Chapter 153: Server Enemy No.1 (1)

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[World] Flowertalk Beauty : [clearwest, is there something wrong with your head?! who told you it was fine to just go blabber about the City War?!]

The moment Shi Sheng opened her eyes, she felt like she was going to go blind from the large flashing bolded words on the screen.

‘A game?’ She looked at the character on the screen. The name “Clearwest” was hovering above it. ‘Oh hells! It’s a gaming novel!’

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [inner conflicts ah! serves u right for losing the city war and going on world chat to cry about it.]

[World] Skyblue : [Undermoon, don’t stir things up! This has nothing to do with you! And Beauty, boss told you to get off world chat.]

[World] Windsong Undermoon : [come on, just admit you lost. stop finding excuses for losing… never thought drunkflower den would be this kind of drunkflower den…]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [What’s going on?]

[World] Green Flower On Sauerkraut : [Yet another drama unfolding on world chat. Must watch!]

[World] Autumnfrost : [Just logged on & noticed Drunkflower Den lost the City war! WTF!]

[World] Flowertalk Beauty : [We aren’t even allowed to talk about what she did?]

[World] Call Me Profiteer : [Buying Heavenly Mystery Crystals! Please sell it if you have it!!!]

[World] Call Me Profiteer : [Buying Heavenly Mystery Crystals! Please sell it if you have it!!!]

[World] Breaking News : [*ahem* Greetings everyone. Allow me to give you an update. At 8pm, Drunkflower Den lost their garrison rights over Luoyang City. Apparently someone leaked information about their deployments. For those who want to know more, please pay attention to the messages in this chat.]

[World] Wind-walking The World : [clearwest, don’t play dead! say something!]

[World] iF@q : [Profiteer is still this professional even at this time. As expected of a profiteer!]

[PM] Wooden Bellz : [Clearwest-jie, hurry up and say something! They’re all saying you betrayed Drunkflower Den but I believe that you would never do this kind of thing! Hurry up and explain it to them!]

[PM] Skyblue : [Clearwest, what’s going on? Hurry up and go to the YY group to explain.]

Shi Sheng clicked on all the private messages she received. They were either scolding and cursing her or questioning her. Though there were those like Wooden Bellz who supported her.

Shi Sheng rubbed her chin for a moment, completely clueless as to what was going on.

Her biggest priority right now was understanding the setting, so the first thing she did was scan her surroundings. She was in a room that gave off a feeling of warmth, and it seemed to belong to the person whose body she was using.

After making sure it was safe, she began going over the setting.

This was a gaming novel. The female lead/main character was Sang Yu. As with all other gaming novels, the starting of this one was melodramatic as well. The female lead’s love interest cheated on her. Her reputation was tainted, and she was abandoned.

She was beginning to feel like her whole life had fallen into darkness.

And at the crucial moment, the male lead stood out and pretty much dragged her to get married (in-game).

After that, the two of them killed monsters and levelled up, enjoyed scenery together, talked about life, engaged in free-for-alls all over the server, and met up in a real life gathering before finally getting together as had been expected from the start.

What was originally meant to be a sweet novel where the male lead pampered the female lead ended up with the situation where the female lead turned spoiled because of said pampering.

In this City war, she was the one who had easily believed the information someone gave out. But in the end, Chu Yunxi was the one who took the blame for her.

That’s right, her identity this time was Chu Yunxi, an 18-year-old who had just started attending university.

Before the female lead appeared, Chu Yunxi was one of the older members and was fairly popular.

But now that the female lead had arrived, all the female supporting characters should give way! Er, court death and end up being overtaken (and beaten) by the female lead.

Chu Yunxi hadn’t gotten along with the female lead. So, amidst the speculations of others and the silence of the female lead, the blame for this matter somehow landed on Chu Yunxi’s head.

No matter how Chu Yunxi had tried to explain, no one believed her. They all thought she was the one who had leaked the information.

The result of this was that the male lead chased her around and killed her a lot. She also had to face all sorts of ugly words and curses. In the end, she was forced to leave the game because everyone kept killing her.

Chu Yunxi’s body wasn’t very healthy; she had a heart disease. This was also the reason behind her death.

‘This death felt very undeserved…’

Chu Yunxi only had one wish: don’t die.

‘As long as I don’t die, I can do anything I want! Hey, this is way easier than the earlier missions!

…So I’ll do my daily {self-given} quest: breaking ships!’

