Chapter 151: Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (32)

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Shi Sheng was the bridesmaid at Lin Yin and Bei Ze’s wedding.

Lin Yin wore a pure white bridal gown as she stood in front of Shi Sheng, a brilliant smile on her face. “Xiaozhi, do I look good?”

Shi Sheng gave her a sideways glance, and then smiled handsomely while speaking with seemingly infinite gentleness, “You look good. You’ll look good no matter what.”

Lin Yin blushed slightly before giving Shi Sheng a flippant glare. “And when are you and Fu-shao getting married?”

“Married?” Shi Sheng blinked. “What marriage? Right now I wish I could just toss him aside, okay?”

‘You’ll never know how irritating it is to have a partner who flares up  easily…’

Lin Yin, “…” ‘Why does it sound like they’re about to break up?’

“The wedding’s starting. Let’s go.” Shi Sheng stood up, and as she helped Lin Yin put on her veil, she sighed, “Time’s gone by so quickly; you’re already getting married.”

Though she couldn’t see Shi Sheng’s expression too clearly through the veil, Lin Yin could hear the emotions in that sigh.

“You’ll get married soon too.” Lin Yin patted Shi Sheng’s hand.

‘Married? I reject the possibility of spending a lifetime with a mentally handicapped child.’

But when Shi Sheng returned home, she was greeted by the sight of two red books laying on the bed. She picked them up with suspicion before blowing her top.

“Fu Qin, can you please explain, what the fuck are these?!” Shi Sheng charged into the study and tossed the red books down in front of Fu Qin.

“Marriage certificates.” Fu Qin pointed at the words on the cover.

‘Fuck off! Of course I know those are marriage certificates!’

“I’m asking you, how the fuck did you get these?!”

‘Do the Civil Affairs Bureau support single-sided marriages now?!’

“Have people.” Fu Qin tossed these two words at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘This stupid materialistic society…’

Shi Sheng stalked off in a huff. ‘You have people there, eh? As if I(bbb) don’t have any…’

The next day, Shi Sheng tossed a couple of green books1

 in front of Fu Qin and pointed her sword at his temple. “I’ll hack you to death the next time you dare to take matters into your own hands.”

Fu Qin looked at the green books, then looked at the sword in Shi Sheng’s hand, and as Chang Sheng whimpered in fear, he nodded.

Shi Sheng hid all the identity cards. ‘I don’t believe this fellow can still get more marriage certificates without them!’

As reality proved, Fu Qin really did have his ways. Not too long later, Shi Sheng saw another pair of red books. Shi Sheng beat him up that day. But not only did he not repent, he seemed to have gotten addicted to getting them married every time Shi Sheng got them divorced.

The Civil Affairs Bureau was nearly played to death by these two. In the end, only when the people in the bureau refused to open any more back doors did this matter finally end.

But… they had just so happened to do so when Shi Sheng and Fu Qin were in the “married” state.

The red books pissed Shi Sheng off to the point of tormenting Chang Sheng in retaliation.

After she graduated, Shi Sheng packed her things and ran off. ‘If I can’t deal with you, I can get lost, right?


Why the fuck is this fellow popping up everywhere?!’

The two ended up in the cycle of one running off and the other chasing after her. They had nearly managed to run all over the world.

The most scary incident was when Fu Qin had been captured by a group of natives and Shi Sheng was forced to go back to save him.

These natives were the ones referred to as savages or wild men. They spoke in a strange tongue which Shi Sheng couldn’t make heads or tails of.

In the end, Shi Sheng had to hack a few people with her sword before the natives became frightened and offered up their ‘food’ to Shi Sheng.

‘Don’t ask me why I used the words “offer up”. It’s because the way they postured while returning Fu Qin was exactly the fucking same as how they gave offerings to whatever spirits or gods they worship…’

Ever since that incident, Shi Sheng didn’t run off (all that much). She spent her days walking the dog (and Fu Qin). Life was okay.

Fu Qin was probably aware of Shi Sheng’s bottom line, for even though they shared a bed, he never tried to do anything to her.

What Shi Sheng was curious about was what he’d do if he felt that urge. ‘Does he use his hand?’

Shi Sheng barged in on him masturbating once. Fu Qin simply looked at her with a very innocent expression. “Wife, you made me desperate.”

Shi Sheng closed the door with this face: (||| ¬_¬)

‘This fellow definitely left the door open on purpose!’

Fu Qin continued with this streak of ‘unintentionally’ allowing Shi Sheng to see him masturbating. He even went so far as to go around naked.

Shi Sheng used her sword and threatened to kick him out if he kept it up. That finally got him to stop.

In the end, the two adopted a child. After all, both her company and the Fu Family needed someone to inherit them.

Fu Rao was a bit upset the child wasn’t theirs by blood, but once he discovered that the child was clever and much more fun to play with than Fu Qin, he didn’t have any more complaints. Fu Rao brought the child back home to raise.

The chain quest continued on until she left. By that time, she had already gotten up to chain quest number 999.

Shi Sheng managed to live a relatively longer life in this world; she died after her grandchildren had all gotten married. Fu Qin died after Shi Sheng did.

When she returned to the System Space, Shi Sheng took a deep breath. ‘As expected, my own body is the most comfortable.’

[Does the Host wish to see what happened afterwards?]

Shi Sheng sat down in front of the screen and gave the screen a few slaps out of irritation. “What’s there to see? I know everything I need to.”

[……] ‘Don’t want to speak to the Host at all.’

[Does the Host wish to undergo Memory Clearing?]

“What memory clearing?” Shi Sheng poked around on the screen.

[You have experienced this many worlds; it is easy for these memories to result in a chaotic mind. Memory Clearing will seal the Host’s memories of the previous worlds.]

“Oh, I get it. It’s like the memory wipes in transmigration novels.”

[You may understand it as such.]

“No need. I’m forgetful.”

[……] ‘As expected, can’t judge this Host with common sense. I haven’t seen what part of you is forgetful! Can a person really handle that many memories?’

Shi Sheng continued poking the screen. “Hey, lemme ask you something.”

System seemed to know what she was about to ask for it immediately flashed her stats to stop her from speaking.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -112,000

Life Points: 25

Contribution Points: 12,500

Mission Rank: F

Mission Points: 90

Hidden Quest: Complete

Hidden Quest Reward: 2,000 Contribution Points

Item List: “Queen’s Crown”

As Shi Sheng stared at her morality points which continued to drop, she felt rather complicated. ‘Dammit, dropped by another 2,000… I’m too lazy to even ask this time. They’ll still be gone even if I ask.’

“Hey, can I pick what kind of world to enter?” Shi Sheng seemed addicted to poking the screen. “Don’t other people’s systems allow them to?”

[That’s because they’re other people’s Systems.]

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]

Author’s Note:

Update. Also, the last official chapter of arc 5. I will clarify once more: The main character won’t fall for her male lead so easily!

The male lead is pretty much just an awesome re-usable background for her to use as a show-off tool.

You guys just need to sit tight and watch the main character show off.


P.S, The previous chapter should’ve been titled “Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (31)” but my hand somehow managed to type it as “Eat Your Medicine, You Dunce! (30)”.

I can’t change it without asking the editor (but bothering the editor for these small kinds of matters will make editor irritated)

So it’s not a repeat upload. Not repeat, not repeat, not repeat! T^T

  1. As you may have inferred, green books are the colour of the divorce certificates in China.

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    [What Shi Sheng was curious about was what he’d do if he felt that urge. ‘Does he use his hand?’

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