Chapter 15 : Rich Family’s Young Miss (15)

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Although Nangong Jing had already warned those people, word still managed to get out. There had been many people present, including waiters that had been hired especially for the event; How would he be able to find out who had leaked the news? Su Yiyi’s reputation had already been somewhat bad but now with this matter, it was completely ruined.

Shi Sheng had expected Nangong Jing to look for her. What she didn’t expect was for him to kidnap her.

“Nangong Jing, I think you’ve really gone mad now.” Shi Sheng quietly sat between two burly men, her expression calm. The corner of her mouth was slightly raised as if mocking him.

Nangong Jing sat across from her, his expression weathered as if he had aged quite a few years. He didn’t feel any fear, panic, dread or even love from the woman across from him. There was only calmness. Nangong Jing’s heart was filled with violent emotions as he thought, ‘Xu Chengyue shouldn’t be like this.’

“I want you to suffer what Yiyi suffered a hundred- no a thousand-fold.” Nangong Jing then shifted his gaze away from her. He hated her calm face and how she didn’t put him in her eyes. He wanted her to kneel on the ground and beg for mercy while apologising to Yiyi.

“What’s it got to do with me?” ‘You mother-fucking idiot!’

“Do you dare to claim you weren’t the one behind this?” He had already found out who was the one that spiked the drink but he simply refused to believe this matter was completely unrelated to Xu Chengyue. ‘It must have been her who had ordered this. Only she hates Yiyi enough to completely ruin her.’

Shi Sheng pushed the burly man to her side to make space for herself. Shifting to a more comfortable posture, she spoke, “If I was the one behind this, I wouldn’t have stopped there.”

‘After all, what wrong did Xu Chengyue commit? Su Yiyi clearly knew that drink was drugged yet she had still given it to Xu Chengyue. In the end, she had even called Nangong Jing over. All I did was to return what she did to Xu Chengyue. I haven’t even started.’

“How can you be so cruel?!” Nangong Jing suddenly turned back to face her as a vicious aura surrounded him.

“Thank you for the praise. You’re not the first to say this to me.”

“Simply unreasonable.”

‘Hey, who’s the one being unreasonable here! Male lead-sama your thoughts are certainly …refreshing. I’m not going to speak to you anymore, there’ll be a time when you cry.’

Perhaps it was because he thought her to be harmless for Nangong Jing didn’t tie her up. After a long while in the car, it got bumpier and bumpier until they started going uphill. The car stopped at a villa in the mountains. Shi Sheng was manhandled off the car. Nangong Jing had them lock her up in a room on the second floor. This time she was tied up.

[Host, why did you keep provoking Nangong Jing?]

Shi Sheng twisted her body as she swiftly untied herself.

[……] ‘I don’t remember giving her any abilities like this!’

“Because then I have a good reason to torture him to death.” Shi Sheng tossed the rope onto the floor as she rubbed her chafed arms.

[…Your task is not to counterattack the real male and female leads.] Because it was the first world, it had chosen a simple one on purpose to let the Host get used to this job.

“Ah, I just didn’t like the look of them.” Shi Sheng took out a handphone from who knows where. Her fingers swiped on the screen for a bit before suavely shoving it back in her pocket.

To Shi Sheng, these people were all just AI NPCs while she was the player so her happiness mattered most. By the time System had noticed this problem, it was too late. Of course, this is a discussion for later.

There was a window in the room. Shi Sheng looked out and saw two people guarding the courtyard below. Shi Sheng pondered for a bit how to make herself look more suave while running. Just as she was pondering, she saw a familiar car appear outside the villa.

‘Holy fuck, why is Pervert Chu here?’

Chu Tang sat in the car, his gaze went through the car window and looked towards the second-storey window. Shi Sheng was startled. Even though the windows were blacked out, she felt Chu Tang’s gaze on her. The car didn’t linger, instead continuing on.

From where Shi Sheng was standing, she could see other villas in the distance. This place should be a vacation villa area. This place was sometimes used as a venue for negotiations so it wasn’t that surprising that Chu Tang turned up here. At this, Shi Sheng let out a sigh of relief and consoled herself by repeating that it was just a coincidence.


Chu Tang’s car drove into a nearby white villa. When his car entered, several bodyguards emerged from the villa and respectfully stood at the two sides of the car. Chu Tang’s assistant got of the car first to open the door for Chu Tang.

Chu Tang got off from the car, still appearing like a rich young master. His hand was stuck in his pocket. It wasn’t a very elegant gesture but he managed to make it look elegant.

“Young Master Chu, Ms Xu’s position has been confirmed.” The assistant took a tablet from a bodyguard. On it was a 3-D model of Nangong Jing’s villa and on the second floor was a red dot.

Chu Tang simply cast a glance before smiling, “Don’t alarm them. Wait outside to ensure her safety.”

His assistant was full of doubts. ‘Aren’t we supposed to charge in to rescue her? And then Ms Xu would repay with her body out of gratitude?’

‘Young Master Chu’s train of thought is getting harder to predict recently.’

Under the situation where he couldn’t predict what Chu Tang was thinking, the assistant could only strictly follow orders to the letter and arrange people outside to ensure Ms Xu’s safety. ‘It wasn’t easy for Young Master Chu to take interest in a female, she can’t just die.’

Afraid of anything happening which would upset their plans, the assistant went to supervise the villa in person. At around dusk, he saw a car enter the villa. A man and a woman got off the car. He had an impression of the man, it was the Ling family’s youngest Young Master. ‘A real pity. Touching Young Master Chu’s propert- Pei! Person. This Ling family’s Young Master is probably not going to live.’

“Go investigate that woman.” The assistant ordered the bodyguard beside him. He then tapped on the tablet. Immediately, a clear image of the room Shi Sheng was in appeared. She seemed to have sensed something as she stared directly at him… well through the monitor.

Shi Sheng looked towards the side of the window for a while before moving her gaze. At this moment, the room door was opened. Seeing Shi Sheng standing in the room with her arms folded, Nangong Jing kicked the burly man next to him. “I told you to tie her up and this is what happens?”

The man was puzzled and at the same time feeling wronged since he did tie her up!

Su Yiyi walked out from behind Nangong Jing, glaring at Shi Sheng with a darkened face. ‘It was this woman who ruined me. I want her to go through hell.’

Perhaps it was because she was afraid of letting Nangong Jing and Ling Hao see the viciousness on her face, she forced herself to suppress that hatred.

“Tie her up!” Nangong Jing sent another kick flying. The man immediately headed towards Shi Sheng while muttering in his head, ‘I really tied her up just now!’

Shi Sheng’s expression remained the same as she stood there. The hand that had been in the pocket all this time was taken out. Seeing the object in Shi Sheng’s hand, the man froze on the spot.

The man’s body was blocking the line of sight of the people behind so they weren’t sure why he stopped. Nangong Jing impatiently urged him but the man didn’t move. Had they been able to see the man’s face, they would have discovered his fore head to be covered in cold sweat while his eyes were filled with fear.



Translator’s Corner:

Ah, Shi Sheng finally reveals some of her awesomeness 😍

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  1. Shados · Apr 24, 2019

    The phrase "Touching Young Master Chu's propert- Pei! Person." is not ideal, because the English phrase "Young Master Chu's person" would typically refer to Chu's *body*, not another person that "belongs to" him. For example, "there were no drugs on his person". Perhaps "woman" could work instead of "person"? Or would that be overly presumptuous compared to the assistant's phrasing in the Chinese?

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