Chapter 139 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (20)

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By the time Ji Xiaoyu left the hospital ward, her mind had become muddled. She didn’t dare to go see Bei Ze. Instead, she returned home.

Ji Xiaoyu and her father had moved. Though it wasn’t to a mansion, it was still in a fairly high-class neighbourhood.

When Ji Xiaoyu returned, she discovered a woman’s undergarments strewn around the living room. Strange noises came from her father’s room.

Her eyes were red as she slammed open the door. “What are you doing?!”

Ji Xiaoyu’s sudden return made Papa Ji jump in fright, and the woman beneath him screamed, covering herself with the blankets. It left Papa Ji in an awkward situation with his manhood exposed and erect in front of his daughter.

He hurriedly snatched a pillow to cover himself before saying, embarrassed and guilty, “Xiaoyu, how come you’re back?”

‘Isn’t it Wednesday today?’

Ji Xiaoyu hadn’t told her father that she had been going on a field trip, and the academy, of course, wouldn’t take the time to notify the parent of an unimportant student.

“You told me you’d never have any woman other than my mom! Then what’s this?!” Ji Xiaoyu screamed, teetering on the edge of a breakdown.

‘At mom’s funeral, he had sworn he’d never take any other woman!

But now? What do I see?!’


Ji Xiaoyu viciously glared at the woman on the bed. Without warning, she leapt to pull at the woman’s hair and start hitting her. “Slut, you seduced my dad! It’s for his money, isn’t it?! You’re doing this to seduce my dad! See if you’ll still come out to seduce people…”

Ji Xiaoyu’s sudden attack had stunned the woman, but she quickly retaliated.

The woman was clearly an experienced {cat} fighter. She fought back at Ji Xiaoyu even if it meant giving up on covering herself.

Papa Ji stood at the side, attempting to pull one or the other away but failing to pull either.

The woman straddled Ji Xiaoyu and pinned her to the ground, slapping her twice. “Dare to hit me! You think I’m that easy to bully?!”

After she had finished hitting Ji Xiaoyu, the woman got up. Without even putting her clothes back on, she looked at Papa Ji’s bottom half. She said in disdain, “Like I’d want a fellow this useless!”

Papa Ji’s face went green, feeling as if she had just trampled over his pride as a man. “Get out!”

The woman snorted coldly. “What? Not paying up after you’ve had your fuck? As for that price we’d agreed on before, I’m adding an additional 3,000 for medical fees since your daughter hit me.”

Papa Ji’s face remained green as he drew a stack of money from a drawer at the side. He simply handed it over to the woman without even counting. “Take it and get out!”

After the woman counted the proper amount, she tossed the extra on the ground and strode away in her high heels—though not before saying, “I don’t care for the extra.”

Laying on the bed, Ji Xiaoyu sobbed and vented all of the humiliation and grief she had experienced today.


Why do I always have to be the one suffering?! Just what have I done wrong?!’


Ji Xiaoyu suddenly sat up, her hair in a mess. After glaring at Papa Ji, she ran back to her room. Papa Ji was a bit depressed. ‘I’ve been busy with work for so many years, and never had any time to do things like this. But now that I have money, why can’t I relax a bit?’

After thinking this, he began to feel that Ji Xiaoyu was being unreasonable.

‘Who did you think I was scraping together money for? For you!

Yet now you want to control me, your father!’

The more he thought, the more furious Papa Ji became. He got dressed and left the house without bothering himself any more about Ji Xiaoyu.

Naturally, Shi Sheng didn’t know anything about what happened between the Ji Family and Gao Anlang. At the moment, she was taking care of the ‘young master’ Fu Qin as if she were a goddamn servant.

System kept issuing quests more and more frequently.

If you asked her to be honest, Shi Sheng really wanted to chop up this mission target Fu Qin. ‘He was definitely sent to torment me!’

“Ms Bei, here is the Young Master’s medicine for today.” A bodyguard handed some medicine over to Shi Sheng. When he heard those words, Fu Qin immediately retreated under the covers of the hospital bed, clutching the edges of the blanket like his life depended on it.

