Chapter 157: Server Enemy No.1 (5)

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Shi Sheng sent Snowfall Undermoon an affirmative reply.

Snowfall Undermoon immediately created a party called “Tower-Toppling Spectators” and pulled Windsong Undermoon, who was online, into the party.

[Party] Music For Miles : [you guys are going tower toppling too?]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [nonono, we’re just here to watch]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [I was forced to watch]

[Party] Music For Miles : [so you guys were planning on leeching my xp! well aren’t you guys smart]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [……]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [……]

You have left the Party “Tower-Toppling Spectators”.

Shi Sheng had gone to level up, not to go around touring mobs, elites and bosses.

After purchasing all she needed from the bazaar, Shi Sheng went to Twinklegem Tower’s NPC, who sent her into the tower.

Twinklegem Tower was similar to other towers; the first 30 floors were relatively easy to clear, but from the 30th floor onwards, the difficulty ramped up.

Shi Sheng used the greater half of the day to climb to the 20th floor and finally manage to regain all her lost experience. When she exited, a PM from Snowfall Undermoon arrived.

[PM] Snowfall Undermoon : [psst, go look at world chat]

Shi Sheng frowned as she opened up the world chat.

[World] Flowertalk Beauty : [sang yu! this isn’t over!]

[World] Sang Yu’s Not Late : [Dashen was the one who allocated it. If you have any objections, you can go find him.]

[World] Call Me Profiteer : [Buying Heavenly Mystery Crystals! Please sell it if you have it!!!]

[World] White Clouds : [profiteer, you’ve already been collecting those for days already. what use do they have?]

Heavenly Mystery Crystals dropped from the level 30 dungeons. The drop rate wasn’t high but no one knew what use they had.

[World] Flowertalk Beauty : [Dashen already said that we were the ones who could bid for it! Yet you suddenly said you needed it, making Dashen give it to you! You need it, we need it too you know?!]

Shi Sheng switched back to private chat.

[PM] Music For Miles : [What’s going on?]

[PM] Snowfall Undermoon : [li suo brought people to clear a dungeon just now. a weapon dropped out that both sang yu’s not late and flowertalk beauty could use. they were going to auction it fairly but sang yu said she needed it so li suo just gave it to her. the result: flowertalk beauty went on world chat and made a fuss. they’ve already been at it for a while, ever since you were still tower-toppling. *clicking tongue* so much drama everyday]

Shi Sheng switched to world chat and tapped out a message.

[World] Music For Miles : [Dashen’s willing to pamper her, why you gotta fight? Gonna get owned…]

[World] Flowertalk Beauty : [sl*t, what’re you sticking your nose {mouth} into]

[World] Music For Miles : [into your business?]

System Announcement: Player Music For Miles has placed a bounty of 50g on Flowertalk Beauty. Limited to 1 hour.

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [pfft~ lil musey just setting bounties left and right]

[World] Wind Between My Legs, Butt Itches : [my eyes, they burn!]

[World] I Know 72 Transformations : [someone with that username has no right to say that]

[World] Wind Between My Legs, Butt Itches : [hey transformations, transform into an 18+ cucumber for me]

[World] White Clouds : [all da filth…]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [so filthy]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [if your butt itches, cucumbers are useless. use durians1]

[World] Drunkalone Undermoon : [My apologies, Snowfall hasn’t had his medicine today. I’ll just drag him away now… PS: Durians aren’t effective, use chili peppers.]

[World] ……

The filth was real.

Flowertalk Beauty had either been infuriated to the point of speechlessness by Sang Yu or shut up by all the filth Shi Sheng spouted, for she didn’t say anything for quite a bit.

Bored, Shi Sheng shut the chat. She parked her character at a deserted spot in Fallback Valley before going off to eat.

When she returned, though, she discovered she had been killed.

Shi Sheng was pissed.

There was a group of people with red names battling it out to the side.

