Chapter 16 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (16)

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The big man blocked the line of sight of the others behind him so they couldn’t see what she was holding. The assistant who was viewing the room through the lens of the surveillance camera however, could see perfectly clearly that she was holding a grenade in her hand, the type that the army used but had some distinct differences.

The big man’s inner monologue was going, ‘Holy fuck! Where did this girl get this?!’

“What are you still standing there for? Go and tie her up!” Nangong Jing was getting irritated. The man sweated coldly before moving to the side so those behind could see what Shi Sheng was holding. ‘It’s a freaking grenade, do you think I’d dare to go and tie her up?’

Nangong Jing hadn’t recognised it immediately but Ling Hao had. His expression changed as he pulled Su Yiyi and retreated out the doorway. “Xu Chengyue, are you crazy?”

Shi Sheng played with the item in her hand, contempt written all over her face, “Look at you, just this got you so scared. It’s only a toy. I found it in the room just now.”

Ling Hao stared at the grenade in her hand for a moment yet still couldn’t tell if it was fake or not. Upon thinking closer though, he realised that she was only a a daughter of a fairly rich family, how would she have been able to get a grenade? Furthermore, she had been searched when she had been brought here so she couldn’t have hidden it on her person. This villa belonged to his mother’s older brother who had children of his own. ‘Perhaps they had left a toy behind from their last holiday? It’s possible.’

“Xu Chengyue, even when you’re about to die you’re still thinking of scaring me. Tie her up, I’m going to teach her a lesson.” Ling Hao ordered with a gloomy face. He then turned to Su Yiyi, his expression having turned gentle, “Yiyi, you go out first.”

The following scene would be too bloody, he didn’t want Yiyi to see it. Su Yiyi bit her lip as she pulled on Nangong Jing’s sleeve, looking pitifully at him.

Nangong’s brutal gaze swept over Shi Sheng before he brought Su Yiyi out. Before leaving, Su Yiyi secretly shot a mocking and triumphant gaze at Shi Sheng. ‘So what if I was tainted? These two men still view me as a treasure.’

The big man walked over to Shi Sheng and took away the grenade in her hand. The weight and feel was very realistic, quite unlike a toy. The big man couldn’t help but examine it a bit more. Taking advantage of his distraction, Shi Sheng swiftly sprinted towards the window. She had already unlocked it just now so now she simply pushed open the window and before the man reacted, vaulted over the window sill. “What a pity, I had planned to get rid of the three of you together.” Shi Sheng was already falling by the time she said this.

Just as Shi Sheng fell, the grenade in the man’s hand beeped before being followed by a fierce explosion. The entire villa was shaking from the explosion. The second-storey window had been blown to bits and chunks of cement flew everywhere. Below where Shi Sheng jumped out was a ledge so she wasn’t in any danger. The explosion wasn’t too threatening for the aftershock didn’t manage to reach Shi Sheng.

The bodyguards in the courtyard who heard the explosion lifted their heads and saw Shi Sheng who was on the ledge. They charged over, planning to catch her.

Shi Sheng swiftly jumped into the courtyard as she tossed another grenade out, once again causing an explosion. The bodyguards having been prevented from advancing, Shi Sheng took the opportunity to circle around them and run out of the villa. Seeing that Shi Sheng had left the villa, the assistant immediately ordered the driver to go over to fetch her. Seeing the familiar car stop in front of her, Shi Sheng hesitated for a moment as her gaze changed a few times before pulling the door open and boarding. Only the driver and assistant were in the car. As Shi Sheng had seen them before, she could recognise them.

“Ms Xu.” The assistant’s face was very colourful. There was shock, surprise, doubt and basically a palette of those emotions. ‘Ms Xu actually carries grenades with her… This is too scary! Young Master Chu, I’ll never call you scary again.’

Shi Sheng patted the dust on her body off as she calmly looked at him, “You saw everything?”

The assistant stiffly nodded.

“Then should I silence you?”

