Chapter 138 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (19)

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The group of parents looked at each other. They naturally knew that these people belonged to the Fu Family. Upon learning that Fu-shao was also in the mountains, the parents had felt reassured that the Fu Family would do everything it could to rescue him in the shortest time possible, meaning that the children of the other families would soon be found along with him.

Just a while ago, the Fu Family had sent helicopters into the mountains.

Not much time had passed, and even the rescue teams’ helicopters hadn’t arrived yet! Just seeing how the Fu Family’s helicopters had already arrived showed the family’s influence.

But… the parents had actually blocked off Fu-shao?

Any thoughts about the identity of that arrogant young lady flew out of everyone’s minds. After all, how could someone who followed Fu-shao be a normal person?

A helicopter brought Fu Qin to the hospital. Shi Sheng was fine aside from looking somewhat disheveled, and felt much better after getting cleaned up and changing her clothes. She had been planning on leaving the hospital when System issued another quest:

[Chain Quest 20: Accompany Fu Qin.]

‘Fuck! Why don’t you just get me to marry1 him while you’re at it?! These quests make me want to kill some people!’

The doctor was in the middle of discussing with Uncle Jian when Shi Sheng reached Fu Qin’s ward.

“Since Fu-shao took his medicine in time, there aren’t any major problems—only a slight fever from being drenched in the rain. He’ll be fine after it subsides.”

“How is the Young Master’s condition?”

The doctor fell silent for a while before continuing in a heavier voice, “Ol’ Jian, as your friend of many years, I’ll be honest: Fu-shao’s condition… even if he takes his medicine, he won’t last long.”

“At least give me an estimate.” Uncle Jian looked as if he had aged over a decade.

“Ai… If Fu-shao takes his medicine regularly, around half a year. If he doesn’t, though, then he would only have around two months.”

The doctor shook his head, sighing as he left. Uncle Jian stood there for a long while, only lifting his head when Shi Sheng walked over. His lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he said nothing.

He simply opened the door to the ward and gestured for her to enter.

Fu Qin was still unconscious. Laid out on the pale hospital bed, he looked even more sickly than before.

“Ms Bei.” Uncle Jian tucked in Fu Qin’s sheets before turning around and speaking solemnly, “I have something to request of you.”

“Don’t push him on me. I decline.”

‘I don’t want to take care of retarded children!’

Uncle Jian, “…” ‘Why is she always so… unexpected?’

“Don’t start narrating any tragic backstory either. I’m not listening!” Shi Sheng hurriedly added.

Uncle Jian, “…” ‘Is she a worm in my belly 2?’

He glared at Shi Sheng and completely gave up on his plan. ‘With her personality, it would be a miracle if the Young Master survived a month!’

The rest of the students at Mt. Shaoyang had also been rescued, and other than Bei Ze whose waist had been injured and Ji Xiaoyu who had caught a cold, everyone else had come out unscathed. Bei Ze’s parents rushed back from abroad. Their souls had nearly been scared out of their bodies when they saw their son lying on the hospital bed.

“Where’s Bei Zhi?” The first person Bei Ze asked about was Bei Zhi and not Ji Xiaoyu.

Ji Xiaoyu’s expression changed. “She’s fine. She’s accompanying Senior Fu Qin upstairs right now.”

Bei Ze’s expression darkened. ‘Fu Qin…’

“Ah Ze, I heard that it was Xiaozhi who brought Senior Fu Qin off the mountain,” Ji Xiaoyu said in a small voice. “Are they dating?”

“Get lost!” All of a sudden Bei Ze lost his temper. Father Bei and Mother Bei had just walked in and they halted at the doorway.

“What’s going on?” Mother Bei smiled, attempting to resolve the situation. “The two of you had a fight? Xiaoyu’s a girl so you have to give in to her more, kiddo.”

“Get out!” Bei Ze launched his pillow at the doorway. “All of you, get out!”