Since Fallback Valley was a peaceful zone, the only way one could kill other players here was to switch to massacre mode!

People who had turned on massacre mode would have their names turn red. The more people they killed, the higher their infamy.

And if people who didn’t have red names killed ones with red names, the former would gain large amounts of experience and a 50% drop rate on the killed player’s equipment, weapons, and the like. It was much more profitable than killing mobs.

There were members of Drunkflower Den in this crowd.

Old enmities stacking with new ones, Shi Sheng decided to start selling them out.

[World] Music For Miles : [There are red names in Fallback Valley. People who want to take advantage of this, hurry on over. No need to thank me too much]

[World] Autumnfrost : [I’ve been having this feeling that Clearwest’s MO {modus operandi} has changed ever since she changed her username… this is selling heads ah! Be careful not to get ganked…]

After Shi Sheng resurrected, she charged at the nearest red name with her weapon.

‘People who don’t kill red names… are all fucking idiots!’

Most of the crowd was in the 50 to 60 level range. Drunkflower Den had the upper hand and was fighting against a guild named World Famous. The two were battling it out like there was no tomorrow.

Shi Sheng made sure to kill only those from Drunflower Den. ‘I’m someone who distinguishes between people who are good to me and people who aren’t, you know.’

Soon, curses sprung up on world chat.

[World] Boundless Borders : [music for miles, I never offended you, the h***’d you kill me for?!]

[World] Music For Miles : [who told you to have a red name]

‘Don’t red names exist to be killed? Idiot!’

[World] Boundless Borders : [……]

[World] Music For Miles : [of course, most importantly is you’re a drunkflower]

[World] Boundless Borders : [you sold out Drunkflower Den yet how come you made it sound like you’re in the right?!]

[World] Music For Miles : [which eye of yours saw me sell out drunkflower den eh? Where’s your proof? No proof = slander y’know? Have you graduated from elementary?]

[World] Boundless Borders : [if it wasn’t you, what’d you leave the guild for?! Isn’t this clear you had a guilty conscience?]

[World] Music For Miles : [who the hell wants to stay in that shitty guild of yours?]

[World] 4Seas8Lands : [Lil Musey’s right! What’s so good about drunkflower den huh? Come over to my World Famous, Bro will protect you!]

4Seas8Lands was World Famous’ guildmaster. He had always been kept at 2nd place by Li Suo on the leader boards, but his guild was in 1st place. They had always been at odds with Drunkflower Den to the point they’d start arguing (with their fists) whenever they met.

As such, that they turned on massacre mode in a peaceful zone was quite, erm, normal. Most importantly, though, was that Drunkflower Den had just lost the City War to World Famous yesterday.

Shi Sheng looked at 4Seas8Lands and calmly typed a few words.

[World] Music For Miles : [You’re dying.]

[World] 4Seas8Lands : [F***, dare to touch your grandpa! See if your grandpa doesn’t make you kneel and beg for mercy!]

As more and more people arrived to kill red names, the area turned laggy. The battle soon evolved into a massive free-for-all; you wouldn’t even be able to keep track who you were killing anymore.

After killing for a while, Shi Sheng got bored and decided to go tower-toppling again. But in front of the NPC at the entrance, she saw Li Suo and Sang Yu’s Not Late’s group. They seemed like they also planned to go tower-toppling, for they brought quite a few people. They were currently speaking to the NPC.

‘The guildmaster has time to go tower-toppling while his guild members are off fighting?

Wait a second… From what I know, 4Seas8Lands was Li Suo’s main competitor for first clear of Twinklegem Tower…

So they were just stalling him?

Holy fuck! Those scheming bitches!’

Shi Sheng immediately opened up her friends list and poked Snowfall Undermoon.

Author’s Note:
Update to thank the babes who donated~

  1. Right, since most of the readers are from US (at least that was the case when this was on my own website), durians are spiky fruit. Here is a picture:

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