Medicine feeding time was Shi Sheng’s favourite. Because she was allowed to openly use violence on Fu Qin.

Shi Sheng took the medicine and walked over to Fu Qin’s bedside. She tossed the blankets covering Fu Qin to the floor, and with a dark smile on her face she said, “I was authorised to do this, so even if you shout yourself hoarse, there’s no point. Come now, take your medicine.”

Fu Qin curled up into a ball, burying his face into a pillow while shaking his head slightly. ‘Don’t want to.’

‘Don’t want to? That won’t do. You want to die before I haven’t even killed you? Then wouldn’t it mean I’ve wasted my time on this chain quest?’

Shi Sheng reached out to pull Fu Qin’s arm and flip him around. Fu Qin struggled and attempted to shake her off; Shi Sheng immediately pressed herself down on him and grabbed his chin.

The bodyguards to the side all tacitly looked out the window.

‘This scene… seems a bit off?

We didn’t see anything!

Yeah… nothing at all!’

Shi Sheng poured the medicine in Fu Qin’s mouth, and patted his face. “Wouldn’t it have been great for everyone if you’d just obediently taken your medicine? Yet you made me force you… I’m not going to compensate for any injuries to your delicate body, you know.”

“*cough cough*…” Fu Qin choked. With the weight of someone crushing him, even coughing properly was strenuous. Fu Qin’s face had already flushed red from the exertion.

“Wimp.” Shi Sheng got off him and sat at the side of the bed. She picked the blanket back up from the ground, and tossed it over him.

Fu Qin was completely hidden under the blankets. Not even a strand of hair poked out.

From beneath the blankets, Fu Qin could see Shi Sheng’s slender hand as she continued to sit on the bed. He suddenly reached out to grab it.

Shi Sheng nearly flung him away subconsciously, but then she noticed that Fu Qin was trembling. His whole body trembled.

His hand clutched hers in a death grip, as if Shi Sheng was his only salvation. Shi Sheng pulled the blanket away so she could see his head, and she used her free hand to make him face her.

Fu Qin’s face didn’t have any expression, yet those butterfly-wing-like eyelashes of his trembled and his eyes were as pitch-black as ink, giving off an aura of deathly gloom.

When his gaze met hers, Fu Qin suddenly reached out to hug her neck, drawing her into his arms.

Shi Sheng hadn’t expected him to act like this. After a moment of being stunned, she finally reacted.

The person beneath her trembled incessantly, but her body warmth seemed to somewhat calm those shivers.

The arms around Shi Sheng tightened their embrace. He had buried his face in her neck, his warm breath brushing against her skin.

In all the previous times Shi Sheng had fed him medicine, she had always left immediately, so she didn’t know he ended up like this after each session.

‘He’s so fragile. It really makes me want to…

Kill him.

*cough* It’s not that I’m not treasuring the fairer sex here, it’s that this aura of his is really too attractive!’

Afraid of squashing him to death, Shi Sheng wanted to roll off, yet Fu Qin wouldn’t release her. His leg hooked onto her body, trapping her in his embrace. If Shi Sheng tried to force his arms open, he’d tremble even harder.

‘Fuck your great grandpa!’

Shi Sheng laid down next to him and pulled him into her arms. Fu Qin seemed to know she wouldn’t leave, and he took advantage of that to hug her waist and press one of his legs on top of one of hers. He was practically hanging off her by now.

The thing Shi Sheng regretted most was not leaving right after she’d fed him his medicine. ‘What the hell did I stay behind for?!’

Author’s Note:

Show care for the fairer sex~

Vote ah!

Translator’s Corner:


Feng Ci = FL

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Translate Checker:

Shi Sheng = ML


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    [Shi Sheng reached out to pull Fu Qin’s arm and flip him around. Fu Qin struggled and attempted to shake her off; Shi Sheng immediately pressed herself down on him and grabbed his chin.

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