Chapter 159: Server Enemy No.1 (7)

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4Seas had planned on inviting Shi Sheng to his party but discovered she was already in one. So he disbanded his party and requested to join Snowfall’s party.

4Seas8Lands has joined the party.

[Party] 4Seas8Lands : [Gal, Li Suo’s already entered?]

[Party] Music For Miles : [en]

4Seas didn’t reply for a while; he was probably private messaging others.

[Guild] 4Seas8Lands : [How many are without red names?]

[Guild] New Dongfang : [All alts {alternate accounts}. The rest aren’t online. Ol’ Guo went off just now to make a few calls but I estimate not many will be able to come on.]

[Guild] 5kernel Mooncake : [Hadn’t expected that after they lost the City War, Li Suo would use this method to get the first clear just to suppress us.]

[Guild] Sir Jade : [Enough with the nonsense. Get everyone who can come over. For those who still have red names, get them to hurry up and wash off the infamy.]

[Guild] New Dongfang : [Can’t. Those a-holes are clinging too tightly.]

[Guild] 4Seas8Lands : [Let’s get outside help then.]

[Guild] 5kernel Mooncake : [I asked just now. There aren’t many who can make it… It’ll be impossible to make it past floor 60 with just this many.]

4Seas8Lands suddenly set his gaze on Shi Sheng. He had seen Godly Tycoon there. After all, with that flashy gold attire, he was hard to miss. Not only was Godly Tycoon an RMB player {real money player}, he was also ranked 3rd on the leaderboards. As for the Undermoons, they all had spots in the top 10 too.

As for Music For Miles, he had watched her kill people in Fallback Valley and felt her skills were quite good. He pondered for a bit before speaking.

[Party] 4Seas8Lands : [Forgive my impoliteness but I wish to ask if you can bring them with you to help me tower-topple? I’ll compensate you for any gold losses.]

There was a rule in Twinklegem Tower that made one stick to the party they formed when they first entered. Though this wasn’t a hard rule, if you wished to enter halfway, you’d have to pay gold.

[Party] Music For Miles : [why should I help you?]

Shi Sheng had only gone into the tower to level, not to get that first clear thing.

[Party] 4Seas8Lands : [We just want the first clear, you guys can split the rest.]

Since no one had cleared it yet, the reward for first clear was still available. It was a limited-edition outfit. But there was a chance of other rares dropping too, as could be seen from how a divine weapon dropped from the tower in the neighbouring server.

If there was no sacrifice, there was no reward. But if he gave up these things, the first clear might still be theirs.

After all, these people added together dominated at least half the spots on the leaderboards.

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [I heard the limited edition outfit “Hazy Moon” that you get from the tower is a matching couple outfit with “Alarming Heavens” that comes from the tower in the server next door, “Transient Life”]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [i went to the forums yesterday. apparently the first clear’s already been taken in the neighbouring server. heard a divine weapon dropped]

[Party] Crabapple Undermoon : [the person who cleared it was called Ink Seeker, right?]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [yeah it’s him. he solo’ed it too. cool right?]

[Party] 4Seas8Lands : [Can all of you stay on topic? I’m talking about something serious here.]

4Seas8Lands had always known the four Undermoons had unrivalled ability to go off topic… but this wasn’t the time for them to do so!!!

[Party] Godly Tycoon : [Let Music decide.]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [i’ll listen to lil musey]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [agree]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [agree]

[Party] Crabapple Undermoon : [en]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [boss u broke the pattern]

[Party] Crabapple Undermoon : [agree]

Shi Sheng felt exasperation at this group of clowns.

[Party] Music For Miles : [I don’t like the drunkflowers, so let’s go]

Li Suo had gotten the first clear in the original storyline.

‘Not really interested in that limited-edition outfit or divine weapons or whatever… but if it disrupts the leads from taking over the server, I’m quite happy to render my services. After all, I’m someone with grand ambitions… of ruling the server!’

[Party] 4Seas8Lands : [Gal, no matter if we get the first clear or not, from now on, you’re my sister. Anyone dares to touch you, brother here will help you get back at them!]

Once 4Seas8Lands typed this out, he began gathering his forces.

[Party] 4Seas8Lands : [Snowfall Undermoon, disband your party and join ours.]

There was a total of four people in 4Seas8Lands’ party. The only username Shi Sheng recognised was Sir Jade, the ID in 4th place on the leaderboards.

[Party] 5kernel Mooncake : [holy f*** Guildmaster, u even managed to get Godly Tycoon-ge in?]

[Party] New Dongfang : [i see the 4 undermoons]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [who sucks the most? world famous’ new dongfang is the name]

[Party] New Dongfang : [Guildmaster, I feel like our chances this time are slim.]

Although these four madmen had quite good combat ability, New Dongfang had seen them taking on a boss before.

Snowfall Undermoon had bragged that his HP had dropped the least. The result was that Crabapple Undermoon kicked him out, causing Snowfall to immediately eat dirt.

The entire party was wiped out.

That wasn’t the end either. What was even more ridiculous was that he had once seen these four gang up on an NPC because of failing to pass the dungeon and ending up getting thrown in jail.

This game allowed players to attack NPCs, but the consequences for doing so were severe.

‘Please be honest, can these irrational teammates who backstab their friends last minute really help us get the first clear?’

4Seas8Lands didn’t feel like speaking anymore. His only hope was that these four could act normally and not cause trouble later.

[Party] 4Seas8Lands : [Anyone still on the way? If not, we’re entering the tower now.]

[Party] New Dongfang : [Ol’ Guo’ll be here soon.]

When Ol’ Guo finally arrived, the group charged over to Twinklegem Tower.

The moment they entered, Snowfall burst out.

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [wtf u scrubs, u only got to 50]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [noobs we already got to 59]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [why don’t we go out and let us lead? then we can reach the end faster. at this rate, by the time these lot get up there, the drunkflowers would’ve already won]

[Party] 4Seas8Lands : [……]

[Party] Sir Jade : [……]

[Party] 5kernel Mooncake : [……]

[Party] New Dongfang : [……]

[Party] Ol’ Guo : [……]

Had 4Seas8Lands not told them to calm down in guild chat, they would probably have started beating up these four by now.

[Party] Music For Miles : [dumb***es, 4seas wants the first clear. if u guys lead the team, first clear’ll be urs]

The rule in Twinklegem Tower was that the first clear record would belong to whoever was leading the team.

‘I(bbb) feel like my(bbb) screen time is being snatched…’

The Undermoons had too much of a presence.

4Seas8Lands sent Shi Sheng his thanks. If you were to ask him to control the four of them, he’d have to say he wasn’t able to. But what had happened afterward…

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [don’t attack there, poison will spurt ou- see, i told u so]

…He only spoke up after they had already launched an attack.

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [snowfall, heal! gonna die gonna die]

…He still had more than half his health.

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [snowfall, that mob is too ugly, I don’t wanna fight it. u go]

[Party] Snowfall Undermoon : [I don’t wanna fight either, windsong, you go]

[Party] Windsong Undermoon : [I’m scared, boss you go]

[Party] Drunkalone Undermoon : [no, ugly]

[Party] ……

The only normal ones were Shi Sheng and Godly Tycoon, causing 4Seas8Lands to feel depressed. ‘Can we really catch up to Drunkflower Den?’

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