Chapter 140 : Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (21)

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“What are you people loitering around here for?” Uncle Jian looked at the group of bodyguards standing outside the room with a puzzled expression. “Who’s going to take responsibility if anything happens to the Young Master?”

“Ms Bei is inside.” One of the bodyguards spoke weakly.

“Her?! Then that’s even more the reason you guys should be inside! Why aren’t you guarding the Young Master from her?!” Uncle Jian made to push open the door.

The bodyguards hurriedly stopped Uncle Jian and got him to check through the glass window instead—they definitely didn’t want those two to be disturbed right now! At most, the Young Master would only refuse to speak when angered but that woman would not hesitate in using force!

Inside the ward was a young woman leaning against the head of the sole bed with a quiet and peaceful expression. The young man’s arms were around her waist, his head lying on her chest.

That scene had an unexpected beauty to it.

“What’s going on?!” Uncle Jian couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“After the Young Master took his medicine just now, Ms Bei didn’t leave so the Young Master grabbed onto her and refused to let go.” The bodyguards started clamouring for the chance to tell him.

Uncle Jian’s expression changed a few times before he sighed.

“Uncle Jian, do you think Ms Bei will be able to make the Young Master better?” One of the bodyguards carefully spoke.

The old man shook his head, his expression full of worry. “The doctor has already said that medication can only help the Young Master’s body hold out for half a year at the very best; her getting him to take his medicine regularly won’t change anything. If only the Young Master would accept treatment from abroad… This matter…” Uncle Jian could only sigh.

“I always have this feeling that Ms Bei isn’t a normal person.”

The other bodyguards rolled their eyes at him. ‘Like we needed you to say that. She’s the young miss of the Bei Family; does that sound like a normal person to you?’

“I don’t mean it that way.” The man scratched his head. “I heard Ms Bei talking on the phone before, saying something about shares and investments.”

“This is quite normal for kids from rich families. Don’t they want them to get some experience?”

The bodyguards started discussing.

“But Ms Bei isn’t that loved in the Bei Family. Even if she has some spare pocket money, she might be able to get shares, but investments, on the other hand…”

“Go investigate the assets under her name.” Uncle Jian spoke.

“Uncle Jian, we’ve already done that; she doesn’t own much.”

“She’s not 18 yet, right? I wager she’d have placed them under someone else’s name.”

“That makes sense. I’ll go check the people she’s closer to.”

“Don’t go overboard. That little lady isn’t easy to deal with.”

“I know, I know. We were just curious.” The bodyguards nodded at Uncle Jian’s reminder. They already knew that they should not get found out by the person they were probing.

When Fu Qin woke up, he found himself hugging a certain someone. He lifted his head slightly only to see a smooth, exquisite chin.

The young woman beside him appeared to be in a deep slumber; her breath was so shallow, it was nearly impossible to make out.

But as he was currently plastered against her chest, he could hear the steady rhythm of her heartbeats.

His world seemed to grow brighter with every thump, every sound filled with life and vitality. Everything did not look so hopelessly grey like it used to be.

He had never felt so… alive before.

His eyelashes fluttered close as he maintained this position, head pressed against her chest to listen quietly and arms slightly tightening around her waist.

Shi Sheng woke up when Fu Qin moved. Her eyes opened and stared into space for a few seconds before she dropped her gaze to look at Fu Qin.

His face was covered by some stray strands of hair, so Shi Sheng helped him shift them to the side. Her fingers seemed to flex against his neck but in the end, her hand lowered.

Tugging on the blankets, she shifted into a more comfortable position, yawned, then turned to the side to pick up her phone.

There were a few missed calls, most of them from Father Bei while the rest were from the company and Lin Yin.

Shi Sheng decided to call the company back first. There wasn’t anything major; they were just giving a routine report.

Next was Lin Yin who seemed quite worried for her. They hung up after some chatting.

As for Father Bei, Shi Sheng had no intention of returning his call. ‘People who suddenly show up acting all concerned are up to no good.’

Fu Qin suddenly became more cooperative when it was time to take his medicine, but he would always grab onto Shi Sheng and not allow her to leave.

