Chapter 158: Server Enemy No.1 (6)

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[PM] Music For Miles : [come over to twinklegem tower]

Snowfall Undermoon replied nearly instantly.

[PM] Snowfall Undermoon : [to tower topple? I thought you were watching people fight in fallback valley though lil musey?]

[PM] Music For Miles : [show’s about to go down. li suo’s here]

Snowfall Undermoon didn’t answer for a minute for some reason. But soon, Shi Sheng was greeted by a skimpily dressed female avatar and the “Godly Tycoon-ge” with a flashy gold light around his character.

Snowfall Undermoon and Godly Tycoon managed to accurately locate Shi Sheng in the crowd.

Snowfall Undermoon has invited you to join the Party “You Can Climax As Long As The Position’s Right”. Do you accept?

Shi Sheng nearly clicked “No”.

‘This name…’

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [You’re not the actual person, are you?]

The above was the first thing Shi Sheng saw upon entering.

Shi Sheng frowned slightly. ‘I don’t think Chu Yunxi had any dealings with this famous tycoon though?’

[Party] Music For Miles : [why do you say that?]

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [I watched you fight yesterday. Your movements aren’t the same as before.]

[Party] Music For Miles : [this character was being levelled by someone else]

‘Since they all said so, that means there’s nothing wrong with me using that cover!’

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [Your skills aren’t bad. Why get someone else to level it for you?]

[Party] Music For Miles : [what’s it got to do with you? I’m a spendthrift, okay? Since you’re asking so much, have you fallen for me?]

‘The hell, asking so many questions…’

Your party mate Godly Tycoon has been kicked out of the party by the party leader, Snowfall Undermoon.

Shi Sheng, “…”

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [chattering so much, he’s going to scare off my lil musey]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [lil musey, ignore that lil bitch’s blabbering. what’d u find me for?]

Godly Tycoon has joined the party.

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [Snowfall, come to my place tonight.]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [don wanna, we’re not hooking up!!!]

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [You sure?]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : […no I’m not sure. lil musey, save meeee!!!]

Shi Sheng wordlessly looked on, slowly growing convinced these two definitely had an impure relationship.

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [Don’t worry about it Music, if I offended you just now, please forgive me. I was just afraid Snowfall would get tricked.]

[Party] Music For Miles : [he’s so dumb… tricking him would be a waste of my brain]

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [True.]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [all of you are against me!]

Windsong Undermoon has joined the party.

Drunkalone Undermoon has joined the party.

Crabapple Undermoon has joined the party.

The party got livelier with the addition of more members.

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [yo, lover’s meeting I see!]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [it’s a love triangle. lil musey’s here too. though I wager the chances of snowfall trying to climb out the walls and getting caught by tycoon are higher]

[Party] Crabapple Undermoon : [lil musey’s here, be more subtle you guys]

‘Crabapple, dude, I only spoke one sentence with you yesterday, the hell is with your familiar tone?! I’m(bbb) not familiar with you guys, okay?’

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [are you guys my bros or not? I pulled you guys into the party to deal with tycoon!]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [big bro tycoon is our patron, we can’t offend him, right boss?]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [windsong is right]

[Party] Crabapple Undermoon : [en]

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [Come over here tonight.]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [pls no! not going not going link dying. You ppl have lost me… not even 10,000 gold can get me back]

This banter had already gone on for more than a minute already. When Shi Sheng looked back at Twinklegem Tower, she found that Li Suo and gang had vanished.

She hurriedly switched to world chat.

[Loudspeaker] Music For Miles : [4Seas8Lands, Li Suo’s clearing Twinklegem Tower!]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [Holy f***, lil bitch li suo’s taking advantage of other people’s crisis!]

Because of Shi Sheng’s shout-out on world chat before, pretty much everyone knew by now that World Famous and Drunkflower Den were currently battling it out.

[World] iF@q : [you called?]

[World] Wind Between My Legs, Butt Itches : [did clearwest place a tracking device on them or something? How come she can give information on what they’re doing? But why do I feel it’s funny all of a sudden?]

[World] Breaking News : […I think I’m going to lose my job; I was actually unaware of such big news! Though, now that we’re on this topic, is Li Suo Dashen using this plan because of that lost City War? He’s planning on using the first clear of Twinklegem Tower to suppress World Famous?]

[World] Skygreen : [Dashen wouldn’t be that shameless, right? Maybe that music for miles is bullshitting? Didn’t she sell out Drunkflower Den yesterday?]

[World] Music For Miles : [How many times do ya want me to say it? Bring out the evidence since u insist I sold them out. No evidence, shut up]

System Announcement: Player Music For Miles has placed a bounty of 50g on Skygreen. Limited to 24 hours.

System Announcement: Player Godly Tycoon has placed a bounty of 250g on Skygreen. Limited to 24 hours.

[World] Skygreen : [music for miles u b**** all I did was say one sentence and u set a f***king bounty on me are u crazy]

Skygreen only cussed at Shi Sheng but seemed to have no reaction to Godly Tycoon’s bounty.

[World] Green Flower On Sauerkraut : [Godly Tycoon-ge is actually helping Music For Miles set bounties! Just what unspeakable transactions went on when we weren’t paying attention last night?]

[World] Just Watching Shows : [I don’t understand it either. Snowfall Undermoon, has Godly Tycoon-ge switched interests?]

[World] Music For Miles : [I set my bounty, you say your opinions. I didn’t shut you up but you want to stop me from setting bounties? Since you’re so awesome, go buy over the game company then!]

[World] Harry’s Noble Deer : [hahaha, lil musey, i’m turning into your diehard fan]

[World] Snowfall Undermoon : [lil musey 1337]

As Shi Sheng watched the conversation get twisted off-topic so many times that you wouldn’t be able to find where it started. She felt a bit helpless. ‘This is different from what gaming novels told me!’

She switched back to party chat.

[Party] Music For Miles : [hey tycoon, what’d you set the bounty for?]

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [I’m enemies with skygreen.]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [skygreen once courted snowfall hahaha]

[Party] Music For Miles : […Understood.]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [Can you guys stop talking about this? Tycoon bro isn’t going to let me off… are you guys really my bros?]

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [At least you have some self awareness.]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [is lil musey even of age? u guys really going to talk about this in front of a little girl?]

[Party] Music For Miles : [don’t worry, I can take it]

‘As an author who’s well-versed in all sorts of pornos, if I couldn’t even accept this, how can I call myself “well-versed”…’

[Party] Music For Miles : [4Seas8Lands is here.]

From the entrance to the city, they could see 4Seas8Lands charging over while leading a group of people.

Red names couldn’t enter the city. There was an item in the Shop that would allow you to wash off the red name, though. That was probably what 4Seas8Lands had used to get rid of his infamy.

But that item was a bit expensive; not everyone could afford to use it. So the number of people 4Seas8Lands brought was limited.

Author’s Note:

G’morning lil angels~

P.S, To the little angels using Qidian to read this: Since I’m updating this book on Yunqi, there’ll be some delay in Qidian updates so you can’t get them as quick.

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    System Announcement: Player Godly Tycoon has placed a bounty of 250g on Skygreen. Limited to 24 hours. >>


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