Chapter 137 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (18)

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And on Mt. Shaoyang, another event was taking place. The campers had met with a sudden torrential downpour. They assumed it would let up after a while and had planned to wait it out, but the rain continued on even as night fell.

As a result, they were trapped on the mountain with no way of contacting anybody for help. They could only wait for rescue to come from the resort.

“What rotten luck; we already told the school to switch locations yet they insisted. Now look what happened! We’re trapped, aren’t we?”

“Cut the crap. We have to think of a way to get out of here!”

“How are we going to leave? Going downhill now in this downpour, especially in the dark, is just seeking death!”

“Yeah! And it’s not just going down either; don’t forget, we have to head back uphill to get to the resort! I think we should just wait for help!”

The teachers gathered up the students. They discarded some tents, so now a tent had to fit two or three people.

Shi Sheng leaned against the tent and listened to the sounds of rain and faintly discernible human noises, her expression indifferent. Fu Qin, on the other hand, was sitting deeper in the tent and examining her profile thoughtfully.

As the rain poured down even harder, the sound of someone sobbing in the darkness could be heard, causing one’s scalp to numb. After who knew how long, the person started screaming, followed closely by a cacophony of cries and shouts.

Shi Sheng’s half-lidded eyes opened. She picked up the flashlight by her side and shined it on Fu Qin.

With wide-open eyes that didn’t even blink when the light was directed at him, it was clear he wasn’t asleep. He looked rather creepy in this kind of setting.

“We have to leave.” Shi Sheng pointed her flashlight outside. Fu Qin got up without a word. But just as he did so, he was struck by a sudden bout of dizziness and collapsed. There wasn’t much space in the tent so he landed directly on Shi Sheng.

She was caught off guard and his momentum pushed her out of the tent, leaving her utterly drenched on the ground. ‘Fuck!’

Shi Sheng immediately got up. Fu Qin’s crumpled form was laying not too far from her while the flashlight had rolled further away. She decided to carry the slim, unconscious body back to the tent first before going back to retrieve the flashlight.

Fu Qin’s complexion was very unsightly. He let out soft moans while his expression twisted in agony.

Shi Sheng furrowed her brows as she zipped up the tent flap before digging through her space for the medicine box Uncle Jian had given her.

From the huge assortment of medicine inside, Shi Sheng quickly located a bottle that had been especially marked ‘Fast-Acting Medicine’.

She had only just shoved the medicine into his mouth when he spit it back out.

Shi Sheng, “…”

She shoved it back again. The result was the same.


‘You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?! As for you people who are suggesting I feed him with my mouth, are you joking?’

Shi Sheng roughly gripped Fu Qin’s jaw and pried his mouth open, forcing the medicine inside and pouring in some water. She only released him when she was sure he wouldn’t choke.

Fu Qin coughed, his complexion looking even worse than before he ingested the medicine.

Fortunately, his head wasn’t too clear. He was unaware of how roughly he was being treated.

“Senior Bei Zhi, it looks like there’s going to be a landslide so we have to leave this place!” A male’s anxious voice could be heard outside. Shi Sheng lifted the tent flap, allowing the light from a flashlight to shine in.

The first thing that junior of hers saw was the messed up blankets as well as dishevelled state Fu Qin was in. His expression turned weird before he hurriedly shifted his gaze. “Er, Senior, we have to gather over there. I’ll… just go inform others now!”

He ran off into the rain.

Shi Sheng brought Fu Qin out of the tent and towards the gathering point. After the teacher had made a headcount, it was then discovered that Ji Xiaoyu and Bei Ze were missing. Their disappearance had gone unnoticed till now because no one had made a headcount before.

But despite this discovery, there was no way they could send people to look for them now. The teacher got the students to head upslope.

Shi Sheng took advantage when no one was paying attention and broke off from the main team to bring Fu Qin deeper into the woods. Once they were far enough away from the others, she took out her sword and flew them both towards the vacation resort.

They landed in a deserted area.

Fu Qin wasn’t heavy; though he was tall, his weight didn’t keep up with his height for some reason. To avoid suspicion, Shi Sheng randomly picked a room for Fu Qin to stay in for the night.

She only brought him to the resort’s plaza the following day.

There were quite a few people gathered there, including the rescue team, parents who had rushed here overnight, as well as the managers of the vacation resort. They grew agitated with worry upon seeing Shi Sheng and Fu Qin, looking as if they had just seen the President.

“What about my son? Where’s my son? How come it’s just you two?”

“Have you seen my son?”

“Have you seen my daughter? She’s in Class 2-3 and wears a pink coat.”

The non-stop questions barraging her from left to right gave Shi Sheng a throbbing headache, and the fact that they had her completely surrounded didn’t help at all. ‘Sons of bitches, can’t you see I’m carrying a sick person here?!’

“This person is dying! Do you guys want to become murderers?!” Shi Sheng burst out yelling.

“Where’s my son?” However, these people completely disregarded her words, intensifying their efforts even further. Some even reached out to tug at her. “Have you seen my son?”

Shi Sheng stumbled from being pulled, causing Fu Qin to tumble off her back. It looked like he was going to get trampled underfoot by the crowd.

[Chain Quest 19: Protect Fu Qin from harm.]

Shi Sheng dragged Fu Qin in front of her before a sword appeared in her hand and swept upwards, causing the people surrounding her to retreat.

A sweep of her sword cleared out some space for her.

“I, your grandpa, am not your kids’ babysitter! How would I know where the fuck they are?! Go look for them yourselves! What are you crowding around your grandpa for?!” Shi Sheng was royally pissed off by now. Had it not been for the fact this world had a modern setting, she’d have long since hacked them to pieces. ‘What do your kids have to do with me?!’

“How can you be like this?! You were with them; why can’t you just tell us instead of going crazy like this?! And even using ‘your grandpa’… have you no manners?!”

“Ha! This is the attitude you have when asking others? Are you sure you’re not planning on killing anyone?” Shi Sheng laughed mockingly. “Even if I knew where they were, I wouldn’t tell you. I refer you to my previous statement: Go and find them yourselves!”

Her words caused a stir amongst these parents who started scolding her, but they didn’t dare to go forward because of the weapon in her hand.

“Make way! Make way!” A group of black-clothed bodyguards then shoved their way in. They couldn’t hide their excitement upon seeing Shi Sheng and Fu Qin.

“Young Master! Ms Bei!”

“Uncle Jian, the Young Master and Ms Bei have returned!”

Someone relieved Shi Sheng of her burden before escorting the two of them away.

“You people had better hope nothing happens to the Young Master. If anything does, no one here will be let off,” one of the bodyguards snapped before leaving.

They had been a bit far off when Shi Sheng had appeared. They hadn’t even managed to clearly see her before being blocked off by the crowd. But they had heard her words just now.

Don’t try to reason with villains. They don’t know what the meaning of ‘reason’ is.

Author’s Note:

An update to thank the babes who donated~

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