A week later, he was finally discharged and Shi Sheng had finally regained back her freedom.

Uncle Jian had also received the intelligence report from the bodyguards, who hadn’t discovered anything of note.

“Don’t bring this up this anymore. The Young Master… Whoever manages to get him to survive one more day has rendered merit so be more courteous to her from now on.”

‘Even if she has ulterior motives, she won’t succeed if she tries to harm the Young Master.’

The bodyguards nodded to express their understanding.

And so, Shi Sheng discovered that the bunch of hired men who had already been polite to her before seemed to be even more pleased whenever they saw her lately.

“I’m leaving.” Shi Sheng stood outside the car and spoke to Fu Qin, who was sitting inside. Her gaze caught the bodyguards at the side smiling at her, causing goosebumps to pop up.

‘They’re definitely up to no good! Have to get away!’

“Tomorrow, I want to eat flaky lotus cakes.” Fu Qin suddenly spoke.

“Eat your—” Shi Sheng managed to stop herself from finishing that sentence.

Fu Qin frowned before speaking in a serious voice, “I don’t taste good.”

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Who the hell wants to eat you?!’

She glared at Fu Qin before flagging down a car and leaving.

Bei Ze’s injuries weren’t too serious. He was already able to walk around on his own by now. When Shi Sheng returned, she saw Ji Xiaoyu supporting him as they walked in the garden.

“Xiaozhi, you’re back!”

Shi Sheng had planned on making a detour around them but Ji Xiaoyu suddenly shouted out to her, pulling Bei Ze’s attention over.

‘Female lead-sama… that was on purpose, wasn’t it?!’

Bei Ze flung the girl beside him aside as he limped over to Shi Sheng and grabbed onto her arm. With a tone bordering on interrogation, he asked, “Are you really together with him?”

He had used quite a bit of strength but though it didn’t hurt, it wasn’t comfortable either. Shi Sheng struggled free from his grasp and retreated a step. “Is it any of your business who I’m together with?”

“I’m—” Bei Ze paused, his expression turning downcast for a moment. “I’m your older brother. How is it none of my business? You can’t afford to provoke Fu Qin. Stop dating him.”

Shi Sheng looked behind him, where Ji Xiaoyu was currently fixing her a glare filled with intense hate and resentment. She didn’t even attempt to school her features that looked a bit twisted when Shi Sheng glanced over.

‘Hey looky, the female lead has joined the dark side! Excellent!’

“You’re overstepping, Brother.” Shi Sheng’s lips tugged into a smile. ‘Humans are such complicated creatures. If I’d acted like Bei Zhi had, Bei Ze would’ve absolutely despised me.’

“Ze, you haven’t healed up yet. Let’s go in and talk.” Ji Xiaoyu finally masked her expression from before and she walked to Bei Ze’s side and made to support him. Bei Ze, however, dodged her. His gaze was transfixed onto Shi Sheng and Shi Sheng alone.

“Bei Zhi…”

Shi Sheng ignored Ji Xiaoyu’s provocations and went around Bei Ze to enter the mansion.

“Bei Zhi!” Bei Ze’s voice seemed to contain many unspeakable, undefinable emotions, but she neither stopped nor slowed down, only walking onwards.

The moment she entered the house, what greeted her was a fierce shout, “Bei Zhi, you still know to return!”

Father Bei was standing on the landing upstairs, staring coldly at her.

‘I can never avoid trouble…’

“Follow me to the study.” Father Bei felt a nameless anger surge in his chest when Shi Sheng didn’t answer.

He had been hesitating before but seemed to have finally made up his mind.

Author’s note:

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: …I don’t know why Ji Xiaoyu wanted to call attention to Shi Sheng either.

Editor: Isn’t that because she wanted to show Shi Sheng how ‘lovey-dovey together ~uguu’ she was with Bei Ze?

Proofreader: I would like to think Ji Xiaoyu was drawn to Shi Sheng’s unexplainable “charm”. The one where you can’t help but shout her name and draw her attention!

Translate Checker: Clearly Ji Xiaoyu has finally seen the light and realizes Shi Sheng’s charm. That’s why she called her over. She’s joined the #Shi Sheng Fan Club#


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