After she had taken a look at the setting, Shi Sheng then looked at the world chat, where this matter was currently undergoing heated discussion. At least the members of Drunkflower Den were keeping quiet right now.

Drunkflower Den was the male lead’s faction. This was the point in time when the City war had already ended and everyone had pinned the blame of the loss on Clearwest.

This game was called 《Land of Gods & Demons》. It was currently the most popular MMORPG because it was well-made with beautiful aesthetics. It received quite a lot of good reviews.

There were a total of 6 playable races in this game: human, deity, buddha, spirit, demon and ghost.

Since there were different avatars for male and females, there were a total of 12 different avatars one could choose from.

Clearwest was a female deity. With her floaty white clothes, she looked every bit as a goddess should.

Shi Sheng’s fingers flew across the keyboard and typed out a sentence.

[World] Clearwest : [Since you guys are so convinced, give evidence ah!]

The chat went silent for three seconds.

[World] Heldgrass : [Da star haz arrived! Every1 come see!]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [Clearwest seems like she has a clear conscience!]

[World] Wooden Bellz : [Clearwest-jie, I believe you!]

[World] Breaking News : [I saw Clearwest at Peach Blossom Clearing. Holy fuck, Drunkflower Den’s people have come over!]

[World] Why Doncha Go Ta Heaven : [Is this a punitive expedition or are they trying to force a confession? Clearwest is right! Give evidence!]

[World] Yeppers : [Give evidence +1]

[World] Childhood Sweet<3s : [+10,086]

Shi Sheng turned off the world chat as she watched a mob of angry people charge over and surround her character.

At the head of this mob was that character ID Shi Sheng had seen the moment she opened her eyes, Flowertalk Beauty.

Flowertalk Beauty was a female human character.

[Area] Flowertalk Beauty : [Clearwest, why did you sell us out?!]

She started pressing Shi Sheng the moment she arrived.

[Area] Clearwest : [Your evidence? If you don’t have any, then why are you just blabbering nonsense?]

Back then, everyone had said Clearwest sold them out, but no one brought out any proof. Of course it was because none existed… unless they photoshopped one.

[Area] Flowertalk Beauty : [Clearwest, don’t be so rude!]

[Area] Clearwest : [I’m just returning your attitude. What? You want me to lick your feet? Lady, it’s the middle of the night so don’t daydream, okay?]

[Area] Lil’ Wood Spirit : [I didn’t believe you did it before, but now looks like it really was you!]

More people agreed to this.

Shi Sheng was too lazy to look at the messages, so after some fiddling around, she finally managed to find out how to leave the guild. Which she did.

System Announcement: There is no banquet that never ends. Expert Clearwest has left Drunkflower Den. From now on, each shall go their separate paths.

Anything major that happened to the top 10 players on the leader boards was publicly announced to the whole server. As it just so happened, the character Clearwest was in the 10th position.

System Announcement: Player Li Suo has placed a bounty of 1,000g on Clearwest. Limited to 24 hours.

‘Well fuck you too!’ Shi Sheng stared at that name, speechless. ‘As usual, male leads won’t even give you time to explain before killing!’

System Announcement: Player Flowertalk Beauty has placed a bounty of 500g on Clearwest. Limited to 24 hours.

In the system messages…

There were at least five consecutive alerts that she had been set as a bounty target.

Shi Sheng immediately took a Town-Teleport Scroll out. She then left to go clear dungeons.

Author’s Note:

The game arc you’ve all been waiting for!

But, I must make this clear: I have never played an MMORPG!

Let’s repeat the most important bit 3 times, shall we?

I have never played an MMORPG!

I have never played an MMORPG!!

I have never played an MMORPG!!!

If I get anything wrong, just tell me nicely, I’ll change it. Don’t rage, ok?

Translation Corner:

Translator: I haven’t played MMORPGs either so I’ll probably get most of the terms wrong… don’t kill me. *hugs head*

Proofreader: No one will kill you! I don’t play games either *cough* so… Editor let’s count on you! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Translate Checker:  Don’t worry guys! I’ve played 2 hours of minecraft, 1 hour of runescape, and 50 hours of tetris…  Okay yeah… Let’s leave it to the editor :’)

Editor: Ohohohoho!!! Never fear, I’m an expert MMO player! I’ve played at least 10 games… and always quit after reaching level 20. *cough* I just like character creation, okay…

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