The rims of Ji Xiaoyu’s eyes reddened, and she ran out sobbing. Father Bei and Mother Bei looked at each other. With their son’s current state of mind, all they could do was leave.

Ji Xiaoyu cooled off downstairs, but just as she was about to head back up, she heard Father Bei and Mother Bei talking outside the ward.

“Bei Zhi can’t stay!”

“Back then, I didn’t even agree for her to stay! You’re the one who insisted on keeping her around!” Mother Bei sobbed in a low voice, her tone filled with resentment.

Father Bei patted Mother Bei’s back. “It was for the sake of our son.”

“We’ve raised that orphan for so many years yet she was not only ungrateful, she even seduced our son! Just what have I done to deserve this?! Hurry up and get her to leave! At this rate, our Ah Ze will be ruined because of her!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll think of something. Stop crying already.”

Behind the corner, Ji Xiaoyu clutched at the hem of her clothing, disbelief written in her eyes.

‘Bei Zhi’s not Bei Ze’s blood sister… Bei Ze likes Bei Zhi…

No wonder he was always casting glances at her…

No wonder his expression was so unsightly whenever he sees Bei Zhi and Fu Qin together…’

Now that she thought about it, whenever Bei Zhi had been around, Bei Ze had always looked either lost in thought or in a rage.

‘So that’s why… the person he liked all along was Bei Zhi…

Bei Zhi, Bei Zhi, Bei Zhi! Why is it always her?!’ Jealousy surged in Ji Xiaoyu’s heart. The repressed emotions all burst out at this moment.

‘Bei Ze is mine! I’ll never give him to anybody!’

After she had sorted out her feelings, the moment she planned to head back, her phone rang. Once she saw the name of the caller, her heart skipped a beat

She hurriedly made her way to a deserted area to answer the call.

In a special VIP ward, Ji Xiaoyu looked in disbelief at the person on the bed. “You… how did you end up like this?!?”

Gao Anlang was nearly entirely wrapped in bandages with only his face left exposed. He looked like a mummy.

“Ji Xiaoyu!” Gao Anlang’s voice was very hoarse. “You dared to trick me!”

“I didn’t…” Ji Xiaoyu shook her head. “How did you end up like this… Jiang Nana…?”

“You still dare to mention her!” Gao Anlang shouted.

“Wasn’t she…”

‘But Jiang Nana had cried so much… It couldn’t be that he didn’t actually manage to get his hands on her? And that she was the one who did this to him?’

“Ji Xiaoyu, I don’t remember treating you badly, yet you actually dared to play with me! You sure have guts!”

“I didn’t! Anlang-ge, what are you talking about? I don’t understand!” Ji Xiaoyu looked at Gao Anlang in bewilderment.

She wasn’t that well acquainted with Gao Anlang; they had only seen each other once years ago. The only other time they met was on that mountain-top vacation resort.

She had managed to overhear him talking about Jiang Nana to the other people with him. And so, because Jiang Nana had humiliated her, Ji Xiaoyu had mustered up the courage to look for him.

“Don’t understand, eh?! Teach this bitch a lesson!”

At some point, two men had appeared in the room. Ji Xiaoyu felt something was off when she saw them, and tried to run. But before she could escape the room, someone had grabbed her hair and yanked her back.

“Ah!” Ji Xiaoyu cried out in pain, reaching out in an attempt to protect her hair. The men easily dragged her in front of Gao Anlang’s bed.

They tossed Ji Xiaoyu to the ground and set up cameras before locking the door. Fear crossed over Ji Xiaoyu’s eyes.

“Anlang-ge, I think you must be misunderstanding something! I can explain! Really! I can explain!!!

Anlang-ge— Don’t come over! What are you doing?!


Author’s Note:
Going back to my hometown today~

  1. The word she used here was actually implying he’s the one getting married to her, like how girls usually marry into the guy’s family. FL Ci…
  2. He’s basically asking if she’s read his mind. Because supposedly only something inside him will know how he ticks?

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