and put on a coat before exiting the tent.

A fully-dressed Fu Qin was standing outside staring unkindly at the surrounding onlookers.

Someone had covered Jiang Nana’s mouth with a hand and dragged her to a safe distance a metre away. However, upon seeing Bei Zhi, Jiang Nana had a sudden burst of strength and struggled free from her bonds. She completely ignored Fu Qin as she sprinted for Shi Sheng.

“Senior Bei Zhi, last night—”

“You want everyone to find out?” Shi Sheng interrupted her. “Let’s talk inside.”

Jiang Nana dumbly nodded her head before following inside. Fu Qin returned to his own tent, his brows drawn close together.

Though the other students were curious as to what happened, they didn’t dare to get near so they could only stare at Shi Sheng’s tent from afar.

In the tent, Shi Sheng hugged her blanket, still looking sleepy while Jiang Nana nervously clutched at the hem of her shirt. The younger girl’s eyes were red and there were traces of tears on her face. “Senior… last night… I…”

“Give me your phone.”

“Ah?” Jiang Nana stared blankly at her.

Shi Sheng impatiently repeated, “Your phone.”

Jiang Nana immediately searched herself but didn’t find her phone on her and started stammering, “I- I think I left it in the tent. I- I didn’t bring it.”

Seeing Bei Zhi’s expression worsen, she hurriedly spoke, “I’ll go get it!”

Jiang Nana swiftly returned to her tent to retrieve her cell phone, then ran back and handed it over. Shi Sheng took out her own phone and fiddled around with both for a while before returning Jiang Nana’s phone.

Jiang Nana didn’t understand what she had been doing but upon seeing that Bei Zhi had sent her something, she subconsciously opened it.

The video quality was very clear, allowing her to see the naked body in full clarity. Her face went red and just as she was about to shift her gaze, she caught the man’s features out of the corner of her eye and promptly moved her gaze back onto the screen.

The video’s length wasn’t long. The clearest parts were the man’s physical attributes as well as the words on his body. At the end was a close-up.

“This is…” Jiang Nana looked at Shi Sheng in bewilderment. ‘She filmed this?’

“If you don’t want to die, go back and tell your parents what you experienced and give them this video. They’ll know what to do.” Shi Sheng reminded her. “Seeing that I helped you out, I hope you won’t be ungrateful and embroil me in this. I didn’t see anything last night, and you didn’t see me. Do you understand?”

Jiang Nana’s expression changed as her grip on her phone tightened. “I understand, Senior.”

“You know how to explain where the video came from?”

“Yes,” she firmly nodded.

That same day, Jiang Nana took leave and returned to the city. Her parents were urged back like lives were on the line. Which was pretty much the case. Once Gao Anlang wanted to find trouble for them, they were pretty much dead.

“Nana, what’s wrong?” The first thing Mama Jiang saw when she entered the house was her daughter curled up on the sofa with a pale face, looking scared out of her wits.

“Mommy!” Jiang Nana broke out into tears upon hearing her mother’s voice.

Papa Jiang and Mama Jiang were worried sick but Jiang Nana wouldn’t stop crying.

Only when she finished did she tell them everything, not sparing any details save for the part about Bei Zhi’s appearance, which she kept to herself.

“Gao Anlang, that beast!” Papa Jiang flew into a rage before looking at her with a concerned gaze. “Nana, are you okay?”

Mama Jiang was also looking at her with nervousness and concern. Jiang Nana shook her head and spoke in a small voice, “Yeah.”

“Baby, don’t be scared. Mom and Dad are here; we’ll help you seek justice.” Mama Jiang hugged her daughter with a sombre expression.

“Your mom is right. Dad will not let that bastard get away with this!” Papa Jiang agreed before pulling his wife to the side and instructing her, “Bring the kid to the hospital to have a check-up and have some counselling. I’m afraid she’ll develop a mental scar. Also, remember to pay attention to safety.”

“Okay.” Mama Jiang nodded.

Jiang Nana didn’t hand over the video to them personally but sent it through the mail instead. This way, she wouldn’t have to explain where it came from.

Although the origin of the video wasn’t known and they were still a bit apprehensive, her parents decided to use it in the end.

She also reported her suspicions about Ji Xiaoyu. It couldn’t have been a coincidence that the day after they got into an argument, Ji Xioayu lured her away and caused this situation to happen.

‘If this has nothing to do with Ji Xiaoyu, I’ll write my name backwards!’

Author’s Note:

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