The assistant gulped. ‘Why do I feel like Ms Xu right now is like Young Master Chu when he is about to deal with the people who offend him?!’

“I didn’t see anything.” The assistant immediately changed his testimony.


The assistant escorted Shi Sheng to that while coloured villa before using the fastest speed in his life to run out of her sight. After all, he still valued his life. Shi Sheng opened the door to see Chu Tang reclined on the sofa, his legs propped up on the coffee table. He appeared extremely languid. Hearing the sound of the door opening, he turned slightly and a hint of a wicked smile floated on his seductive face, “Ms Xu has really surprised me.”

After all, she carried grenades around with her, how would he not be surprised? Shi Sheng walked over to face Chu Tang, “To be able to surprise Mr Chu is my honour.”

Chu Tang stared at Shi Sheng with interest for a few seconds before leaning forward and turning the notebook in front of him to face Shi Sheng. On the notebook was footage from the villa after it had exploded. Ling Hao seemed to have been knocked unconscious from the explosion and was currently being taken away for treatment. Nangong Jing and Su Yiyi were standing to the side. Su Yiyi’s eyes were thoroughly reddened while Nangong Jing patiently consoled her. Shi Sheng only cast a glance before losing her interest and shutting the notebook.

Chu Tang’s gaze darkened a bit. His voice was clear yet brought a few traces of almost undetectable danger, “You’re just going to let them off?”

“Would you let off those who wanted to kill you?” Shi Sheng answered him with a question. As if he had gotten the answer he had wanted, the danger in Chu Tang’s eyes faded to be replaced by smiles.

Shi Sheng muttered inwardly, ‘This pervert wanted to kill me just now! Don’t say I’m paranoid, my intuition can’t be wrong!’

“Why are you here?” Shi Sheng pulled herself back to the present. She had thought that he had only come here by coincidence but when his assistant had gone to fetch him as well as the camera footage, she didn’t think that way any longer.

“Why doesn’t Ms Xu make a guess?”

‘Guess your head!’

“Did Mr Chu fall for me and seeing me leave with Nangong Jing was jealous so you followed?” ‘Since you made me guess I will disgust you to death!’

As expected, Chu Tang’s smile disappeared a bit. “Ms Xu, have you ever heard of an idiom?”

“What idiom?” Shi Sheng got on guard.

“Disasters originate from the mouth1.” Chu Tang’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly as a smile climbed onto his face. However, that smiled was filled with danger as an oppressive aura emanated from his body, pressuring people to the point of being unable to breathe.

Shi Sheng retreated as her eyes shifted. Her expression immediately went into ‘flattering bootlicker mode’ as she spoke, “Did Mr Chu hear something just now? I forgot to eat my medicine just now so please don’t find any fault with this mental patient.”

“What illness have you contracted?”

Shi Sheng spoke in a ‘bashful’ voice, “I’ve contracted an illness called ‘In-love With Mr Chu Syndrome’. Mr Chu is my medicine.”

Chu Tang, “…”

If it wasn’t for Chu Tang’s gaze not being quite right, Shi Sheng would have succeeded in her attempt at flirting.

And the assistant and bodyguards hiding behind the corner were all startled. ‘Ms Xu actually dares to take verbal liberties2 with Young Master Chu. Ms Xu we are joining up to give you a praise- no, no, 365 praises3!’

Translator’s Corner:

The ownership of that villa changes like crazy. It’s not my fault, it was written this way in the raws. A reminder on the ownership changes of the villa: Ling Hao -> Nangong Jing -> Ling Hao’s paternal uncle.

  1. Basically it’s when a disagreement with severe consequences arises as a result of someone’s words. You don’t spew disasters, unfortunately.
  2. The original phrase was ‘调戏’ or ‘tiao2xi4’ which is usually used when a guy sexually harasses a woman with words.
  3. I think this is a reference to slang in China which I am not aware of. Just take it that they are really in admiration of her.

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